Great to get such responses, makes a NGD feel even better

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Awesome! Another Gretsch fan HNGD!

Bought a G5120 myself about a month ago. Whoever's building these things really knows what they're doing -- workmanship was better even than the Gibson 335 I was looking at (and no sloppy hack job either, that one), and I have yet to find another guitar that plays nearly as well. And it sounds great through anything; to hell with that old "it's your amp" myth.

The output on that neck pickup is insane. If I don't EQ it right, it blocks out my bass, which has a rather bright tone. Not that I really mind, so long as I'm not the one playing said bass...

I'm also really amazed by the electromatic series. Up until now I've seen two black Pro Jets, two G5120s and a G5129 (Fire Red, hmmmmm ) up close and personal. Heck I even did a setup on a black G5120. Anyways, on of those guitars and my own I wasn't able to find even a single flaw in workmanship and finish. How they can build them this good for so little money is a riddle to me.
Another series of guitars I'm amazed by are the Squier Classic Vibes, how can such guitars be built for €300ish? China/the rest of Asia really is starting to get it's shit together I guess.

Hmm you might want to lower that pickup a bit, or is it already all the way down? It should be at about the same height as its mounting ring. Most pickups on Gretsches do pack quite a punch however, except for those HiLo-trons.
Thanks everybody!

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Mazel Tov! Really nice looking guitar. Love the finish. Though it is a shame about the gold hardware rubbing off. Clips?

In the pictures the rubbed off gold looks worse than in person. I quite like it though, nothing wrong with some natural relic The back is a bit dinged up as well, the front only has 1 little chip in the finish though.
Clips aren't really feasable I'm afraid, all I got is a cheap ass $4 mic that even distorts when you talk into it

I figured I'd put the pics up first, they're the most important anyway

And now for the mandatory review:
She's a G5570 Elliot Easton Pro Jet from the more affordable, and made in China, electromatic series. Made in China sounds all cheap and crappy but I'm stunned by the quality of workmanship on this thing. I haven't found a single thing that's off or half-done or whatever and the resources aren't cheap looking either. Both the mahogany three piece neck and the mahogany body have a beautifully smooth and even grain. Fretjob and binding are top notch as well and overall she feels like a very solid guitar. There are a few dings and scratches here and there; but hey, I got is second hand.
Coming from a Classic Player '60 strat I find the relatively thin neck and flat fingerboard radius something to get used to, but she shure plays really easy and smooth. Intonation is perfect and the action is very low without any rattles.
Now for the sound; it's quite a dark sounding guitar, but that may just be me since I've become so used to just my Fender. I really can get that twangy, jangly Gretsch sound though, but there's just more bass than with my strat. And even when using the Bigsby she stays in tune pretty well.
There's just one thing I'm slightly annoyed by; the three way tone switch next to the pickup switch. I'm a pretty wild strummer sometimes and when you knock that thing out of it's center position you get the type of sound like you have your tone pot all the way down. Pretty useless to me. The other position is sort of a halfway in between, but it sounds a bit odd and again not very useful. I might just take it out of the circuit one day.

There, I hope that was extensive enough
I'm a very, very happy camper right now
Hmm sounds good, I'll be following your build *again*
Hmmm that top looks silky smooooth You did an awesome job on the finish there, I love how subtly the burst flows with the contour. The back actually looks pretty cool just as is, if you ask me. I've got a thing for dark, matte finishes.

This is totally not my style of guitars though, but I'm following this anyway
I've had that happen to me a few times as well, either German or French voices. One time I had something that sounded like air traffic control whilst recording in a studio, paying per hour of recording time...
In the end we ditched those recordings and re-did the whole demo. I thought it sounded pretty cool to have them in the background. Just like that one blues record that features the sounds of a crowded bar in the background, can't remember whose it was.

Usually my fuzz face is the culprit. Can't blame the thing, I built it myself
@ Nick/any other TPR member closeby: God Is An Astronaut, September 14th at Doornroosje Nijmegen, damage: €10 presale, €12 at the door. I know I'm going.

Damn I've missed a lot by the way. Not that I have much time now or will have in the future to keep up. I'll take a look sometimes but it won't be as much anymore. If you need me you can always PM me though
Isn't that one of those 80s Fender tremolos? I'm quite sure actually. I've seen those things before, if I remember right on some MIJ Strats.

EDIT: Also, how much is that guitar? I wouldn't give €600 for that..
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I'm gas'n now for a rack reverb unit, any ideas on a good affordable one? I was looking at an Alesis Midiverb 4, seems pretty cool.

Those are pretty good and so is anything that says Yamaha on the front.
Dirt Transmitter because Zachary Vex is a prick
But seriously, the FF doesn't have much weird sounds that are actually usable if you ask me.
I'm back in action
New York was awesome, it really was. Scored some TPR bounty as well: He Has Left Us Alone But Shafts Of Light Sometimes Grace The Corners Of Our Rooms by A Silver Mt. Zion, The Destruction Of Small Ideas by 65daysofstatic, ( ) by Sigur Rós, The Hawk Is Howling limited edition by Mogwai, a bunch of other cd's, a daisy chain, some sets of .12 strings for C standard tuning, Skullcandy headphones, Obey shirts and a new pair of shoes by Emerica. w00t!
Didn't bother reading back all I've missed, but I just wanted to say that I got the EHX newsletter in mailbox a few hours ago and it stated the Memory Boy is out NOW
If I come across a Guitar Center/Sam Ash/whatever (I've just arrived in New York) I'll go check it out.
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haha it's not blonde

Oops. Hahaha

It's not a caliber series by the way, seeing the pull pots. It's a Mark II, again the (rarer) version with no graphical equalizer. Supposedly those non-eq Mark IIs having something 'magical' in their sound the eq-equipped version cannot attain.
I just read the EHX newsletter, it said the Memory Boy is out now!
If I get past Guitar Center/Sam Ash today (I'm on vacation in New York) then I'll go and check it out.
$500 should get you a Classic with some change to spare, anyone asking more than that is overpriced. As far as Sunn and Ampeg goes: just about anything by them that has tubes in it is great and even their solid state amps aren't bad at all either.
I'm part skramz revivalist, part prehistoric emo but I own a few band shirts including Queens Of The Stone Age, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Marilyn Manson, Ramones and Editors. I'm a bit indie as well I guess, I have a bit of a fringe, overly bright polos, a fetish for vintage lomo/holga/diana cameras and I collect vinyl
If I were a girl I'd so be a Williamsburg Hipster with more real vintage apparel

EDIT: Crydius, $500 should get you a Fender Hotrod Deluxe if I remember right. Oh and anyways, don't be fooled in the wattage of a tube amp, it has more to do with clean headroom than anything else. I've gigged medium sized halls with 400ish people in it and still had loads of clean headroom (and volume) spare. Tube amps go loud, really bloody loud. The speaker response has more to do with volume than the amp itself, anything 30 watts tube and above would suffice.
I've had French too, was quite good at it actually. I've also had Dutch (duh), German, Latin and Greek and could have taken Spanish as well.

About the dual Big Muffs: I could use a board with two, I'd set one as a fuzzy overdrive and the other as a full-on fuzz. Or simply two different tastes of fuzz, I have that now as well (modded fuzz face clone + big muff).
*raises hand*
I've been learning myself English for longer than I can remember though. I actually think in English when I speak/write it.

Oohh that Jazzmaster is hot, red and one of the last original series around. Sweet!
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so speaking of shoegazing, do any of you actually have sweet shoes?

My latest two pairs were these: Globe Focus Craps and Globe Elementary Mixtape
I'm hoping to score some new ones in New York. I'll be leaving tomorrow by the way, w00t!
If I remember right you shouldn't use that Blackstar power supply for either, as it provides a higher voltage than 9V (I repeat: if I remember right). Don't just go experimenting about with power supplies, you could blow up a pedal. Seriously.
When you want to know if a certain power supply works, check if the voltage the supply puts out matches with what the pedal needs and be sure to check the polarity. The Mistress should have a little round symbol on top near the power jack, the center of the plug should be negative and the outer side should be positive. Connecting a supply that has it's polarity reversed from what the pedals need could also blow up your pedal and it definitely won't work if it doesn't blow it up.
I love my strat
I'm quite a Fender fanatic anyways.

Gailan: I can't help but notice your pedal collection is so... colourful Somehow mine are mostly grey and black. On a more serious note: I've said it again and I still do really like your pedals. I'd take them over any day except for the Small Clone (don't really like chorus for some reason) and the ODB-3.
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jx3 tube preamp, peavey vtm-60, and the mesa isnt mine though im going to see if its for sale. then im going to find out exactly what it is...

Looks to me like a .50 Caliber or .50 Caliber+ head without the optional graphic EQ. Didn't know they made those in blonde though. What's the tube setup in there? If it has 2 6L6s it's a +, if it has 4 El84s it's a 'regular' one.
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I am indeed female. Different from most, as I have a brain that I use. I also know how to work a computer and play instruments!

I know more who do, in fact, almost all of my friends are girls and most of them know how to play an instrument. The rest isn't stupid either. Most of the boys over here are

EDIT: Congrats on the Bass Big Muff I demand a demo with guitar!
I know, but I really don't have any noise problems at all actually. The only pedal that's a bit noisy and tone sucking is my vintage Deluxe Electric Mistress.
I run 7 with no problems and I'm sure it could do even more
^And that's why I have the two-point trem on my Strat

By the by, I was in a guitar shop the other day and they had a special run of American Standards Strats and Teles in some California Colours with matching headstock. I can't find them on Fender's website though
Ryan, you're incorrigible
Is it a thumb piano? Definitely TPR, I'm still on the lookout for one
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Mine too
But I'll still be living at home - no campuses or stuff like that, the uni is just a 2 hours away

2 hours? Over here it's common fashion to rent a room when you need to travel more than 1 hour, w00t! Heck, I need to travel 45 mins and I'm hoping to have a room of my own around January. There are no campuses here though, you just have to fend for yourself.
I've had a few, record of shortest is 1,5 days, the longest almost a year. I hasn't been easy or normal or whatever up until now, I hope that will change when I meet some new people in uni in a few weeks.

EDIT: Hell yeah, NNBD (New Notebook Day) coming up this Tuesday, a Toshiba A300D-18H
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Picked up The Dead Weather's cd yesterday. I likes much

What a coincidence, I listened to some of their songs on Last.FM yesterday. They're pretty cool, but I'm a rather big fan of mr. White so anything he does is pretty cool in my eyes. But, he is a damn good musician and songwriter no matter what you say.

Talking about Last.FM, is any of you just as much in anger as I am now discovering the radio is no longer free?

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Damn it.
I inexplicably feel the need to buy a Bad Monkey.

Try it before you buy it. I borrowed one off a friend and couldn't get a single reasonable sound out of it. The clean boost was harsh and loud in a non-musical way, hard to describe. The drive itself sounded fake and the eq could only be set to two settings: either way too trebly or total mush.
That's my experience though.
I dind't mean to offend you by any means, Stinger
By the way, there are quite a few EHX pedals that run on batteries as well, my Small Stone Nano and NYC RI Big Muff both do. Well, the Muff did until I accidentally broke the battery snap off

On the subject of batteries: I once had to run my PDS1000 delay on a 9V, it lasted 15 minutes or so
Anyways, most overdrives, boosts and distortions have pretty low power consumption, modulation generally uses more, delay even more and reverb the most. Heck, the old Boss RV's came with a power supply and no option to even connect a battery.

As far as expenses/environment/pedalboard/ease of use/reliability goes I'd prefer a power supply to a battery every day. The pedals I've built don't even have a battery snap, it just takes a lot of place in the enclosure and I don't use it at all.
@stinger: I'm not even gonna answer that. Come back when you've figured out why electronics need a power source.

@Dr. Pain: Cool (2x)
Gailan, very neat wiring you got there. Seeing I'm a bit OCD'd when it comes to wiring, me saying that is quite compliment

On tuners: I don't have one. Seriously. It got stolen/lost/eaten/whatever Now I always use someone else's tuner when I have a gig and at home I kind of muck around and don't care. I still need to do three intonation jobs, but they're not gonna happen anytime soon I guess
Yay for another Mistress user (or should I say a slave of the almighty Mistress? )
Congrats on the purchase!

About the new pedals:
- Memory Boy: What is that expression pedal out going to be for?
- Memory Toy: Can you say RIP Carbon Copy? Also it's just so damn cute
- Cathedral: Tap tempo reverb, wut? Infinite reverb sounds quite interesting, wonder what that'll combined with a looper
- Vocoder: Cool, I love these things. Not that I'd buy it since I don't even own a single mic. And I can't sing even if my life'd depend on it.
- both Qballs: The demos sounded pretty nice, even though I'm not that keen on envelope followers/filters.
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I wish they shipped GORMs.

TO any GORM/GORM-type users...How do you transport your board? Do you have a tote bag?

I transported it three times or so until now and I just put it in the backseat of the car. I do however plan on buying this some time in the future. The wide, three panel high GORM fits in perfectly
It's actually a flight case for a lights mixer, but it's absolutely perfect for pedalboards as well.
No need to feel stupid
Can't it just be powered via the daisy chain? I know my Nano Stone can, I'd find it odd if they'd use non-standard jacks on the new series again.
Expression pedal out? Whatfor?
Oh, the uprising of GAS. Haven't experienced that in a while.
Tap tempo reverb? Said it before, but infinite sounds really TPR for soundscaping, adding a looper to that seems like hours of fun to me. I really can't wait to hear a few demo's.
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I'm bummed cause' I'm too young to donate .

I once tried to donate blood but they didn't want mine, turned out I have AB+ and that's the universal acceptor, thus a very lousy donator
Yay for rare blood groups though, I'm with like 3% of the total population of our little planet.

About old tubes: my Laney is currently equipped with Sovteks, the same type as the factory tubes, and the tranny's dated '95. I'm suspecting 14 year old tubes here. And I mean the whole set.