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Bands and Artists.

is the pit not for anything?
Hat 1 looks better
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EDIT: btw, it's actually *reported*

tsk tsk... whats with you people?
NO one CARES!!!
Stop making stupid azz threads!!!!
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Anyone got some stories of things that 'Seemed like a good idea at the time'?
When I was 8, I had to catch the bus home from school. One day I needed to crap but thought I could hold it in long enough. It was my first day on the bus and had no idea the stop was 30 minutes away. It seemed like a good idea to hold it in and prevent myself from missing the bus, but I crapped on the seat next to a large breasted chick who got shit on her feet as it leaked out of my pants. The whole bus smelt terrible and about 4 people vomited. Anyone else have any funny stories?

IT Seemed like it was a good idea to write this story at the time, but now you realized it was all fake...
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irrelevant. They exist therefore they exist.

prove it... wait, you cant.
And all my people thats drug dealin jus to get by stack ya money till it gets sky high
We wasnt supposed to make it past 25 but the jokes on you we still alive
Throw your hands up in the sky and say we don't care what people say
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And you just pulled the 2nd paragraph out of your ass.

Haven't you heard of an oscillating universe?
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Texas instruments or casio?

obviously texas that even a question?
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Vitamins have no effect on most people with a balanced diet.

there you go

and tooooo many vitamins is NOT good for you.
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Also someone who is very bias / anti religion and creation also right? So if you think we evolved and want to prove that we did and you find a skull that looks like human / ape. What are you going to say it is? You are not going to say it could possibly be another type of ape that no longer is around you are going to say it is the missing link.

you really haven't studied very much on evolution, have you?
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Do I have "similar stories"? No, I don't live in the medieval times.

Are you sure you didn't at one point?
Ouch, i voted opt in, but now i want opt out because now i actually understand!
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Are you actually commited to staying with her??

My mum got pregnant with me when she was 17, and my dad said he was gonna stay with her, but he broke it off before I was born.

Depressing story of the day. lol

poor qwerty..
Just blame IT ON SLIPKNOT!!!
Everyone will understand
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Talk to her on the phone. If you can hear the sound of gnawing her way through a bucket of chicken then hang up. Otherwise you're good to go

LULZ! Good info For later USE!
veggiederek, you're gay..
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Fap then rape.


GodDAMN devil MuSIC!!
Free The Goddamn Pear!@!!
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make new friends. and ransom!! tell them if they dont cough up a **** load of cash, their ass is going to jail!

For **** sakes free the goddamn pear already!

La révolution de poire
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i smoke because it will cut off the really old years i dont wanna live for anyway. plus its very enjoyable, relives stress, helps me think, relaxing, and i get a smoke break at work.

hmm, but what if you got to that age, then you wanted to live longer...
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i hate that little ****er!
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It's times like this I'm glad I don't live with my parents anymore

i dont heart fat chicks...
Exercise and eating right.
I know its hard to eat right in the situation you're in, but you reeaally have to avoid that food. Try to bring in your own food and just don't eat the ice cream.
As for "appetite supplements", don't try those. They're a waste of money and don't work.
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I'm from hamilton, well Ancaster

ancaster ftw
Its alright, although most kids (at least my age, 17) just drink and chill. Not much really to do other than that ..



anyone who reports this is a fa-ggot
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Especially when chilled. I have sensitive teeth

Thats probably because you drink too many acidic drinks...