I haven't seen anyone reporting that problem but the random function from doesn't work anymore.

I thought it would be fixed after a few days but it must have been broken for at least a month now.
I really enjoyed that feature and i'm surprise no one commented about it yet?

Am i the only one with that problem?


Quote by Joshua Garcia
Good to know.

I approved your tab. Cheers!

Thanks for help and approve !
Quote by Joshua Garcia
I don't know anything about chords, but if I had to guess, I would guess because of this.

Pretty much, nobody writes anything above the lyrics on a chords tab except actual chords. Your tab has (Riff) and (Chords) across all of it, so it can't tell chords apart and doesn't recognize any. So I wouldn't add that.

But that's just my opinion, maybe a mod can help you out here.

Yes, you we're right, it's because it have sometime on the same line. I just fixed that, it a bit less clear but i really prefer have chord highlighted ... !

Thanks for your guess !



I've already send a few tab on UG by tab i mean Chords tab and i never had a problem with chords to be highlighted but now on my tab :

Chords highlight doesn't work. I tried to manually do it, it still doesn't work.

Am i missing something? Is it because i've written something close in ''( )''


I'll go for :

Quote by mojomike
doesn't know how to follow a tab </rant>

Don't give up, i get bad rating sometime too for thing really stupid...
I've already get a 1* because i've forgot one track on solo mode in ultimate guitar.

The dude rated one because he wasn't hearing anything...

I alway get 1* rating for people saying '' BAD TUNING ''
They don't seem to realize that note are still good...

Which tab?
Sorry for the PM i had forget about this thread ... !

Here's Because of You from Nickelback :

It got rejected for unknown reason?... Other version are really wrong... And it had some approve on it last time i checked it... !

Thanks !
I do not recommend the KH606... Read review...

Check perhaps this one? Good review on it...

This got a floyd rose and EMG 81TW/89 humbuckers for metal/deathcore. Under 1500$

Hope that help.


Someone correct me if im wrong but just by hear, you need :

-Noise gate
-Good mid
-Not alot of Gain

This is a studio sound... They probably used this... Just plug a distortion pedal and you should be good... No need to get that specific sound except if it's for live or record. If it is for live or record than you should be skilled enough to not ask advice.

Practice you'll find out the tone you want ! Nice song btw !

I can be 100% wrong but that what i would have used.

Hope that help !

Record one instrument at a time. During the intro try to keep your tempo it seem like because there's no drum your unable to play it correctly. Solo riff was really cool. Solo was really good too. Tone was good. Quality could have been better but it was fine for me. For the singer it was a okay perfomance but i guess he's a teen? He should try to be more confident and sing louder then he could have a better voice. Drum was okay sometime a bit off but overall good. For the bass the amp seem to close of your mic we can't hear the bass clearly but playing seem good.

Overall keep it up it was solid i liked it !

In my opinion...

It's just funny to see people and or your friend on this thinking it work... I doesn't work for me at all...

Is it at 440 Hz?...

I don't know your guitar level so don't take it personal...

What are you attempting to play?... Is it really tune in standard or?...

Seriously... I was listening to this as a teenage and i was liking the guitar a lot...!!
So i decide to try play guitar, my brother play drum... Just like that band haha...

(Dime and Vinnie Paul)
*Legal bump ...
Cool... !

I'll just follow the link.


Quote by lockwolf
You need one of these for Midi:

Like mentioned, Midi isn't sound, its data. There are hundreds of synths, instruments and midi instruments that sound way better than whatevers on your keyboard for free or cheap on the internet.

Ooohh ok!
I like my keyboard because it's fast to change tuning between song...
I've saw the cable you've told me on amazon... !

In what am i supposed to plug this?...

Output from keyboard to?...
I just got two line outputs with the M-Audio card (left and right).

I have a few cable that i can plug in my computer, Output from K-Board to Line in from comp but with the sound card im unable to hear it...

I guess it's very easy to fix... (Well i hope... )! But i don't know how...

Thanks a lot again!


I hope this is the good place to write this.
I got an M-Audio Fast Track device.
Exactly this one.

And i have a USB Keyboard.
Casio LK-270
This one.

The MIDI on the keyboard sound way much better in my opinion than the Microsoft GW on guitar pro.

What i want is be able to use the MIDI sound from keyboard, (because it's sound better and i can alternate every tuning easier and fast) while playing guitar trought my M-Audio sound card.

I'll like to be able to play with Guitar Rig or Peavey Revalver in same time then keyboard.

Possible? Probably...

Thanks a lot!

Don't Bother Me - Annihilator
The Silent Divide - Anterior
Sold My Soul - Black Label Society
Stoned and Drunk - Black Label Society
Back With a Vengeance - Devildriver
Cemetary Gate - Pantera
Domination - Pantera
Shattered - Pantera
Dead And Gone - Shadow Falls
Domination - Symphony X

And my favorite one... Zombie Autopilot - Unearth

You got to check this one out... !! I don't really like the song but the solo is awesome!!

This don't worth it at all...

1. RSE isn't really good...
2. Previous tabs that guitar switch for example distortion to clean doesn't work anymore...
3. I didn't find yet how to change guitar on the same guitar line i have to create another track...
4. The drum no longer work in number you got to learn a new system that take at least 3x more of your time...
5. Most of the time note lag, play twice, doesn't play or have problem... !
6. You doesn't have the keyboard board to see note on a keyboard like in GP5...
7. You only have one drum set...
8. You can't remove standard notation or number notation...

If im wrong at some point feel free to correct me...

Otherwise i'll say... Let just wait until there's major update...
Cause for now... I'd rather stay with GP5

This just depend which style you play...

You can't play fast trash metal without a pick...
You can't play Justin King with a pick...

Not the best example... But i do recommend a pick for pinch harmonic...

So what do you play?... After answering this question i'll be able to say if it's unusual.

Go in my profile//contribution total//tabs//

Choose your tabs and click on the u!

It's an edit button...
I've listen to your untitled song...

I think you could add a lead guitar track easily...

Just make sure to have a nice tone, maybe on neck pick up? Would fit in my opinion...

Take your time improvise slowly and repeat the song as many time as necessary... You'll find some pattern you like some you doesn't like and some that you'll to edit... If this is what you want to add as a second instrument for sure.

For the bass line just make it follow your root note and main chord then add variation wherever you can.

For the drum if you're not used to i suggest you write your song on a midi file then add the drum on the midi... Much more easier and after that you can just take your drum on a drum machine and get a good mix with it...

Except that i don't know? I liked your song... Maybe try searching as many genre and new band you can... This alway help being more creative.

Search band with lead guitarist...

Hope that help!

For the song ''More Than A Feeling'' make sure to be on neck pick up for the lead part.

Hope that help !

Zakk Wylde from Black Label Society...
You mean a dead note?

Just type a '' X ''

If you don't mean a dead note... Just... Do everynote from fret 24 to 0 at full speed and should sound close to a pick slide... (You can't do a real pick slide on GP5 just write it )

Hope that help!

Maybe say that making gay mariage legal can altern the real term of marriage.

Everyone could after that change the rule?... That could make marriage available for transexual, object, animal and whatever?... Yes, it's ridiculous. But you have to be for real original marriage term. If they legalise gay, they would maybe legalise something else that is bad and/or worse. You got my point?

Btw i don't care about gay marriage.

Hope that help...

It's not youtube that decide these law...

They are forced to do this.

If your video was delete it's because the original song play in your video. Even if this is a small part it can be deleted.

Doing cover isn't clear... Sometime they accept it and sometime they don't.

Just send it again. You wont have trouble... Trust me...


Reading your post i'll suggest that you like thrash metal?
Take a look at some Pantera's stuff.

Otherwise i can give you a list of band to check.

Annihilator - Don't Bother Me
Black Label Society - Say What You Will
Death Angel - Dethroned
Dokken - Mr.Scary
Dream Theater - Endless Sacrifice
Halford - Made In Hell
Iron Maiden - Hallowed Be Thy Name
Ozzy Osbourne - I don't wanna Stop
Pantera - Cowboys from hell (and every song on this album)
Sepultura - Death Embryonic Cell
Shadows Fall - Dead And Gone
Testament - Practice What You Preach


Hope you like at least one of these song... They are just example...!!

Carry On My Wayward Son


EDIT: What MDP said haha oh and awesome name dude. I am from Quebec and I love the stuff. C'est delicieux!

Haha old nickname... But thanks dude...! Nice to see someone that can't participate to contest too
Hmm... A good thing would probably be to include them in your post?

So people can check them and see if they are able to make a drum on them.

Check out the Jazz Radio?

Search for more... Can have good song and other you doesn't like...

Hope that help... !

Well... ?

It's very repetitive sorry to say that... I would have expected more riff.
The clean guitar at the intro seem a bit out of tune?...
The bass should have played more note.
The solo was ok!

I liked the progressive drum!
Every instrument are sync!

Don't take it personal... You just need to finish the song... Add one or two more riff and that'll be very good

Acting like this is a good way for your request NOT to be done...

Read rules about bumping and double post.

Otherwise, a mod will take care of this i guess...

Well i doesn't see your Gb chord?...

If im at the good time in the video i would rather say it is a Cadd9... Very close to the G chord... You just move two of your finger up a string... Like this...

G -------- Cadd9


So your part would rather be... G - Cadd9 - Em - D

Again it's only if im at the good part of the video... !

Hope that help!

A song from White Stripes...

No need to say that White Stripes ain't a metal band...

Listen to the original than this one...

Why Can't You Be Nicer To Me

Hope you like it... !

Quote by androidkaita
Yeah tuxguitar can read guitarpro files!

Yyyepp Tuxguitar can read guitar pro and even most of the time those who are broken or not working...

I have guitar pro with Tux incase one of them doesn't work...
That was nice bud!

Nice choice of song too... When i saw Guns N' Roses... I immediatly tought i would be Sweet Child, Welcome to The Jungle or Paradise City... That was cool to hear another song...

For the solo it isn't the same as the song but im sure that if we could remove the one from the real song and put yours it would fit perfectly.

I don't like your tone at the beginning of the video... But right after you change of pick up it's really good... !

Overall good job dude! The outro was really cool... !

Keep it up!

The sound was a bit too loud...

Probably the sound the camera recorded... The sound clipped many time during the video...

However, nice playing and nice guitar... !

Like people said above, it isn't at full speed why not trying to alternate picking? You should easily reach the good speed...

Also maybe try to play the chord less rude? Aren't they suppose to be soft?... Haha!

Keep it up!

I don't know if you've find something yet... !

But personally for bass amp... I really like Behringer...

Doesn't cost that much! And have a great sound...

Check it out!

Some software can do it... !

But i don't know any of them that is free... (Maybe there is!)

I use MAGIX Music Maker to slow down song without altering the pitch... (But i don't use this often... So maybe i have so other software that can do it... )

Search on google!

And what's your song btw?

Good luck for your solo and keep it up!