Sorry pic didn't load .I'll try again.
Schecter stilleto elite.
I've built a 1-12 cabinet out of mahogany,2 pedal boards and a few road cases.I can't seem to upload the pics right now.
I am thinking about getting a compressor for my bass rig.I play mostly classic hard rock, a little modern hard rock and have recently started delving into some more progressive stuff.I am looking to just even out the volume of the notes.My basses are active and other than the occasional overdrive I don't really use any other effects. My budget is around $150.My biggest question is should I get a pedal or a rack mount .I have been looking at the Alesis 3630(rack mount)When it comes to pedals i don't have a clue.Any suggestions.
I had My basses in the back of my drummers truck and a generator tipped over and spilled gas all over one of them.The road runner case kind of melted and some of the styro foam in side turned to like snot,but my bass was unharmed. Glad to hear your axe is safe .Cool story.
I played Peavey bass amps since I started playing and have never had a problem. I've also had good luck with Gallien Kruger.If you are looking for a combo Check out The GK MB115 or Ampeg Ba115.
Definitely the Valveking
I play my acoustic /electric through my bass amp and guitar amp just plugged straight in . It sounds amazing through my bass stack.
Hard to tell from the pic. If you can make it open up by wiggling the neck it's deeper than the finish.
Those little amps don't take being cranked very well. i had similar experiences with small practice amps of different manufacturers.
In my opinion stock would be best.
That is a good amp.If it is possible take your bass to a local shop and play through as many different amps as possible.The tones you hear in sound clips are sometimes hard to replicate.
Beat your friend with the cat.
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Don't order a Gibson online. It's that simple. It's not just the wood grain and the depth of the burst that varies. The neck profiles vary a lot, as does the weight, which in turn effect the tone. Even if you get five Gibsons that are all of the exact same model there is a good chance none of them will feel or sound alike. So when you buy one online, even if you can see pictures of it, you might still end up with one you don't like. The only way to know you're getting one with a neck and a weight that you find comfortable is to go to an actual shop and try a bunch out. Ignore what the spec sheets say, ignore what the model name is. Just try out every guitar you can see. When you find one that fits you, buy it. Buy that one in your hands, right then and there.

What Mr Flibble said .That pretty much goes for any guitar manufacturer except for maybe Fender.
I'm 46 and have had long hair since the second grade.(1973)
Is it the screws or tab you circled in the pic?
I was playing my Les Paul (it was working fine). I set it down for a couple minutes and when I picked it up and started playing again the pickup selector switch only works in the bridge position. There is no change of sound in the middle position and almost no sound in the neck position. Any suggestions ?Thanks .
Play it, if you like buy it.
It's a Black heart Bh 15.No manual
My amp head has 5 outputs two 4 ohm,two 8ohm and one 16 ohm.My question is can I plug a 4 ohm and 8 ohm cabinets at the same time. Could someone please explain why or why not this would work Thanks.
I was just wondering if it would damage anything . I have a blackheart BH15 head and a guitar cabinet and several bass cabs. any suggestions ? Thanks.
Let me start By saying I'm not a drummer.I've been looking at electronic drum kits and as usual the ones I really like are way out of my price range.(Roland) I'm looking at a couple used kits a OSP DD-502 and a Alesis DM-6 for $275 each. The only Electronic kit I've ever had the chance to mess around on is my friends Roland TD-20. I know comparing these kits to the Roland is like comparing a Rolls Royce to a VW.I'm looking for a good quality and good sounding kit for a beginner. I want a electronic kit because I have very close nieghbors and I don't want to disturb the Mrs. Does anyone have any experience with either of these?Which one is better in your opinion and why? Any guidance would be appreciated.Thanks
Ian Gillan-Vocals
Geezer Butler bass
Slash -guitar
Zack Wilde - guitar
Franky Baneli -drums
i Don't know about the out put but, you can put a p-90 will fit in a humbucker cut out
Ok to start I'm not a drummer .I'm a bassist that owns a pa system.I.m looking for some drum mics for my band .They will be used mostly for live performance with possible future recording. I was looking at the Shure PG- 4piece set.Does anyone have any experience with these ? I heard mixed reviews.I also found some Peavey PVM DMS 5 on craigslist. I have a Peavey vocal mic that is crappy.My budget is $200-$300.Any other suggestions would be great.

ps: should save some more $$ and get the Shure DMK 57-52
I jammed with a guy last week that was playing a right handed Carvin strung upside down, And I learned my first chords from a friend that was left handed and could play right or left handed.Good luck.
very nice guitar. enjoy.
I've been having the opposite problem. I will lock mine in ,making sure that it is secure then in the middle of a song it will release on it's own. I think I would rather it be stuck.