how do i change the string height on a prs with trem?
yes i thought i would require routing, but then i heard i guy said that they would fit some screw and just wanted to ask=)
how do you precisly attach the kahler KAHLER 2300 tremolo to a flat top.
because if it isn´t that hard im thinkin of putting it on my LP
i tried it but after i tried the pedal the shopkeeper took a new new from the storage room...
Will try to get the money back but.... the shop is quite a long trip from home
So ive been away in á week, and on my trip i bought a EHX METAL MUFF!! That thing was so glorious in the store, so ofcourse i looked forward to try it out but..... the one i got has a very weak volume, even with the vol at full....
and it is friggin anoying that my clean is loud and my dis is very weak...


Im currently going;

Gibson LP/Parker NItefly - Big MUFF - Metal muff - DD6 - Marshall Dsl 401
well.... thats useless
Well.. as far as i know the dimebucker is very bright so i would those a darker sounding pickup.... if you use the dime in bridge a emg, i think will be good at the neck position
hmmm even on full sustain mine sounds clear when i bend
ive been fooled... always thought that a overdrive was distortion
so ive heard of a pedal that make your make your amp sound like it was fully cranked on the volume, when the toneknop on the amp was down... any suggestion??

PS: sorry for the bad english

How versatile is this thing? it looks pretty good

should go from moulting metal to sweet jazz

or is the line 6 dm4 better?

love tone from mesa boogie and these produce them (well... it said so)
you guys are pretty good... thumps up
Bought of the internet... completely as new except that it has changed the PUs
to a seymor duncan hotrails and a joe barden two tone
the only thing that happens is that the bridge goes op and down
thx will try
plz help... should i loosen the spring and lower the stop screw?
i need help on my parker whammy, its in fixed mode and i dont know know how to change it , the manual on the homesite didn´t help at all

plz help me

if you dont know how either plz read the manual and explain it to me

its a nitefly sa
So this is it. the final whice pedal should i put to the metal from me.

So i have a distortion for blues, jazz, and rock

But i want a good pedal for metal

I mostly play things that sound abit like Nevermore, Mastodon, opeth, DT and so on

But also something like Motorhead, blind guardian, Alter bridge and Avantasia

So want i i need is one with chruncy riff sound and a blistering lead sound

It shall not be muddy

And when I play a fast lead it should´t be like fuzzing tooking but every should be heard clean

and should be good for pinched harmonix

And candidad that Ug give is

Ehx Metal Muff
Rocktron Silver Dragon


Ps. Sorry for bad spelling
So this is what i can choose to get

a tottally new boss Comprssor/Sustainer

or a pretty beaten up used(but still working)
Carl Martin Compressor/limiter

Which give the best sustain and smoothest notes?
so i found these awesome pedals made in russia

They sound so awesome, and i want one of the dis Pedal

The problem is i dont know which one

Those are the one i like

Fatal Tube Distortion
Du hast
Freak Guitar (Mattias Eklundh Signature Pedal)

I didn´t make poll because i want you to answer with a reply
So i just got my new parker nitefly.. The thing is just ammazing, sounds beautifull and plays even better, but what i need halp with is the trem bar.
i want to set it up to bend down mode( it is now in fixed) but wont do it before i know how to do it. so plz some help
come on.. please more answer
So im looking for a new Distortion/overdrive pedal.
what i am looking is pedal that can give a classic blues an rock overdrive when you have the gain down and an thick and moulting metal when you turn it up....
so it should be pretty vertical... so here is what my local store recommend

Line 6 Dm4

Mad Professor Mighty Red Distortion

Rocktron Silver Dragon

Fulltone GT-500

so of these i will think the Line 6 is the most Vertical... but what do you think?

PS. I really like Guthrie Govan, Georg Lynch, Steve vai, mark tremonti, Thomas Blug, mastodon and jeff Loomis tones, but also alot more but that was alittle of it.
plz help this song

here is the tab,_mike/chromazone.htm

i simply can find out withs rhytmh its played in... plz help
please write instead of just vote
So ive desided to buy a used guitar and modded alittle bit up.
i love modern sound with higain, but also love the other side around.
it should be vertical but most for Rock, Jazz-fusion, Progressive/instrumental metal
so found these "classic Guitar" used and thought there where to good use

Fender "Big Apple" Double Fat Strat:
+Two Humbuckers (i want to put dimarzio in it)
+Strats is always good to mod
+ that thing really need a new finish
+its a hardtail (i hate FR)
+ looks Rad
- dont know if i will like the sound (i normally play les paul)

maple neck
Alder Body
seymore duncan,59´ og pearly gates plus PUs

Gibson SG limed edition VooDoo
+well its a GIBSON
+looks beautifull
+two humbuckers
-It aint so good for modding
- the neck is a little bit Crooked
-22 fret

Swamp Ash Body
Mahogany neck
Black Magic double-slug 496R/500T PUs


Gibson The Paul
+two humbuckers
+the switsch is moved
+looks Cool
+love LP
-cant mod it beside PU
-already have a LP
-IS it real? i have never heard of it
-22 fret


walnut tree body
Seymor Duncan PUs

PS. if i gonna replace the pu´s i was thinkin of
Dimarzio Breed
Dimarzio Evolution
Fernandes Sustainer

The problem is dont know exatly which one, and which one should be the neck/bridge
so i can either buy the line6 hd 147 amp head with a footswitch(used) ...

or get a podxt(used) and get all the addons and footswitch

i will be playing live and with after the summer so think i will need the amp head
but can i connect it to my marshall dsl-401 and use the combo as a Cabinet?

Genre: Progressive/instrumental/power Metal, rock, Jazz-Fusion
so i used the pickup finder on dimarzio homesite because i wanted new ppickups to my Gibson Les Paul Studio and i came down to these

D Sonic

i play mostly Progressive/instrumental metal and Jazz-fusion but my band want to play ordanery thras/heavy metal so it should also could handle that

PS. its only for the bridge
thx for answer .... but6 plz some more answers
so i think its time to get new pedal... but wanted distortion so was thinkin ehx metal muff... but some say that the podxt have awesome distortion and can also record and have alot of other effect, and i can get et alot cheaper used than the metal muff,
so i looked trough the used gear in denmark and here is what i found on the subject.

Ehx metal muff (most expensive)
Line5 pod2.o(cheapest)

sorry if its you cant understand it but im pretty bad at english
okie dokie
not to sound stupid but..... how do i loose them?
How di you losen up whammy-... i think mine is pretty hard push down
greg howe, bumblefoot
so i hope this is gonna be last thread i make about these. I want a guitar with a fast neck and versatile tone i play rock/Jazz-fusion/metal (not Death metal more like progresive and instrumental metal but if it can handle metal i wont complain)

so this is three finalist

Ibanez Rg560 (used)

+it has a 24 frets wizard neck
+it has dimarzio FRED and Seymor Duncan pickups
+Has a Nice color
-Cant try it before buy
-Bolt- on neck

Ibanez S1540 Prestige Custom Made(used)

+24 frets wizard neck
+Its a custom
+its very light weight
+i can try it out before i buy
-it doesnt have a pretty color
-it have the ibanez stock PU
-the most expensive
-Bolt-on neck

Halo BH (new)

+24 frets neck
+looks sweet
+are played by smotherman
-dont know so much about it
-not original FR
-stock PU

so........ Decide
no i maent 80 shred metal like.... Jason becker. megadeth, iron maiden and dio and stuff like that
its a supertrat and price is the same ca. 800$
so im looking for a new metal/shred/Jazz-fusion guitar and i found these to used guitars

a Ibanez rg560 with dimarzio fred and a seymor duncan pickup

and a gibson U2 from the eighties with a Kent Armstrong pickup

i have a les paul so really love the sound of gibson... but it have a big neck and is not that playable so was looking for a great neck whis one would you think is the best choice?