I also really enjoyed DQ 11, my first DQ. I stopped after the... ending? But I remember reading that there's still a lot more after that can be done so I'll have to get back to it at some point. I have a long list of really good games to play though.
So... I don't know if I want to get Destiny 2. I got the first destiny with the pass, and played through the dark below and house of wolves. I couldn't brink myself to get the next expansion as I felt pretty burnt out. Of course, that's when everyone says Destiny got good is with the taken king, but I just never felt like getting back into it.

So... part of me would rather wait a year and a half or whatever until Destiny 2: The complete edition comes out that has the base game plus all expansions for like... $30-$40 dollars, and theoretically there will have been various things that will have improved over time, like Crucible probably will, for example.

I don't know. $60 doesn't really hurt, but I have a bunch of other games I've purchased and want to play through, and Destiny can and probably would take up lots of times. Yeah, I think I just came to my conclusion. 
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thats not true at all sg has me beaten in that department as well as all others
i'm just more deserving and destined for the role

As one of the parents of the GT, you have my nomination. 
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next time u play ff12 take a good close look at frans shoes and ask urself literally how

I'll make sure to do this
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All this is reminding me to reinstall MGSV
So lets do that \o/

It's an actual masterpiece, you'll love it.

I imagine it'll be available on the cheap before long, no multiplayer to speak of. Do what you can to avoid spoilers since it's something to be experienced fresh.

Sounds good. I've heard only great things, it sounds like it'll be a really fresh experience.
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Idk, I don't remember GZ being any harder. Maybe it's bc you don't get to choose your loadout before dropping into GZ.

Just passed all of the mother base target practice side ops except the R&D one bc fuck the R&D platform this one is stupid.
I did all of the others in like 2 minutes, but this one I only got like half of the targets before time ran out.

It might also be because of the close quarters nature of much of the GZ area. And YES that R&D platform is the worst. Not gonna lie, I definitely used a tutorial for that one
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ff12 realtime combat in the fox engine would be the best game in the world forever

I can't... I mean I can't even comprehend how great that would be...
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Danganronpa is one of those few games that I played every day for like 8 hours and finished it in a week.

I think I am enjoying MGSV bc even tho I don't really care much about the MGS story or characters or anything, MGSV in the fox engine is just a really damn good stealth game.
If there was like an open-world-y Splinter Cell game in the fox engine, i'd be all over that shit.

That was my goal with Danganronpa as well but I haven't been able to play it every day like I've wanted. I want to go back and play MGSV again. Why is Ground Zeroes so much more difficult than MGSV? 
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I'm not seeing Nier Automata in that list of games so I highly recommend juggling just one more

Also now that being thread mayor is an actual forum feature there's real power in it do please become #1 poster again so we can oust these pretenders to the throne

Oh, I've wanted to get Nier Automata for sure. I try to avoid spending full price for a game if I can, though I know Nier is worth it. 

Thread mayor is an actual thing? Hoo boy!  I don't know if I have the Gaming Thread stamina that my 18 year old self had back in the day
Amazon finally got the steelbook in stock again, so my FFXII copy is coming on Tuesday. I only got to play the first few hours of the game back in the day, a friend owned the game, so I'm very excited to get into it! I really shouldn't start multiple games at the same time. I'm trying to juggle Persona 5, Danganronpa, and soon to be FFXII. Oh well! 

Oh, and hi everyone. I've missed you all!

Edit: How do I figure out what jobs to do???
I finally played all of Uncharted! Loved it. Loved the Uncharted 4 multiplayer beta, did anyone else play it?

Sad thing though, I've seriously misplayed my finances, and am now looking to get a 5pm-1am type job as well as what I'm doing during the day, so it looks like I won't be gaming for a while
It's fun being able to take out Sahelanthropus (Extreme) in under 2 minutes with 1 supply needed with the best rocket launcher. Makes me feel powerful
FINALLY have everything developed. Woo
Just said goodbye to Quiet. I can't believe she's gone. I definitely feel those phantom pains. Way to go Kojima
Now for patrols or side ops I use the stun rocket punch thing. Nice being able to take everyone out In one go
Finally got my base facilities levels into the 70s, Heroism almost 500,000. Slowly but surely!
Wait, so who here who beat MGSV is still playing it, and who just played it for the story and is now done with it?
In terms of experimenting with weapons, I like that you can Train on your base where the damage done doesn't count and it doesn't use GMP.

I'm maxed out on minor metal, it's a shame I can't do that for all of them.
I'm finally at the point where I'm only recruiting soldiers that are A++ or higher.
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How? I've been playing forever and I still have like 30+ items to go.

Some grinding and a lot of luck. Got the 2nd FOB, MB base development is 4/4 the others are 3/4 and my base development group is level 75. I'd spend a while farming precious metal crates, and when available would do the S/A ranked combat deployment that would net me precious metals. I currently have 35,000 or so, and you can sell 5000 for 5 million GMP. So really all that is holding me back is there's a limit to the number you can develop at one time. Other than that I'm all set!
Awwww yeah, I've developed almost everything there is to be developed in MGSV. Only a few more things to go!
I'm very sad that I can't figure out how to get S+ or S++ ranked soldiers. I have a bunch of S ranked guys, but I can't find any higher.
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i dunno, i feel there's a fair amount that is justifiable to complain about

that said, despite being 70% done then rushed out the door it's surprisingly done very well for itself and is one of the best games in recent years

Sorry, I meant I can't stand most of the people complaining. Many people are justified in their complaints, but many are just ridiculous.

One thing I'm grateful for though is I'm super easily pleased. I myself don't have any complaints. I'm sure if I was a hardcore metal gear fan who played them from the beginning I would feel differently.
I can't stand the people complaining on the MGS subreddit/Gamefaqs. Driving me crazy.

I've been having a lot of fun farming S rank soldiers, stealing other people's resources, defending bases, etc. It's been awesome. I just finished mission 45 or whichever that main one is. I haven't done any of the optional (extreme, stealth or whatever) missions yet.
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i had everything except two things at max when i was finished

the final levels require some serious time/grinding

that said if you're invading i think you can steal resources which helps but pvp is of no interest to me

Oh, I meant how depending on the level of your recruits, it each facility is between level 1-99
People playing MGSV, what are your Mother Base facilities levels at?
I'm so mad, I infiltrated this guys FOB and was literally 1 step from completing it and then it stopped connecting to the server and I failed
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once its silenced then quiet really starts to shine

i mainly use her because you cant unlocked a silenced tranq rifle to use personally at least i cant see one in the upgrades

I was able to equip a silencer on the first tranq sniper that was available. I still don't really understand how the customization system works.
Freaking level 31. That took me way too many tries.
What did everyone else did for mission 30? Just pure stealth?
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I haven't used decoys to much use yet but I've just unlocked MINES hell yea

Decoys have been great when there are like a couple tanks/vehicles on the road, it stalls them long enough to extract them all.
Quote by Ichikurosaki
i didnt extract anything
i'll tell you the time it took if you tell me how i check

are you using quiet? i think she did a fair bit of damage, also they are vulnerable when you cqc counter so maybe a shotgun at that moment would be effective?

funny that they stop for horse but not a truck

that pattern sounds cool but im mainly here to rescue all the prisoners, not just the one in the north

I can get them to stop long enough using decoys
Quote by Ichikurosaki
cant carjack people
like i want this guys truck but i dont want to kill him theres no way to get him out other than shooting him or letting him spot you and trigger an alert
knock did not work
barking at him did not work

What about throwing a smoke grenade or decoy in front of the truck?
Quote by Victory2134
I lost around 40 by the time it ended

I admit I looked up what to do because I was worried I was going to lose EVERYONE haha
For me the easiest one is mission 8

S rank in 3:45 minutes while extracting 2 tanks, a large truck, and a couple A+ rank soldiers

Also, those of you that told me not to worry about recruiting soldiers yet

Finally got to the part where they get sick, I only lost <10 people!
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Destiny has a pretty good plot and story really, it just sucks that you have to dig for it outside of the game.

I still like the game though which is a pretty minority opinion

I LOVE Destiny, though I've never been bothered to dig outside the game for the plot/story. I've loved the gameplay, I've put in countless hours.

But MAN am I burnt out with that game. I won't be getting the next expansion, I'll think about it in a few months.



Two guys at my base were having a conversation, mid sentence I shot the guy talking with a tranq, and the other guy immediately turned around and just walked away.
I think Destiny is a way worse offender. Then again, I'm no MGS expert, so I don't really have standards I'm comparing it to.
With all this talk of it being incomplete I'm worried about MGO
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the worst part is that they just gave up when making the game. Made 70% of it then cut everything else they either couldn't finish in time, or didn't have the funds to finish.

I suspect that's why so much of the game is in the cassette tapes. They had the voice overs done but no cutscenes, so they put a filter on it and inserted it into the game.

I just figured they did the cassette tape method to cut back on cutscenes after the response from MGS4
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I can do it fine until the extraction bit for obvious reasons. How do I do the extraction? I always get found when I try to hide, and then the helicopter guy never wants to land in time.

The way I had to do it was the metal gear was patrolling back and forth and it would go where the helicopter would go. There's a radio tower or something that is somewhat close to one of the landing zones that I would hide behind, send the helicopter to the further landing zone to get the metal gear to go over that way, and when it was all the way over I'd call it back and run to the zone and it would get there in time.
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non explicit spoilers to save you a headache
you should not be grinding for staff yet