God, their new album (the one that came out a couple weeks ago) is just ****ing terrible. Hail wind and hewn oak had it's moments of brilliance and was a pretty decent listen overall, so I'm pretty surprised that they would make an album this shitty and boring. They've completely jumped on to this "blackgaze" trend and now and just endlessly drone over a whiney chord progression. Listen for youself:

Not sure how many of you already listen to them here, but here's a thread for discussing how great they are.

If you enjoy Black Metal in the vein of In The Nightside Eclipse, this is for you. Start with The Key of Throne.

According to there's going to be a new album this year. I hope that's not the real cover though.
Dead as Dreams is becoming one of my favorite albums ever. The whole album has an epic atmosphere of desolation, war, anger, and sorrow.

More people need to hear this band.
Could anyone who has a copy of After post the lyrics to "The Barren Lands" please? I want to use them for an english project.
I love the keyboardist. The build-up at the beginning of Breathing Life is epic as hell. I like the new song too, can't wait wait for the recorded version.
What's a good starting release from this band?
Their vocalist even tries to sound like Trevor.
I can't ****ing wait for this album.

As Icicles Fall sounds so cool on piano, I'm about halfway through learning it.

And the "As The Dead Sigh" hoodie that came yesterday looks awesome.
Apart is amazing. It only gets better each time I listen to it, which is also how it has been with the rest of the album. Other tracks I like really right now are In Ruins and Statues.

Those things being said, I'm not sure how it compares to the other albums yet. As of right now I'm not loving it as much as Closure/Epilogue or The Forlorn. Both of those albums sound more "emotional" to me I guess. It also seems like they've replaced a lot of the sorrowful and epic sounding chord progressions that I loved so much from previous albums and replaced them with Opeth worship. Something I didn't notice this when I first listened to the new album is that there was a lot less keyboard in the sound, which added a lot to the atmospheres on The Forlorn and Closure/Epilogue. I really do miss the black metal elements in their sound too.

Quote by metal7690
Glad to hear the good reviews so far, hopefully my copy will come in the mail tomorrow. Is anyone else who has "For I Fell," and "The Art Of Letting Go," tempted to just tack Statues onto the end of Epilogue so you can hear that record that way it was meant to be? I'm thinking this might be a good idea.

Totally. I'm going to listen to it all the way through tonight.
Downloading it right now
Yeah, that's how long they played when I saw them 2 nights ago. It was still a great performance though.
They played:
The Lesser Faith
Dream Oblivion
Misery's Crown
At The Point Of Ignition
The Treason Wall
Final Resistance
Dark Tranquillity were amazing when I saw them yesterday for the 1st time, even though they only played for about 30 minutes.

Me and my friends got to meet all of them and talk for a while outside after they played and they're all really cool dudes. Also they said they wrote Iridium in 1998, which surprised me a lot.
I'm totally digging it, it grew on me much more than Indoctrination. This one seemed less obviously Opethian.

Also, I hear Apart is supposed to be pretty epic. Statues will also most likely kick ass, being from Epilogue (which is full of win).

Still digging For I Fell btw

EDIT: Virtuoso I'll PM them now but I only have The Art of Letting Go and For I Fell
Something must've gone wrong when I re-uploaded it to mediafire. I just sent you the one I downloaded mine from.
Just got someone on to send me "For I Fell" from Epilogue. Pm me if you want it.
So have you guys decided on the song order yet?
New song is waaay too much like Opeth. I kind of like it but it doesn't have much of IK's style at all. I hope the rest of the album isn't like this.
Leaked. I'm enjoying the hell out of it so far.
Quote by Tim Charles
Considering that a shirt and hoodie is about $70 AUD, I think that means postage is about $20 USD for that order? Would be great if we could charge less, but unfortunately it's costs us at least $15 to send a t-shirt overseas and then with a hoodie it's at least $20 (depends on where exactly it's being sent to). High postage i guess is just one of the results of us being on the other side of the world! :/

It's cool, I've decided I'm going to buy both anyways. The artwork on your merch is just too ****ing cool.

Wow. Touring with Killswitch Engage and The Devil Wears Prada, and Dark Tranquillity aren't even headlining. I'm still totally stoked they're coming to the U.S. though.
Damn... a shirt and a hoodie from the merch store is $86 US with shipping. If there was like $10-15 more off shipping I would probably get both.
Quote by Tim Charles
Yeah, I've had the whole album for over a year.... but I can't leak it, as if the band doesn't want it released I have to respect their wishes.

I've kind of been hoping someone else would leak it though so you guys could all hear it. :p

It's cool if you don't want to leak them. But if you did, they wouldn't know it was you...

I just don't know why IK won't just let us hear the last 2 songs of their album. We've heard the majority of it, Fall of Icons might take another year (OR LONGER ), and it would only make us love them more.
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Did 'Epilogue' ever leak? Or do most people still only have the tracks from it that they released as a digital EP?

That was such an amazing album... and it never even got released! Crazy....

A shame this keeps getting pushed back. I know that they had lots of problems with their old label Descent Productions, but it would definitely be nice to get some regularly updates so fans know what is happening when and why.

So you've just heard it, right? You don't have the last 2 tracks on you computer, do you? Because if you do, maybe you could... I don't know... leak it? Please?

I'm going ****ing crazy I NEED to hear the rest of Epilogue.
Oh, I forgot about the stuff in Prequel to the Sequel. There's also 7:34 in Prequel to The Sequel and 4:08 in Sun of Nothing.
Does anyone here besides me think the recurring riffs in different songs throughout Colors are really cool?
These were the ones I noticed:

9:36 in Sun of Nothing and the beginning of White Walls
The bass lines in 1:05 in Sun of Nothing and 1:08 in Decade of Statues, and they come in after they play the riff twice
1:05 in Informal Gluttony and 2:24 in White Walls
0:15 in Ants of The Sky and 1:05 in The Backtrack (this one's a bit of a stretch but I think they meant to make them sound alike)

Has anyone else heard any others?
Hopefully "Forced to Rock" is an instrumental, I can't even imagine what horrible lyrics would go with a song with that name.
Old Man's Child has bass cleans on The Millennium King and probably some other songs.
When the hell did this guy join Born of Osiris?

Maybe he'll make them a lot more interesting to listen to.
What the ****. Why did BTBAM put that retarded sounding part (where everything stops and goes "la la la la la la la la") in Sun of Nothing? I know that they're trying to be funny but that totally ruins it for me. I love that song except for that part. Same thing with the banjo solo in Ants of the Sky, but I can at least pretend like it isn't there because it's at the end.
Lol... I'm pretty sure the TS is an Alex Jones fan.
^^^ That riff could have been done so much better, IMO.

I can't stop listening to Chateau Noir and Absinthe right now.

Do you know if there are plans for another album?
Does anyone here like H.O.P.E?
Yeah I really liked Ascension, you should record it if your vocalist improves his clean vocals.
Any song by Anaal Nathrakh.
Quote by Cianyx

Also, they went metalcore in Oil Upon the Sores of Lepers

Kind of in the opening riff, but the overall vibe wasn't really metalcore.
Goddamn that is fugly.

I searched for a thread and I couldn't find one. This is one of the weirdest bands I've ever heard, but I like them so far.

Has else anyone heard of this band?
Are the paypal links on their myspace not working for anyone else besides me? They haven't been working for me since May and every time I click on them it leads me to a blank page that has the "www.msplinks" address.