the standard shotgun to the dick
Pantera - Mouth for War
are u kidding ? this song sounds like so many metal songs ive heard and what do u mean "we were tired of metal bands sounding all the same"? maybe ur just listening to the wrong bands
np man but u should really learn how the notes stand on the guitar it really lightens stuff up
well u should learn them its basic stuff and quite useful
and u can still do what i said without knowing the notes - just tune the fourth string to the same note as the second string, and tune the other string according to the fourth string(fifth fret on the third string to the same note as the fourth etc etc, i hope u know that)

and im counting the strings from thicker to thinner

and richy he wants to do it WITHOUT A TUNER
well u can take a note from ur drop c like g on the second string and tune the fourth string to g like it is in standard and then tune the other strings according to that g
yeah especially the heavy part in the middle and the end, i dont think im good enough to play the rest of the song

heres a video u can use
nile - papyrus containing the spell... the riff in the middle and in the end is just insane, also kataklysm as i slither, slayer eyes of the insane, pantera a new level and other cool songs
no he typed it wrong its actually
Quote by kool98769
im kinda having the same problem...
like 2 months ago when i wanted to learn black star, i had never used true alternate picking...
and then i just wanked for a long time, until i could hit the notes individually, not just crazily picking...and im still having trouble with switching strings yet...
Keep determined...thats what i need to do, lol