As it so happens, I'm going through a phase for girls with short hair. Too bad this thread is more about distaste than appreciation. As a side note, your hair is great!
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I feel like 120 days of sodom is a cult book that you should read. Kinda like naked lunch. Haven't read it yet though. Also, could anyone recommend a book by Lovecraft?

This is most strange. I've never been into this thread before - the only reason I'm here today is to ask for a recommendation for a first Lovecraft book. I discover that this is the latest post.
@Ignite and @NothingRocks, thanks! I'll check em out.
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Check the OP. What have you watched?

Ah, cheers

Mostly, I've only seen films:

Ghost in the Shell I and II
Howl's Moving Castle
Princess Mononoke

And only one series; Claymore.

For the most part, I liked all of those.
Anyone know any good must-watch anime lists anywhere? If not, I reckon UG could do one. The reason I ask is because I've barely seen much anime, and I'd like to see more, but have no idea where to start.
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Don't look inside yourself for inspiration. I've tried doing that, and couldn't express anything more interesting than a vague sense of me-ness.

Write lyrics about things that interest you or that you feel strongly about. If you can't think of anything, watch a documentary or read a book or something.

I saw an interview with the sitcom writer Graham Linehan where he said that staring at a blank page will never give you ideas, and instead you should watch and read things and let ideas form in your head until it's almost unbearable to put off writing it any longer. I think that applies to this sort of thing as well.

Thanks man, that makes a lot of sense. It's been a while since I actually sat down to watch a good film/read a good book.
Where do you get inspiration from if your life is completely disinteresting? Serious question.

Enzedit: Just to be clear, I'm not whining about my life, which is otherwise okay. I'm just annoyed that I can't write lyrics which sound 'genuine'. Annoyed is not a very strong word.
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Perfect parody of Aesop? You tool, that's fucking Eyedea.

Foreal though, wasn't able to get into the first Face Candy record and can't really get into this one either. Give me E&A or Oliver Heart over Face Candy any day.

Just that particular track, I meant

I can't listen to too much Face Candy at once, but it's interesting nonetheless.
Any fans of Aesop Rock?

This guy pulls off a perfect parody of Aes' style. No idea if it was intentional, but if it wasn't, I'd be surprised. If you're interested in the group who did it, they are an improvisational jazz/freestyle rap combination. Interesting stuff if you want to check out their other songs.
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Fun stuff. Nice to hear some female vocals.
I'm just worred someone (who matters) discovers my old threads. I was a strange creature when I was 14. And 15. And 16.
Awesome stuff, keep it coming guys

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Really like. Exploring the rest of the band's stuff now.
I'm looking for some new music. Surprising music. Post links!
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New Zealand is pretty cold right now man, I see why you made this thread

Exactly why.

Another one of mine: Imogen Heap - Canvas
I'm looking for songs which "sound cold". Songs which remind you of winter, chilly wastelands, and other such poetic things. I'd say it's a feeling which is hard to communicate through songwriting, which is why I'm so interested.

My contribution: Darkstar - In The Wings
Evil humans, because torture is much more evil than just eating someone because you're a big hungry monster.
You're all sexy men, but I do believe you need more colour.
Had fun on my first visit to the server. Thanks for whitelisting, whoever did it. =)
Har har. It's the animated Starship Troopers TV series.
I would like to join, yesyes. Whitelist. Recently purchased minecraft; I've been using the un-legit version until now.

Username: Ejbkt

Reminded me of this, for some reason.

Here, we give advice to each other in the form of haikus.

Rules: Write a haiku in response to someone's problem, then post your own problem!

Here's one of mine to start us off: I'm starting university this year. Any general advice?
Birds with arms with lightsabers, anyone?
Every time someone complains about or whines about Lady Gaga's antics, she has won. She's the Queen of Trolldom.
This isn't OC, but it must be shared.

For all fans of Aesop Rock: this is a site of his, a blog of sorts. It's got a whole lot of interesting stuff - art, music, and even some new work from Aesop Rock himself. It's run by Aes and friends.
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I never say anything about reposts but:
IT WAS POSTED LAST PAGE! (or possibly this page if you use 40ppp)

Oh. Darn. D:
He assumes even more about males than he does about females. Stereotypes encouraged by people like him are silly.
While we're on the topic, does anyone know a good site for electronic music production?
I'd love to see more films with just...average people. No movie-star makeup perfection. It would be rather refreshing in a way. One does get sick of seeing the same type of faces again and again.
I've got ambition, but not ego.