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proof black metal is ****ing insane

Or just read the things Varg Vikernes posts on his website.
Fuse is intact, the wire is whole.

The amp turns on, just there's no sound and the tubes don't glow. Is it the connection from my tubes to the amp possibly?
Punk is lame. Black Metal ftw.
How do I do that? I don't know hw to access that.

That's the back of my amp if it helps.
Well for tonight at least.
I'm still having amp troubles, while waiting for an answer, I'll lurk here.
Okay so I finally bought new tubes (I've put it off because I was my band's bassist for the lngest time and i didn't think it necessary.)
I bought them at the store, he popped out all my old ones, put the new ones in, told me to plug in my amp at home, let it sit on for a few hours to let them warm up.
So I've done that, left it on since 5:30 today (it's 9:44 now) The tubes never lit up when i turned it on, and still aren't lighting up. I fear there may be a bigger problem.
Who cares? Two beefy men all sweaty, tangled up together in a closed area, it's a win either way.

(But Rollins, because he is my God.)

Any guesses on who I am? (Yes I know it's early, but I'm dressing up for school tomorrow and a show that night)
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you got it all wrong.

works better when swallowed

3, cuz that's the law.
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That's what I meant, the US customs. I imagine you are able to get back out of Canada again

I crossed the border when I was 11 and they thought I was somek ind of terrorist. A 11 year old blonde girl. I had to get interrogated

Oh god, yeah, US customs is murder, I have to go through it every year for Concert Band trips. Ugh.
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Damn...but we're just driving in...What's the big deal?

I live in a border city, just at the beginning of the summer I started needing a passport to get into Detroit.

EDIT: and where are you people getting this "strict at customs" thing? I get 10x more trouble at US customs, and my mom is a US citizen.
I wish i got to hug the president.

But if I got hugged by Stephen Harper, I'd stick a knife in his back. Demon-spawn.
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The greatest book ever written
To Kill A Mockingbird.
I love that book. I've read it like 5 times and I'm not a big reader.

I hated that book, especially the entire First Part, completely pointless.

and in no particular order:
Dune - Frank Herbert
Children of Dune - Frank Herbert
On The Road - Jack Kerouac
Dharma Bums - Jack Kerouac
Slaughterhouse-five - Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
Almost done Dharma Bums as well, I can't decide whther I like it better than On The Road, they're so different.
....are you from Tralfamadore?
I'm currently reading Slaughter-House Five, and it's kinda blowing my conceptions of storytelling and writing in general, it's just so out there and amazing I can't seem to come down to earth.
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What the cunt does this have to do with liberals, liberalism or anything related?

Fuck those name-calling, moronic conservative dickheads who seem intent on insulting the anti-American, liberal enemy scum at every inappropriate opportunity, thus proving their lack of capacity to actually think for themselves.

My opinion.
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Sorry, either I missed that or you edited it in. Even when it is being discussed I don't think there's any point getting too caught up in it. It seems like sometimes people fall over themselves apologising for the past but make not effort to rectify the present. The treatment you're talking about in Canada isn't too common though is it? I'd imagine it's a bit like here - mostly okay with a few people that spoil it for the rest.

Well yeah, but I feel that you put it so tamely, like there's nothing you can do about it, or that we should just ignore it.
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It's banned for the same reason child porn is really banned. Child porn *should* be banned because it exploits children, but loli exploits no one. But it is still often used to allow wannabe child molesters to masturbate. Oh well.

Yeah, exactly, if anything, it's GOOD because it provides an experience for people who are aroused by children to get their jollies off without anyone being hurt.
Loli isn't wrong...
It's fictional, and drawn, no one is being hurt, so it's not wrong.

I don't dig it, but I don't want it banned.

Why is it wrong?
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Australia's current success is not built on the Stolen Generation. Thought you might be interested to know.

I disagree. There is an element of racism against aboriginals, but that isn't so much a "they are inferior because their skin is a different colour" - it's mostly borne out of resentment for the amount of money the government is trying to pump into Aboriginal Australia to bridge the gap that Europeans put there in the first place.
There's no reason to be a self-hating white person. It's pathetic and you're better than that. Can't you just accept you have a particular set of genes (that set your race and a ton of other things) and just move on? Getting preoccupied with your own "whiteness" is like people back in the day getting overly concerned with "blackness". Content of character as an individual >>>>>>>>>>>>>> skin colour and whatever history is associated with it.

Dude, I said it only matters when the matter OF race is brought up around me.

And I apologize actually, sincerely. I don't know too much about the state of affairs in Australia. I'm from Canada, where the treatment of Aborigines is still pretty harsh, socially and politically. My best friend, and lead guitarist, is Native, and tells me ab out all the dirty looks him and his family get when they walk into stores, around the alcohol area, around any area, and to me, it's f*cked up, not to mention the state of affairs in the reserves that I won't mention.
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1. If a group of mostly white men are going to pay tribute to a black band, how are they going to make themselves look like them other than by painting themselves black?

2. Yes, I do wonder why aboriginals at school had always started fights with non-black kids without provocation.

My family came to Australia in 1989, and had nothing to do with the oppression of Aboriginals.

1. By paying tribute to the music of the band, because that's what matters, not their colour.

2. Because they're pissed off because they've been and continue to be treated like **** by non-aborigines?

And g4u, my family came to Canada in the 1970s and had nothing to do with the oppression of blacks, aboriginals or other races, but I'm still white, and I'm still ashamed of what white people have done, because I'm white.
I'm a self-hating white person, I don't think I'm better than anyone else, and I sure as hell don't parade like that under the veil of "being equal" like some racists do.

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you're misguided
do you often oppress people "of colour"?
consider yourself a person first, not a white person
maybe you wont feel so guilty about shit youre not responsible for.

ps. everyone has friends who are different races, none of mine treat me like shit for being white

When talking abut racism, I become a white person. I don't walk around feeling bad about what white people have done, but, let's say, in the discussion of white people doing racist things, I do.
My friends don't either, but I hear about the **** they've gone through from other people, and I feel instantly bad.
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1. Painting yourself black to imitate a black person doesn't always equal 'blackface'.

2. In Australia Aboriginals show more open hatred to whites than whites do to them.

1. Yeah, it kinda does, that's what the definition of it is.
"black·face (blkfs)
1. Makeup for a conventionalized comic travesty of Black people, especially in a minstrel show."

2. Wonder why

I apologize that you guys consider yourselves better than me because I still feel bad about being part of a group of people that thought they were better than the whole world.
Maybe it's because I know people "of colour" who live with the stereotype pushed upon them a long time ago.
Or you could explain yourself, because that might make a better discussion.
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Its ok for him to mock white people? Because your a honky mothertrucker every white is?

Well, let's think about this. He's black, I'm white. Black people were f*cked over royally by white people in many ways. I'm pretty sure that's a suitable reason for him to mock white people in a way they mocked his people.
Quote by lateraluspiral

Sorry, let me watch a 9 minute video to prove a point.
Oh wait, that wasn't in the video.

EDIT: And his usage of whiteface is to mock white people, and I deserve it for being a honky-ass motherf*cker.
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If that is considered racist, obviously you haven't seen the Dave Chappelle show

I don't see him here in whiteface.
Or anyone else in blackface, etc. Did YOU watch that video?

Blackface is, well, to me, one of the most racially insensitive things one can do. It's not like calling names or anything, it's visually mocking an entire race based on an exaggerated appearance. Making them appear goofy, and unintelligent, and ugly.

EDIT: I'm confused, why are talking about things that aren't this video? Maybe I've been away from UG for too long, but no one seems to be paying any attention to the actual topic..
Tomorrow is Canadian Thanksgiving, I don't have school.

Now, on the general idea, I always get told about this and say every time "F*ck that!"
I've never skipped school or cut class for a good reason, let alone some dumb "senior skip day."
I don't understand how i blew them though, nothing really happened to the amp, I never pushed it at all in the last few days, I've been sick so I haven't played.
I played it a few days ago and it was absolutely fine!!
I turned it on today, no sound, i check all the knobs, the footswitch, no change. I tried different guitar, no difference, there's not even any type of buzz or anything coming form the amp, it's completely silent.

I turn it on, the switch ights up, the little lights for it turn on, but no sound or anything.

I opened up the back, and I noticed that the tubes aren't glowing at all, is this the problem? How do I fix this, and more importantly, HOW EXPENSIVE IS IT?
So my buddy wants me to do Salvia Tea with him, what is this like?
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Improve the quality of school, not the quantity

I recorded a demo last night for my band's new song, it sound like Jawbreaker when we play it electric.
My vocals are real bad on it, I was smoking all day and was hella tired and just needed to bang it out.

It's "Star In The Sky", and yes, we spelt Stockholm wrong on purpose.
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12 Years old?

That's disgusting. A boy that age won't even know what he's on about.

Sure thing, budster.
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ah i get you now

and yes, anarcho-capitalists get on my nerves

Sorry, I'm in a bad f*cking mood. Gonna jack off and go to sleep. night ya'll, sorry if I was un necessarily rude.
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Uh, i meant as a far as your vote in this thread goes.

Anarcho communism has no government

anarcho capitalism has no government

And **** voting in the thread, he should have put a no government option. That's my point.

And anarcho-capitalists piss me off almost more than conservatives.
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anarcho-communism is in the lower far left

anarcho-capitalism is in the lower far right

I don't give two ****s about what the political compass internet quiz thinks I am. The question is about government.
I am an anarcho-communist/collectivist. I do not believe in any type of government.