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Wanted to know if anyone wanted to track vocals for a Funeral Friend cover I did a while ago, All The Rage:

Send me the track, I'll give the vocals a go.
Sort of a rough demo, I'll admit, It wasn't easy with doubling each rhythm tracks. I noticed after putting the mix on my iPod that the drums were rather low. I'm sad to hear you didn't like my lead tone. I love my lead tone personally. Song was kind of an experiment as I don't usually write that style. I was trying to get a bring me the horizon (Or something like that... As I Lay Dying? I don't really know.) kind of vibe because I figured that's what the boys in Drown Her wanted, apparently not as they kicked me out and started doing brutal breakdown after breakdown.
Thanks for you opinions.
I'll try remixing the whole effin thing. I'm trying new things with mixing and apparently the results aren't picture perfect yet. I'm trying to avoid compressing the shit out of my music aswell because I want a more lively feel.
Bay Harbour

Bay Harbour higher quality

Anyway, here's a little backstory. two years ago I moved to Edmonton, Alberta. My then girlfriend met a person on kijiji we went to hang out one night. I saw they had a guitar, started playing, our new friend said her boyfriend was a guitarist singer, he found some of my demos and added me to his band's myspace. So suddenly I was a guitarist in a screamo band called Drown Her In The Massacre... I started to cowrite songs with Joe, taking it to a more metal direction. Bay Harbour was the last song I wrote in that band before being expelled for being "too metal". Anyway, I hope you like it.

drums programmed by me
all other instruments played by me.
IN my experiences the JJ Eurotubes are sexy... very musical. Softer, but more musical, and better complexity in the mids.
the next note is always followed by the same notes
example... #=Sharp, b= Flat
A string: A, A#/Bb, B, C, C#/Db, E, F, F#/Gb, G, G#/Ab, A
and from there it repeats.
so you can take the E string and know it starts on E and just follow the progression until you're back at E, so on and so forth.
Hey, here's a demo of one of my band's songs.....
sadly I can't sing at all today, but anyway
guitars and vocals all me
drums and bass programmed on FL studio.

Bury You

I hope you enjoy, critique is more than welcome.
As the title says I did a song with a Dance/electronica producer named Ken Waters of Your Addiction.

Anyway, the quality isn't great, as it's a rough mix. The Ken Waters mix should be coming soon.

Without any further waiting here it is.
Ken's Random Song (featuring Dakkstar Darkling)
Nirvana's Nevermind album.. I didn't hear it until about 1998.... I was so stoked about the band and wanted nothing more than them to be the first band I see live, but we all know how that went.

Funny story, before I heard Nevermind.... Foo Fighters The Colour and The Shape was my favourite album. Didn't even know Dave was Nirvana's drummer. DERP
Doesn't sound bad at all. I was thinking of covering this song... I may still do so. Hopefully it'll be up to par like yours
I think this is a very well done cover. I think you clearly have a better grasp on recording than most of the people I've heard on this site. There are things that dock points, and I don't want to talk this above and beyond what it is, but I can see why you're proud. I haven't been able to make a recording this smooth, perhaps a little too "boomy" in certain parts, but yeah that's my main dislike for it.
I really liked it overall, minus the vocalist. I would love to take a stab at the vocals for this song. Sadly I can't play GnR songs on guitar worth shit
Being able to phrase well is more important in my opinion. Sweeping has become overrated and over done in the modern metal world. In my opinion at least, though being able to do it will be able to increase your ability because of the essential skills needed to pull it off. In a way it's a yes and a no... If you're gonna abuse it like everyone else does then spare us, if you're gonna learn to do it soley to increase your ability, then by all means put the effort in.
Thanks man, I appreciate it. I was worried about my vocal performance. I wasn't too pleased with how it turned out, but I'm stoked about how my guitar tones turned out.
White Zombie Cover!

Welcome to Planet M.F.

trying out new things with my mixes I hope it sounds alright.

Equipment used

Gibson Explorer w/Seymour Duncan Alt 8 (Right Speaker)
Charvel/ESP hybrid w Dimarzio Super Distortion (left)
Line 6 Pod X3 live (Both Engl Powerball tones)
BBE Sonic stomp
and some cheap ass mic I have lying around.

Drums and Bass both programmed on Fruity Loops.
they aren't screamo, anyway since people are gonna be pricks about it, I'm probably gonna do Melissa by Mercyful Fate.
so I haven't heard, Would From Autumn to Ashes or Funeral For a Friend count as metal?

Like I said before I believe they are metal, just not in the traditional sense.
So could I do a Funeral For a Friend or From Autumn to Ashes cover? Or is this like "real" metal?

Because in my opinion they are metal bands. If not then I might do a Judas Priest or Death Cover.
hmm seems deadline is up and I haven't even decided on a song..
Is this still open? I want to do a song.
I hope this isn't dead. I was stoked about it. I am even getting a friend to sign up to UG to enter.
no sir I don't like it. Your tone made it unlistenable.
the x3 has an effects loop, put it in there. I used my small clone in the effects loop it works fine and dandy.
I really liked your original lead parts on this track. The tone was great, overall the track sounds very nicely done, but I would have to agree the original solo doesn't follow yours very well..
wanna check out my cover of the same tune?

Leave me a comment please lol.
Good work on getting both guitars. I always figured that was the hard part of GnR is that both guitars though playing basically the same thing, they aren't playing the same thing. The vocals are good, but not quite as Axl as I would like. Overall I really like this 9.5/10
Just for fun.
The vocals are not up to par, I had to sing quietly so not to wake my girlfriend ehehehehe

Angel Blake
Dream Deceiver - Judas Priest.
Not bad. Not my favourite, but not the worst I've heard. 7/10
Yeah, I am definitely not Staley. I get that I sound like Cobain a lot, but I don't hear it.
Thanks for the comment.
Dude, this is deadly. can you send me an MP3 of this?

To test the sounds of my new fake drums,
and to test new leveling and mixing techniques.
What do you think? Tips? Suggestions?
I'd say go with Elixir or Cleartone.... or D'Addario XL's
the gauge is harder to choose, I like custom lights, because i like my high strings to be very bendable and I like the little extra heaviness in the bottom strings.

I say Elixir or Cleartone because they are coated and don't rust and I had my Cleartones on for a half year before one broke, and up until then they didn't lose tone.
I must admit I am right impressed 9.5/10
can be found here. The vocals are disappointing to me.... whiny neighbours keep me from singing properly and loudly.
Poddox.... It works for me.
That's pretty excellent in price. How is it tone wise, is there any way you can characterize it?
I don't like the Krankenstein all that much.
that's weird that it sounds bad for you. I love my X3, it took me two weeks though before I got a tone i remotely liked. I have had it for a year now and I adore it. it was a great purchase. I found that when I run it on an amp without tweaking the outputs it goes bad, really fast. I've been using it for direct recording and basically what I do is change up the "mics" on the cab, and if I have to I turn on the guitar pad in on. It sucks out a lot of the sound for when you're clipping and junk. Just mess with it and you'll figure it out. I almost gave up on mine, but it gets better in time if you're willing to play with it.
Okay here's the thing, I am kind of poor and I need an amp to start playing pro shows, I had to sell of a lot of things to move to a new place.

So I am wondering what are good half stacks for cheap. My dream goal is an Engl Powerball and that is by no means affordable right now, so yeah... any suggestions?

I heard the Ibanez Toneblaster is a good way to go if you can't afford much, but if there any others?
the harmonic minor piano melody didn't work to well. It sounded forced and at some points just not the scale to be using. When the music kicked in, it worked a lot better. Cool vocal melodies. I like the sudden stop with the piano run before the second verse. at 2:56 is where I think the best part of the song kicks in. The vocal melody and the rest of the music fits beautifully and I found that to be most enjoyable. Other than that, it's not really my think. It's well constructed, just not my genre. Reminds me of the Queens of The Stone Age, and I was never really a fan of them. Keep on keeping on.