I have no idea. But I have no doubt in my mind now that my home state of California will be ravaged by a 9.0 quake and that telephone poles will be destroyed and knocked over.
No. One in standard or anything else I need.
A second in D, which is FR so I don't move it.
A third in C, which is also FR so I don't move that tuning.
And my last is a 7 string, which I drop tune to G sometimes, that's it. All need different gauges for me to be satisfied.
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problem solved...

Not if you're like me and use .10's on standard, .11's in C.
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schecters look so fat to me? I wish I could play these because it seems to have everything i'd need, just with a les paul neck?.. I dunno this is just what I see in pictures though

The thickness of the neck is between ibanez and fender. It's the perfect size for me, and the body is somewhat thicker than other brands, but that does resonate more.
Finished. Hope you can discern what I mean throughout it. I don't play guitar more than a quarter of the time I play other instruments, therefore I sight read more per week than I play the actual guitar. I'm not sure how much that will screw with data you record... Sorry man.
I use 11's, they're fine. I wouldn't use Ernie Ball though. D'Addario
Damn son, the heaviest I use is .11 and that's drop C guitar.
Replace the lyrics in this song: With those from dancing in the street
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Geez, I was just trying to make a joke about how Freud was a pervert...

Leave it to us to start a full debate off the notion of phallic imagery and dream theories.
Though I will concede the best ones feel as if they are almost too tight.
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a hollow tube? have you ever felt a vag bro

Have you? Hollow, tube. How else would a penis fit? I'm sorry that the idea of a tube ruined what was a solid, impenetrable wall of flesh in your mind.
I also thoroughly enjoy how this is now not even a dream thread so much as are tornadoes yonic or phallic" thread."
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Vagina's aren't shaped like cones.

You get the idea. A tube, hollow inside. Even caves are seen to be yonic, but obviously don't follow any form of a vagina aside from the opening.
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Freud would probably say that the tornadoes all represent penises.

It's a cone shape, if anything. Vaginas. Tornadoes are a yonic symbol.
Play random shit and never pay attention to theory rules. If it sounds good to you, use it. The more you mess around with the riffs you come up with, the more you learn how you write personally.
I had a wet dream. Damn it freaked me out to wake up during that.
Change the octave of those notes, sometimes for god knows what reason, it throws the note into the "correct" pitch by the ear.
Get another guitar. If your current one is shit, get a cheap one that's decent. A few brands make good cheap ones. Only if you're willing to spend 300-400 dollars.
People are biased and dumb. If it's not what their favorite artist uses, then they hate it. Line 6 makes good gear. I think Marshall sucks, it's all in preference and often the haters of anything are the most vocal of it.
Make superman drink it all
How can you bleed for a week straight and not die?
I was playing a jazz concert once and my amp did this. The next 5 minutes rendered the amp useless when the entire speaker blew out as the tube shattered.
My foot up your ass is a good one.
Why isn't there an option of "Both Evolution and Creationism"?
Stop the bleeding. Put a bandage on it. If you would like, disinfect it. Nothing major will come of it. I recommend seeing a local doctor about it in case you need a stitch to keep it closed. But this is just advice from an EMT. So don't heed it too much
I have it in the sunburst. Your money would be well spent. But, it depends on your style. For jazz/blues and classic rock, it works like a charm. Not so great for shredding though. I recommend you get it for $300.
The second.
I met this girl at some place
The place doesn't matter, she's all I saw
We talked and we flirted,
We danced and we sang

She left me a number,
I could swear I flew out of there,
but the wings I flew out on soon fell to pieces

It seems everyone has two sides,
the one when they meet you
and the one when they leave
Why can't anything just stay the same?

A few friends and I plan for some fun,
why not? We're guys and still young
I see to my left a familiar face
She's arm and arm with whom I wish was me

She left my heart on the floor
pierced and bleeding
My wings quickly became an anvil
The world is darkest at first light

It seems everyone has two sides,
the one when they meet you
and the one when they leave
Why can't anything just stay the same?

She can't see me,
but she's all I see.

First song written. Please be harsh with critique, the only way to grow as a writer is to be subjected to raw honesty.
I'm going to be eaten alive for even suggesting this band is good, and well, if people aren't mature enough, that's their problem. One I hate is "Girl I Know" by Avenged Sevenfold. Most of the time, i can't get enough of their music but that song is like, wtf?
I too don't like my ass. I also have more curve to my hips and waist than my gf does. 0.o

I'm somewhat afraid of sex, I think masturbation is disgusting, and I just would rather wait until marriage. I don't like porn either!

I watch what I eat all the time, and I workout to build muscle where I feel I am flabby, yes flabby. I go to the restroom with friends just to have a buddy system going on and talk with them in the restroom.

I'm not gay, I'm not bi. I just, I'm almost more feminine than my girlfriend sometimes... Though she has a great ass.
A lot of people wouldn't agree with me but, check out line 6. I prefer them to most others because well, I haven't had a problem with them and I like the tone I have. I have the 30 watt spider III.
Tabs are simply read as if you were looking at your guitar from above on the fingerboard.


When there is a number on that string you play that fret.


So you would have played the third fret on that low E string. Chords are written in the same way.


A5 chord. My mistake, B5
11:8 time signatures suck..
First song I learned was Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace. Easy, but still fun to play. Don't tune all the way to drop C, just learn it with drop D.
Okay, I'm looking for a seven string, hence the lame title. Anyway, I have the Schecter Damien in mind as far as playability and price goes. Does anyone have any suggestions as far as a good seven? I'm up for any model or brand as long as it's within the price range of under $500.