i have an ibanez rg2ex2 and i have really bad fret buzz on all my strings mostly on the first and second fret and sometimes open notes i put heavy gauge strings on it and before that they didnt buzz much is this a truss rod issue?
jason becker encounters marty friedman
(throws pokeball)
jason becker caught marty friedman
jason becker encounters ALS
ALS uses "haha ur F#cking paralyzed"
it's super effective
Jason Becker is paralyzed
s-g man is rite
this makes me want to punch babies, eat them and throw them up all over this thread
selkies: the endless obsession
6 2
i think
more bands that play in Drop B
(: Plz
what metal sub genre do you think has the weirdest people in it like band members and listeners alike
personally I think Progressive Metal
what do you guys think
Horizons of Chaos I: Oracle of the Onslaught-The Faceless
the fad is trying to play guitar there the people who started when it wasn't a fad and then the people who started because its afad and those ones just play whatevers popular like OMG LOLZ I CAN PLAY IRON MAN AND SMOKE ON TEH WATER
theres so many of those kids at my school i hate them
he was probably a hunter u can get any kind of game animal urine
i think i still have some deer pee
ill save it for some people try to tp my house
MAB obviously

actually it always comes back to gilmour
either way coldplay still sucks and joe satriani doesn't
i have an RG
and HATE not-metal i mean nu-metal
and i love me technique and feeling
did someone say jimmy page
what about yngwie malmsteen
Quote by RobertiusB
I've seen Lil' Wayne do some pretty technical solos tbh.

sigged and yah its hard to compare Bach and Necrophagist
techdeath and classical have some very hard techniques to master
i'd say tie
this band is so amazing Ive recently got into them but like a while ago i heard Fermented Offal Discharge and I have thought about them but I can only listen to them where theres good internet I think I'll buy some of there cds any suggestions?
the best country in the world the USA
please please someone tab this song
if u do ill marry u
they are really horrible people
in the new faceless album said that they suck (:
acdc is NOT metal
butyes Death Magnetic ftl
I didn't know you could get that kind of tone out of a Washburn i always thought they were similar to (insert guitar brand at Walmart or Target)
Planetary Duality (The Faceless)
hes already a millionaire wtf
Why does The Late Show with David Letterman have so much hype and funding while The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson has more good jokes and is completely better
is this just my oppinion
I just think David Letterman is so cheesey
at first i just saw he had a close relationship with a model and i was like k wuts so gay about tha-
then i saw the models name was dan
):....... he likes penis
i saw a stereotypical guy who listens to metal once
he was like 40s had a CC shirt that looked very worn out and he was wearing shorts
but wait i think his wife was pretty bangin
chromatic exercises and sweeps
but i mostly do that ny way
i dont usually play other peoples stuff
but sometimes i do
i work with this kid that he was new and got suspended all the time so he just stopped coming to school
hes like always high but hes so funny
my cousin went to high school with corey bealieau in the next town over from where i live
?? so many people that listen to BFMV listen to COB which by the way is Children Of Bodom

on topic: whoever said the Faceless +1000000000000000
i bought PD
never mind
cept it is too ****ing short
14 y o metal elitist
who likes metalokalypse
i listened to xenochrist and The Ancient Covenant
but it may grow on me there were some aspects i did like though but i thought it was just too fast
i listened to a few songs from PD
idk if i want to buy it
it sounded like there just speeding up everything now and it lost what Akeldama had
i eat seafood
but usually i dont eat meat at all
pestilence-the faceless
the part that goes ravenous animals
i want a rock n roll guitar
dont know who its by but the point of view is a cat singing
i saw this on the front page of UG and i thought id share it with u guys
if i even got into an AP class at all my parents would be like holy ****
and thats passing to