I've actually tried that particular RG through my 5150 and it doesn't sound good. It's not a very good guitar. That is one problem. I use a little more expensive RG's through the 5150 and it sounds great.

Second, a Maxon 808 would REALLY help. I just got one for my amp and it sounds waaaay better. The Low end just got so much tighter and the mid-range is very defined. If you get a OD you won't need a EQ.

Don't worry about pickups right now, look into guitars and a OD first. Cab's are another story...depending on how much a perfectionist you are on tone.
VHT Oversized cabs are great. Depending on the sound you want, maybe even a orange cab. It gives off immense low end, nice mid range, and makes your high's sound great without stabbing your ears.
Im trying to. There's not much on the internet about making cabs...
Open back has less low end. The closed back keeps the air from just leaving the cab and creates more bass.
Hey guys. I'm going to be building my own cab either at my school's shop or maybe have a shop do it. I have a question about woods. Whats the tonal difference from using stuff like poplar/birch, the amount of plies, and using it on the sides or the front and back?
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I use the 'vintage midboost' setting on my magic stomp which is supposed to be like a vintage tubescreamer and it gives the sound you are looking for with my triple xxx, so I'd say get a Maxon OD808.

I just bought a Maxon 808 today

Sounds freakin' sweet; it tighten my low end so much and expanded my mid-range. I don't think I need the EQ now. Thanks ALOT guys.
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But +1, get an overdrive first, you're going to eventually want one, and it could solve the problem in the first place.

You could cut the bass up and turn the resonance up a tad. WIth an overdrive the bottom end wouldn't be as saggy as well.

Yeah, I'd really like to leave a EQ as a last resort. I'm going to try to OD first.
Would it matter if I got the 808 or 9 for my situation?
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have you tried using the EQ on the amp? or are you already at 10 on the mids?

I've tried a small 6 band, but not from MXR. I'm going to go to a shop this weekend to try some eq pedals on my amp. The MID's at 10 o'clock don't sound the same as if they were pulled back and you have a EQ pedal running through.

I was just asking about the kerry king one because I found one for $70 on craigslist
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eq is the only realistic way to go. sonic maximiser is a good idea too. putting a pedal in front of a 5150 is pretty pointless. they have more than enough o/d distortion, and any pedal will just sound fuzzy with it. you want more mids, not treble, which is all an od pedal will give you. boss ge7 or mxr 10 band eq in the fx loop will sort you out man. might as well not bother if you put it through the front.

Actually I have tried this. It makes your amp feel tighter, while still keeping a nice bottom end. Unfortunately It wasn't my equipment :'(

EDIT: Before I head out I got some questions...

Is there a difference between the regular 10 band mxr and the kerry king sig?

If I have a extra eq, will it substitute the Sonic maximizer (Trying to save money here fellas)?
I wanted to get that nice MID range that you get from ENGL heads (IF that would ever be possible). I wouldn't like to get new pick up's already since I just spent close to $200 on the Dimarzio's. BUT sometime next year I want to get some Lundgren pickups for my other ibanez.

So right now I'm looking at getting a BBE Sonic, a OD(probably a maxon), and a 10 band EQ(mxr). Would it matter in my case to get the 6 or 10 band eq?
So will it really help me define my mids a bit more?

When I was reading reviews, everyone used it as a overdrive.
So at this point im pretty satisfied with my gear, but I really want more mid-range and low end out of my 5150 combo. I think I'll just get a BBE sonic maximizer for the low end, but how can I get more mids? I first thought about using a 10 band eq or something, but will that actually help the mids?

If it matters...My current setup is a basswood ibanez/maple neck with dimarzio tonezone/airnorton pickups. Only a ISP Noise Decimator in between.
Keep your guitar at a tilt, I use a foot stool for that...
Also, Keep your thumb behind your neck. Don't squeeze the neck hard.

Do you play in classical position? some people "try to hard" to play in classical position and end up putting a lot of tension in their body. If your playing in that position and you don't feel comfortable I would look at some other people that play classical guitar to compare yourself.
Antoine Dufour from Candyrat records uses one. He has a signature model, but they only sell them in Europe.
I'm looking for Baritone-Steel string, acoustic guitars. I can't really find any. Do you guys know any company's that sell them in the U.S or Arizona area?
Mako Mak1

If you have the money and wouldn't mind waiting a while for it to be made.
Well I don't mind about the "brown sound".

So the legend v12 would work in the combo?

What other speakers sound familiar?

About the sound...I want a nice tight low end, with nice mids aswell. I want some nice chug basically. If you want band examples, I guess like soilwork, in flames, Scar symmetry.
I just got my Peavey 5150 combo today, it's really awesome. Im in absolute love with it.
Though I thought I could squeeze a little more tone out of it now that I ave some extra cash!

I want to replace the original speaker in it. I want to recreate a small version of the Krank Revolution cab, I know they use legend v12's, but I'm not sure if they make them in the correct ohm's as my combo. I know they make them for 120 watts, my combo is only 60.

Is there any way I can still use legend v12's or would I have to go with another speaker?
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about a year should i just junk it it worked fine and then i played it a wekk or so later and it didnt work

Eh dude. Get a new pedal, those pedals aren't that great anywas. I have one, I throw it around HOPING it breaks.
Guys, thanks for all your help.

I saw a deal on craigslist for a 5150, 450$ with new tubes so I had to score it.

Thanks again.
Then it's probably just burnt out. How long have you had it?
Check for batteries, check if the cable that the batter connects to isn't loose, does the led light work at all?

Are you running batteries or a wall outlet on it?
Hey man, I think you should get a 5150 combo if you don't need to the cleans. I just scored one for 450$ used. I'm probably going to get a ISP Noise decimator and a BBE Sonic Maximizer to just tighten up the sound a bit.
I checked most of these out, but it really comes down to how much I can get these used. How much should I be paying for a 5150,V3,XXX,JCM 900??
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Mesa DC-5.

I kinda hate saying it over and over again, but they're insane.

I've never been recommended this amp. Does it have enough gain for metal? How much is it? Where can I find a clip of it being played with a metal tone?
I've seen the Peavey XXX, but I also heard it sounds like a cheap distortion pedal.
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exactly whats your budget?

Like 900$, but I really would like to spend less to buy some pedals or something.
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JCM 900's are pretty good, i own one. just switch out the speakers and tubes :]

Aren't they pretty expensive?

Switching out the speakers seems like too much of a hassle.
So as I've decided, I'm pretty much done with half stacks...Too noisy and I never go past 12' oclock on the knob.

Naturally I'm searching for a combo now. In mind I had a Peavey 5150, Carvin V3, and Bugera amps. I play mostly progressive stuff, but I do stray off into death metal with my riffs. I don't want to spend more than 900$. I want a nice tight low end, but with lots of punch. I know in flames used them and I'm kinda looking for a similar tone, but I'm not sure if they used any extra pedals, eq's, etc.

What kind of sounds will I get for each amp and how much can I score them used?

Another questions, what kind of TK88's can I put into a peavey 5150, I wasn't sure. Theres quite a few
Ok, so I'm thinking about purchasing this horizon from esp. There are two variations of it. There is the 59/jazz pickup combo, then a Seymour Duncan Custom 5 (bridge) and Jazz (neck) pickup combo. Does anyone have experience with the Custom 5 and Jazz combo? Could I get some metal,progressive and vai tones out of it?
Sounds good. With two overhead mics would my bass sound weaker? because we really want the kick to stand out.

I want to keep it around 500 or less.
I found every time I got a distortion pedal, my sound always sounded the same or crappier with my solid state practice amp. But I saved some cash and bought the "Demonizer" pedal from Damage Control and it REALLY changed my tone, in a good way. None the less, I could never imitate the original sound of my tube amp from my Solid State. But you won't get a nice distortion pedal for a SS unless your willing to save/fork out some cash man.
I was thinking bout' doing some home recording. I own a 07' model HP computer with windows vista and I want to do some recording that. Were going to be recording guitar,drums,bass and some vocals. I don't want a mega studio just something that's exceptional sound quality. What kind of gear would I need, like hardware and software and is it going to work well on my computer? I want some gear thats not too expensive, but I still want some quality in it.

Any help would be appreciated since I'm basically a dummy on home recording and I've read some guides, but they don't do much justice.
ToneZone and paf pro will do find for the kind of stuff you want to do. I just got that set up in my RG series.

If you want a little warmer neck, check out the air norton.

I tried the evolutions, but tonezone and paf pro sounded better with slightly higher distortion values.
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It was "El Chupacabra"

Google it.

Lmao, thats such a great way to blame any animal death on.
This happen to several cats in my neighborhood. I can't blame people with getting fed up with them though, theres ALOT of cats. They leave their **** everywere its horrible.

Still feel bad for you cat though, hope that cat gets better.
Yeah. The prs guitars just look too good. I'd probably keep it in the case for the sakes of not scratching it.
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I'd like to put this:

Onto this:,-Left-Handed~ID~2365.asp

"Cannot be used on a conventional Strat®, body without routing"

Is there any way of finding out if my Strat will have routing? Or will I need to take it to a guitar tech before I buy this Floyd Rose?

Cheers in advance.

This cost alot man and sometimes your guitar usually gets up beaten up pretty badly. Just buy someting that already has a floyd rose.
Should have said so man haha.

I couldn't find audio samples on swineshead. Where are they at?
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Swinesheads. :P

You have them I see. How do they compare to other high output pickups?

For the other dude, you don't quite understand... The INF3/4's just aren't good pickups. I know I can get much better tone from basswood than that.