try linking the notes using "link" (keyboard shortcut is "L"). when u do, it should look like a curve line between the notes you linked on the tab sheet. remember to put the link on second bar at same string, next to the note you want it to keep sounding.
u can try it on the pause problem too, switch a pause/break notation with link, or type "L" right on the pause/break notation.
try experimenting with the link tool, i hope u could solve the problems.
I would go with Johny Depp .. if he ever play it.
Must be satch among those, plus Andy Timmons maybe.
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When guys are totally disrespectful to girls (i.e. keep going after them even if they get totally shut down, hold a grudge for being shunned, etc.)

Gets my water boiling.

when gulz do the vise versa (i.e. think how easy they can get laid to another guy)
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Is it just me, or does any1 else here get so angry while learning a new technique or song that they just wanted to toss their guitar out the window?

Quote by zZ I Max I Zz
When you export it as wav you have to play the whole song from start to end. then it works.

yes .. i got that.
i've played the song from start to end. that wasn't it.

i've found the solution. it's my audio property / volume control.
on the recording option | stereo mixer,
i found the check box unselected.

but .. thx anyway max
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Because their new album sucked.

Technical Difficulties - Paul Gilbert

Because you can't play it.

Saviors Never Cry - Harem Scarem

add !!
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Well, are you going to stay on here until the day you die?

Eddie Van Halen
Dream Theater - Systematic Chaos album
I use GP 5.0 with RSE.
i have finished the score(song).
i export it to MIDI files, everything's fine (except the sound quality)

wonderin i would have the RSE sound quality,
so I tried to export my score into wave format.
everythings ok until the file was succesfully exported.
when i try to play it, there is no sound.
i adjust my audio volume, still can't here any.

i use this option below:
VIA AC97 audio (main audio)
quality : 44100, stereo, 16 bit

i would highly appreciate any information you might share.

guitar for me is another mean of communication. there are things that won't go by words.
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Honestly and No Justice are my favorite HS songs

awesome songs.
i love their 2nd album. every songs.
Harem Scarem is a great band.

Have anythin to say 'bout Harem Scarem,
Post here..
Evrythn 'bout Van Halen musics are awesome ..

Sp : Not Enough
Empty Promises - Harem Scarem
Had Enough - Harem Scarem
No Justice - Harem Scarem
If There Was A Time - Harem Scarem
Not Enough - Van Halen
Friends always there when you need 'em..
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Your friend should sell his older brother for guitar money.


Good thread..

I use GP for some times,
I even contribute some work of mine on UG, need some rate/comment, but i think no one have ever checked on them, actually.

If you'd like to rate/comment, please take a look at.

Nice Adam,
Thx a lot.
When composing a new song, what track/instrument you usually start with?
That man is as cool as his hair cut..
Sometime it's a good idea to pull over for a while, brake your passion, do something that could refresh yourself. Let's say, how could we archive something if we're bored of the stuff, we just don't realize that.