(first pic here:

It's a Sony TC-630, a professional reel to reel tape recorder. many professional recording studios still use reel to reel, and it in fact sounds better (depending on the quality, of course) than most digital equipment. Notice the ECHO picture at the bottom? tape echo? so stop ****ing around thinking that the only music gear that exists has to be either brand new or an instrument. it sounds amazing, and the echo is phenominal.

$5 from the tip shop with a few other reel to reels and loads of tapes.
No eBay links allowed unfortunately, but I've just asked you a question about the ME-50.
just copy album art from google images into the bottom left where album art usually shows up in itunes.
that wasnt all that bad. was expecting much worse

edit: did notice the bad timing though. and the ending wasn't good at all
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all i have to say is that, no offense, but you dudes from Australia i guarantee have never seen a real hardcore show, until you come to boston.

i will have to agree with this. especially when from tasmania.

tru3 brutal
This band's tryin to get me to join. I talk shit about bands like this all the time. Not my thing at ALL, but hey it could be fun.

pretty ****ing terrible band. but join if you think it'll be fun i guess. i make it a promise to myself to never join a band that has scene girls writing their name on their hands/tits/ass.

edit: does anyone else get pissed off when people call bands like escape the fate and attack attack post hardcore?
mic stand, headphones, music stand, and money. i would have woke up with a hangover on christmas day if i didn't get called up to work the day before
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can someone suggest me some hardcore songs to learn that arent just power chords?

emmure dont use chords
i agree that vocals suck and that they've lost song structure completely. but i do like one riff in life expires.

actually what the ****, i only like one riff ahaha. album sucks. 50 lions is ridden way too hard in tas

edit: frankenbok aren't hardcore.
oh **** did i miss the stand by me webcast?
thinking of saving for an egnater rebel 30. thoughts?
that poster looks great.

i dont get how that band online band works - no shows? are band photos from other bands they're in?

you should put up a song.
pointlessly arguing on youtube is fun.
i always didn't like 50 lions and thought they were really overrated, but where life expires is pretty good imo. i've never got into etid either.
how many hours away is that? will be tuning in from aus
I don't mind their new album actually. i like some riffs.
one of the best bands ive heard in a while. guitar tones rule and vocals too. pretty original breakdowns and guitar riffs. definately doesn't remind me of every parkway drive generic metalcore band crap.

edit: i laughed SO HARD at the end after the last breakdown.
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Not heavy at all. Try the song "I DECLARE GODDESS" and get ready to crap your pants.

kid is like 14 and uses a bc rich warlock

i like this.
i've never really been a fan of rap apart from some big daddy kane and sugarhill gang songs. and like boffen the only time i've heard lil wayne being played is at shit parties. to be fair though ive really only heard his newer stuff though
dual rec isn't nearly as good as people make it out to be. much better amps in its price range.
god verbally abusing / fighting people on youtube is fun.
did you get my email zez? sent you the black cranes link.
no way you're going to get signed with that myspace the way it is. spam friends for myspace invites, and get someone to make it look better. your logo is the worst band logo i've ever seen. good songs though.
1. Ipod's can't get viruses. Computers can, but if you use common sense when downloading songs they should be virus free (eg. horny teen sluts fingering themselves.mp3 isn't the Gn'R song you were looking for).

2. Buy an iTunes gift card, it lets you create an account with that.
get a recording interface maybe? then **** around with it, just record random shit. thats what im doing at the moment, got a sm57 and recording mind eraser / iron age inspired shit
so have you actually got full time band members? because i thought it was just you with a drum machine
its not trolling, its a way of life.

oh shit sorry didn't realise you weren't aussie haha. can't find a blog link.. pm me your email address.
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someone link me to The Seduction's new 7". The two songs on the myspace are so sick. That is, if it's out, which i'm under the impression that it is.

it's too cheap to let go. i got a last show 7" and the regular one, last show was late in the printing run so you'll be lucky to get one

and giant facepalm at hvh replacing trap them. i like to think of hvh as a talented version of attack attack
that tassie sucks?

there's a few more bands actually. this is not including my hopefully new band. ****ing drummer isn't replying to messages though.
as well as the other stuff, i look on blogs and download albums by bands that look interesting. that's how i discovered single state of man, one of my favourite bands at the moment..
haha i know on both counts. i probably will in like 3 years, i want to get a job at a decent recording studio and there's not many in tas. there is like 3 or 4 decent hardcore bands in tas, and the rest are deathcore.