It works. Just not through iTunes.

Just go to My Computer and double-click Z: or w/e it is and drop it in the root folder.

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Let's be mature for a split second. don't pass the blame on to the next person. Both of you were involved in having the kid, therefore you get to share responsiblity. Stop acting like a whiney teenager and act more like a parent. There would be no winner in this situation and the one who would suffer the most would be the kid

The kid is one year old. She'll be fine for now. I promise you.

You don't understand Denise, mate. I mean it when I say that Denise goes out of her way to make my life hell. You just don't know. If anyone's immature, it's her. She covered my car in condoms one day when she found out where I lived at. I have to keep it a secret where I live, otherwise she messes up my car or w/e. It's pointless. Then I'll call her and she'll deny it and just laugh about it like I'm stupid.

I hate her.
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You are so fecking irresponsible! This sickens me!

I was gonna pay for it. Sheeeeeeesh.

See...back then, I HAD money to spend. It's not that way these days. She's raping my cheques so she can buy moon bounces and candy apples for herself.
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yeah I figured he was pretty young.

EDIT: and stupid

I turned 21 two days ago...I gotta fix that....

EDIT: was right. You did your math wrong or somethin...
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Yeah cause Denise just THREW your dick into her vagina and made you impregnate her? You need to grow the fukk up dude.

If she would have treated me like I treated her, things would be ok. But she doesn't know how to act decent to anyone anymore.

It has nothing to do with the sex. I don't know where that came from.

She constantly uses Heather against me. So one day...I just said fuck it.

I won't let her keep doing that crap to me. It ends.
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Thats why he should stop being a douchebag and learn to wear protection or something. If you look through all his other threads you will notice he is nothing but a constant fukk-up. You would think if his daughter "ruined his life" so much he wouldn't make the same mistake twice and knock up the woman he already hated AGAIN. No wonder his parents dislike him.

I'm a good father to my son. I can honestly say that. But only because I know what it's like to be a bad father to my daughter. Meh. I blame it on denise. She fucked me so I'm gettin her back. Slowly. But I'm getting there.

Why do you think I asked for an abortion? Cuz I didn't want the baby....

And my son is with another woman....I'm not sure if there was a misunderstanding there or not....
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Sounds like she's trying to grab you by the bawls which sucks.
I'd say think about your kid.
Both you and you're ex are selfish if neither of you can get over yourselves enough to just think about the kid you've had due to the choices you've made

I've tried that. Believe me.

But I blame my life being in the gutter on Heather and Denise. If it weren't for those two....I'd be in the OK.
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Wow. I preferred you when you seemed to give a crap about this kid :/

yeah yeah yeah

I asked her to get an abortion when she got pregnant....but she wanted a baby.

And I split after she had the baby. It both agreed it was for the best. Then she started acting all crazy afterwards...hmm.

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Go to your daughters birthday. Then afterwords, kill the abusive bitch.

No joke.

Sounds reasonable....
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^you've just waived any possible respect from anyone here, imo

Respect? It's the internet. This is where you go if you wanna lose it.

And I've lost it a few good times and I'm still here, eh?

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And also, 'See if she succumbs'? Have you lost your mind or something?
Why are you risking your relationship with your kid by experimenting with her mother's feelings?

Ok, you asked for it....You're gonna make me get super-honest.

Because I've never had a decent relationship with my daughter, and to be quite honest, I don't give two shits if I do or not. Denise won't allow it so fuck it. Hell...I tried to sign away rights but Denise won't do that either because she wants the child support money. She told me so herself.

Heather hasn't ever really meant much to me. She was a burden when she was born, and she's becoming a burden now. As well as her bitch mom is becoming now. I care more for my son than I do my daughter.

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from your edit and your replies it sounds to me as if you've made up your mind before even posting this thread in the pit. you're just looking for some reassurance to prove to yourself that you're right, but in reality you are wrong and acting like an immature loser.

I put it in the post, that at that moment, I was not going.

I was asking a question with the thread. I've got plenty of answers now.

I guess it's hard for most of you guys to see where I'm coming from without being put into the situation. Which I wouldn't wish on anyone...BELIEVE ME!!!

Fuck it.....who knows what'll happen by the time I get off work. I still have a quarter-hour until lunch.
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Any way you can contact her parents and ask them to talk to her? Or are you on bad terms due to what their little dear has been saying about you?

Bloody women, sometimes, I swear!

THERE YOU ARE! I was waiting on you to pop up. Lol

Her parents won't talk to me either.

Come to think of it...I didn't get along with anyone she knew.

Heh heh.
Denise started texting me again.

Now she's telling me that I can't bring anyone at all. Lol.

Ugh...I'll have no one to talk to there, and my brother just informed me that my dad will be working tonight...
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Go for your daughter, not Denise, if she tries to start any drama, make your point clear.

What point would that be?
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Seriously, stop thinking about yourself for a moment and start thinking about your kid.
If you turning up with Carol in tow is gonna cause a lot of problems and arguments and emotional upset at your kid's first birthday, then don't take her.
Why the hell would you want to risk spoiling your kids first birthday?
That's just mean!
So what if it spoils it for you if Carol doesn't come, it isn't about you, it's about the kid.
If it really bothers you so much and you feel that you've been snubbed somehow and you really need to get your own back, give the kid another party at your place, with Carol, and ban your ex from bringing any male friends.
If she makes a big deal out of it or refuses to show up to her own kid's party because of Carol, then she'll show herself up as being just as selfish as you are for making a big deal out of this in the first place.
But honestly though, trying to score points off each other by using the kid is shameful behaviour that's lower than a snake's navel in a tractor rut.

Maybe I put it wrong.....I'm not going to take Carol is Denise won't let me. I'm not gonna screw it up.

I only TOLD her that to see if she would succumb. I'm sure she will. If she does, then cool, i'll feel LOADS better about having a friend of my own there. If not...I guess i'll go alone, stay there for an hour, then jet.
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Well if she dumps your kid on you you can spend the day with your daughter. Surely that's what you want?

I never said I didn't want
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Well put your foot down, say you want to see her and if she says no apply for custody. I don't think getting into a fight cause she's bringing her friends is a good idea. Just go on your own, make your daughter happy and just enjoy your daughters first birthday.

That's exactly what I'm pissed off about. Denise isn't going to let me enjoy it. Period.
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the fact that you're not actually caring that its your daughter's FIRST BIRTHDAY makes you seem like a complete dick, and that the only thing you're caring about on her special day is getting revenge on your ex.

it just doesn't make sense to me.

Nonono. It's not about me getting revenge.

It's about her controlling my life. She already has somewhat. She's going to make ti uncomfortable there. Hell, my mom sure as shit won't talk to me the whole time. The only person there I would be able to talk to would be my dad.

And Denise has a habit of putting Heather off on me. I don't mind one bit. I rarely ever see her. Everytime I try, denise comes up with an excuse, and then when I have something important to do, denise will come over and drop heather off without notice.

I just don't know what to do....
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I got parents. I got 2 kids. Both older than you. You want to make an issue out of a non-issue. The battle your picking isn't worth it. So I'll take my biased opinion and piss off. But I'll leave you with a bit of advice. Grow the fuck up.

There you go. You're not biased.

Now...Denise is inviting people that HATE me. Seriously. Her friends would kill me if they could. She's bringing guy why can't I bring a gal friend? Answer that smart ass. And it's at MY fucking parents house. It's going to be SO uncomfortable there if I go...Ugh! But that's not what I'm worried about.

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Wow, Denise sounds like a bitch. Take Carol and tell Denise that she looks like she's gained a few stone in weight

besides, its your parents house. Not hers, who's she to say who can and cannot come.

My parents like her more than they like me. LOL

I tried that one already. Didn't work.
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Stand Your ****ing Ground!!

Only guy who has really made much sense so far.

To those of you without a parent or w/o kids....piss off. You're biased and opinion won't count.
Carol isn't my girl. She's just a friend, but Denise seems to think that we've been shacking up for some odd reason. I've been friends with Carol for YEARS.

It's the fact of the goddamn matter that Denise thinks she can hold my daughter over my head.


Denise - Ex/daughter's mum
Carol - Friend/has vagina
Heather - My Daughter

Okeh so,

Today is my daughter's birthday. She's 1yo now. My ex, her mom -- Denise, is throwing the party at my parent's house today at 5pm. I get off of work at 4pm today and I was going to head straight over there after I got off work.
I have a friend, named Carol. She's a friend that happens to have a vagina. Denise thinks we are together and all that crap because of it. And Denise is telling me that she doesn't want me to bring Carol to MY daughter's bday party at my parents house. So I told Denise that I'm not going to come if I can't bring Carol.
Denise is throwing a fit about me wanting to bring Carol and told me to not even bother coming. She also said that if I brought Carol, she would throw her head into my parent's fireplace. WTF?
As of right now, Denise is telling me not to come, but I'm SURE that Denise will change her mind. It just irritates me how she thinks she can push me around like this.
SO, I'm only not going at the moment, because of the principle that Denise thinks she can win me over. Fuck that!

What do you guys think? Should I go anyways? Or stand my ground?

Denise has put me through HELL this past year, so it's not like she doesn't deserve it. Not to say my daughter does....butwhat do you guys think?

EDIT:When Denise and I split after Heather was born she got me for child support. No big deal. I got broke quick and has to start selling things to make the payments. I sold my guitarto make one month's payment. Amp and effects pedals the next month. Took out a title loan on my car the third month -- on which I'm still paying off. I missed the next month cuz I just COULD NOT make it, ya know? So she files the paperwork and they start taking the money out of my cheques. I can't afford rent, my bills, or even to feed myself. I'm moving back into my parents house this weekend. Denise bought a Moon Bounce for her bday. SHE'S ONE YEAR OLD!!!! WTF?!?! She wants to see me at that party as one of those sticking-it-to-me moments. That she used MY money to do that party and the moon bounce.
Denise KNOWS that she's the reason I'm hurting so bad. And she KNOWS I don't want to move back into my parents house. She's getting some kind of sick pleasure out of it.....I swear!

That is why I ask....
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Also, save your change. It does save up to something eventually.

I get about 20 dollars a week going around my household picking up change.


I average about $35 every other week.

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I could do that and I'm a photoshop retard. Infact, I don't even have photoshop. Paint.Net all the way!

Exactly why I put it up. I use GIMP. GIMP > Photoshop

This is an easy one....and I'm sure if anyone puts out the effort, many lulz are to be had here.
It's been a while since I've done this and I figured it is long overdue now.

Fourth of matter.

Here's the original. I'll put up a few of mine...

These are pretty terrible...but do better

That is a guy who used to work here with me and he would always walk around making goat noises. Annoying as phuck!

That's why I carry my Bali knife. Fuck that. I would have run away. Fighting goes no you found out last night. Just RUN!

We're already the minority. Whitey's anyways.

White males are at the bottom of the barrel. We have been for DECADES now.
This isn't news. This is common fucking sense!
Why is this just now coming out onto the news? This is ridiculous.....

....Ok...I'm officially irate now. Thanks guys....
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Despite the homosexual undertones, I find Flaming Hot Funyuns to be vastly superior.

My favorite has to be Cheetos puffs, though.

Iceman Edit:
for the guy below me

"onion flavored rings"
it tastes better than it sounds, but not good enough to solicit help from a forum.


I will send them out to you.....
I like the realistic movies that make you think.

Those over-the-top movies royally piss me off.....
Insane - Scars on Broadway

the part at right around 1:43 or so gives me chills every time i hear it.


I've never drank so much as to where I culdn't remember anything.

And I've downed a bottle and a half of SoCo at once....:-/
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wow singlehandedly the stupidest thing ive read. everyone knows girl on top

....most girls i've EVER done anything with liked having the guy on top.

I thought I was the only one who liked the gal on top....
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BLT owns all.


I like puttin weird shit on my sandwiches. Sauerkraut is one of the. Philly bread and shredded parmesan cheese make everything better when it comes to sandwiches.
I like being on the bottom better. But only because nothing turns me on quite like a girl's stomach touching mine. It's kinda hard for me to do that when I'm on top though.

I can go either way.

Exactly this....and I'm on the Blade Forums a lot too....