So, I haven't posted here in like 2 years, but I'd figure I'd get the word out about the band I play with right now. We are called Musaeus (it's Greek) and we're sort of a jazz/funk fusion. I play bass.

We have one rough track up on our Myspace right now, but we're slated to hit the studio this Tuesday and record a demo. For now, take a listen to our original track, it has some rough spots, but it gives you an idea of the stuff we play. Advice is greatly appreciated, as we've already received so much of it from others!

You can also find us on Facebook.
I did, but I lost track of it. I'll find it later and post it up on here.
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Krzysztof Penderecki - Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima (1959-61), De Natura Sonoris No. 1(1966) and Canticum Canticorum Salomonis (1970)

mighty mighty stuff!
Penderecki is one of my favorite composers ever. I really prefer his earlier works (not that I don't like the later ones), where he experimented with "sound mass" compositional techniques.
Keys should be up on Megaupload.
They're 20th century classical. Ornstein is a little like Samuel Barber and Rzewski is Rzewski.

I would also greatly recommend Gyorgy Ligeti.
I've lately been getting into modern composers like Leo Ornstein and Frederic Rzewski. Check them out.
Put in some natural/artificial harmonics for a "star power" mode.
It's not that hard to keep a straight face, guys.

Trust me, I've done it multiple times. It's not that bad. It's really tough have to keep PRECISE time and make a constant crescendo. It's really fun!

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^Cantate Domino is a great one too.
Which one of you guys should I send it to?
Quote by crazymofo
The Sabre dance
Possibly the greatest song ever written :P
Oh yeah?!
Tough to say. I suspect sometime next week, give or take some time.
It's awwwwwwwright!

They're pretty good, working much better than my previous instrumental attempts.
Quote by Erc
Alexander Scriabin
Arnold Schoenberg
Franz Schubert
Robert Schumann
Richard Wagner
Gustav Mahler

Piano Sonata no 5, Piano Sonata no 10, Piano Sonata no 4, Prometheus Poeme of Fire, Poeme of Ecstasy, Op 32 poeme's, op 8 etudes and op 42 etudes. - Scriabin
Op 9 Krammersymphonie, Verklarte Nacht, Op 42 piano concerto - Schoenberg
All of his Impromptus, Sonatas, and Lieder - Schubert
Op 9 Carnival and Symphonic Etudes - Schumann
Der Ring des Nibelungen...duh. - Richard Wagner
4th and 5th symphony - Gustav Mahler
All = win.

I've played the Schubert Bb impromptu, and I'd like to learn the Schoenberg piano concerto sometime in the next couple of years. Hmm...
I can't get on Megaupload from here, so just tell me: are all the files on there or is it just one big Audacity file? (Hopefully it's one)

If not, tell me how to join them. I haven't used Audacity in a while.
Alright, thanks. I'll get to that ASAP.
Schoenberg is nothing short of amazing. "Verklarte Nacht" and "Pelleas und Melisande" are my favorites.
Not the current ones. Send me the current layerings so I can do it.
Quote by Erc
I am going to quote a passage from Arnold Schoenberg's book "Fundamentals of Musical Composition,"

"In the early stages a composer's invention seldom flows freely. The control of melodic, rhythmic and harmonic factors impedes the spontaneous conception of musical ideas. It is possible to stimulate the inventive faculties and acquire technical facility by making a great many sketches of phrases based on a predetermined harmony. At first such attempts may be stiff and awkward, but, with patience, the co-ordination of the various elements will rapidly become smoother, until real fluency and even expressiveness is attained."

This can be easily applied in your case by creating a great many different phrases (defined by Schoenberg as "a unit approximating to what one could sing in a single breath") over top that riff. Just start pumping them out. Composition, like anything, requires a great deal of practice to become great at.
Thank god, someone else who knows that book!
Quote by Thursdae
IMSLP is coming back! The guy who runs it is talking with people to make sure he won't get sued again by making sure what he can and can't have on the site.. but he says it'll be up in at least a few months (June/July I believe). That site was awesome.. just hope the massive amounts of scores that were there will be available again.

Also.. that site is awesome.
Yeah, that's what I last heard from Feldmahler (the owner)...I just hope it really works out. The people who shut them down were just being assholes, the modern composers that they said "weren't passable" have been dead for at least 70 years! (Schoenberg, Mahler, Bartok, etc.) Oh well, hopefully it'll be as good as it was...I'm sure it will.
I'm ready for keys whenever you wanna send me the part.
If IMSLP was still up, that would be nice. Maybe it will be someday...
You should listen to more than one. Not only does it give you a breadth of interpretations, but also you can pick which you like best.
Thanks for that!
You can use press-on nails, I believe.
Quote by af_the_fragile
The 3rd concerto is pretty good too. Its very technical and has some mad piano work but i don't find it as intense and melodic as the 2nd concerto. 2nd concerto really is his best work imo. Its just has it all, intensity, emotions. The 2nd movement of the 2nd concerto is just beautifully emotional.
Y'know, you have a solid point there. I think what Rachmaninoff intended for the 3rd concerto is to have some sort of virtuosic showpiece, while earlier his 2nd concerto was all about musicality (in a sense) and how things flow together. I can think of water when I hear it.
He actually wrote 5. Wait, does it have the Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini? That's the fifth one. It probably does, since those collections usually have all of them.


I see your point though. The first movement just sends shivers up my spine every time!
I'm still up for keys. Just send the drums/bassrhythm/whatever part to
^ Listen to the other 3 concerti. Concerto No. 3 is one of the hardest works around!
That's a fun one to analyze!
Stravinsky actually meant for it to be lower, because he originally wanted a nasty sound. However, the bassoonist in the premiere was so good that no nastiness was produced! So he kept writing it higher, but still no nastiness, so finally he was just like "Screw it."
For serious, man!
How about when rhythm is done, then send the track to me so I can do keys. That way it's easier to comp the chords and shiz.
^ True words! Along that line, check out Steve Reich's "Triple Quartet." The Kronos Quartet did an amazing recording of it. It's in 3 movements, but through-composed.
Quote by BR00TAL
Igor Stravinsky. A mastermind. Listen to The Rite of Spring and be amazed.
Best orchestral piece ever! His use of counterpoint in the woodwinds in the opening is complete genius.

I can't wait to play timpani in that this summer.
Seriously...I mean, come on people.
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^ I wanna know who in the hell voted "No" on that... >.<