I practice about 4-5 hours a day, sometimes 6...
loll wut?
sorry little fellow... i'm bored to death i was being a jerk... your mommy is not here btw
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Sounds like you (Morbid) are the one who is 8 years old. Don't be so hard on people.

I'm hard enough already... and she likes it hahaha
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Im 13 u ass .

Oh great i'm old enough to be your dad... that's why mommy's here...
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oh ok i was just wondering . No need to say its stupid . SHEESH

You want your mommy don't you?
She's here right now but she's busy
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oh ok i was just wondering . No need to say its stupid . SHEESH

How old are you? 8?
that's the stupidest question I've heard in all my life...
Metal zone? this guy crazy... ****ty ass pedal. Get a EH big muff I've hear they are a lot better for metal, and for shredding distortion a blackstar HT dual, or a valve preamp.
EDIT: also boss pedals are so mediocre, you can get a lot better from EH, Fulltone, keeley ...
And the G2 sucks BIGGG time, i've got the g2.1u but I only use it as anUSB interface.
Sir Adam Loeke you are an idiot!

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Hmm. I don't know how much currency you have but here is my recommendation.
Ibanez tube screamer
RAT distortion
Boss Metal Zone
Dunlop Original Crybaby Wah

Boss Digital Delay pedal
Boss Compressor
Boss Tuner
Boss Chorus

If you are on an extreme low budget and want a cheap solution for cool sounds, the Zoom G2 is alright.
So you think a guitar is all about pickups... why dont o buy a lame ass stagg and put some gibson pickups in it....
How about the wood/neck/electronics/painting?
That's why gibsons are more expensive... not because of 100$ pickups...
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None! there is no band or artist that sounds like Hendrix! lol

He speaks the truth... Check some covers by other bands and that will sound more modern to you.
It should be on the right always... otherwise it kind of kills your distorted signal an the sound loses a lot of quality and tone
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depression doesnt exist..just mental weakness.

How about stupidity... Does that exist? I believe it's exponential among football players... Loser.
Get an education.

Edit: BTW You have low levels of noradrenaline, but it's better to treat the psychological part than to jump into pills
Well it's kind of impossible to play faster with your finger than with a pick. Your alterned picking must be messed up. You can however hit different strings on the same time with more accuracy.
ok...fck it I can't help it:

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Thank you so much for sharing this! I want to apply to berklee as well, but only in 4 years, as soon as I finish my masters in pharmaceutical sciences. Also I had now ideia how the audition was so this was pretty enlightening. I'm from Portugal so I hope I get a scholarship fund somehow. Hope you get into Berklee!

autumn leaves is pretty awesome... at least for guitar... its also ok for walking bassline
Ok my new thread will be:

Hey people I want a new pedal! Check all the brands and tell me the coolest ones cos i'm to lazy to check some reviews of even open the brands sites...
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If you choose "other", then please explain or recommend a pedal. Thanks!

WTF?! are u so lazy u I people to think for you :S Go figure out yourself dumbass
You should buy a new one... that's pretty much the solution
Third Time's a Charm
Good Blues feeling though the sound quality and mastering could be better.

Check out mine:
Yeah the tone sucks because it was recorded in line out! No amps here giving some juice to the sound :X
well you must try harder... either you re out of tune or your bends are messed up... Check out my bands new original and crit it! been playing for 2 year as well
Go for the Cubase SX3

I've recorded my bands new original with it!
Check it out
Use either a small jack adapter to plug your guitar into the sound card or buy a usb interface. I've used my zoom g2.1u as an interface to record my bands latest original:
check it out
Great distortion! Also the riffs are cool.

Check my bands new original!
That sounded great. Also wrote a kind of ballad (hard rock) song, so check it out
Great technique but you should improve your melodic approach

Check out my bands new original:
Great job... loved the keyboards.

Check out my bands new original:
great production... although i'm not a fan of those hip hop beats and keyboards... but the acoustic and voice are really nice

check out my bands new original:
Good riff but the quality of the sound could be better

Check out my band's new original:
I just wrote the new original for my band - REVERSE. Only the guitars and some drum machine drums but its pretty much the basis of the song. It's a hard rock ballad, if you can call it that way.

It's on my profile, please Check it out and tell me what you think and how to improve it (remember that I've only played guitar for about 2 year lol).

Thanks to everyone that listens to it!
in tube amps expensive means good. a 2000$ tube amp is way better that a 500$ like the valveking or any other "cheap" tube amp... Now it also depends on the brand (Marshall is WAY overpriced). tube is always better than solid state, no matter what others say, so go for it (try changing the speaker for a Celestion V30 afterwards), but if you can raise your budget go for something better
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Ibanez Artcore

Already have an ibanez i'm looking for something new. And not so jazzy, it must be applied to rock.