Just as I expected, the consensus seems to be thumbs down.
Don't Tase Me Bro!
Hey I just started reading online about H.P. Lovecraft and his works and they seemed pretty cool, so I wanted to see if this was something I could get into. There seemed like a lot of different works and I was just wondering if someone had a good starting point to recommend to me or if anyone had any favorites books or anything.
Ok, has anyone else done DMT (dimethyltryptamine) or hear of their friends doing it? I know many of you have never heard of it and most of you will never even come accross it in your life. If you have no idea what it is, you owe it to yourself to do a bit of research when you get a chance.

I have done it twice and I highly recommend it for everyone. Very intense but well worth it. I just could not believe I had gone through my whole life never hearing about something that amazing existing. The drug itself is crazy but the part that really intrigues me is how it is found in the pineal gland in many animals and humans and how your brain administers the DMT to itself when you sleep.

A very interesting subject indeed and I recommend everyone to research it, if even just for fun. I am trying to help spread the word a bit about letting people know that this even exists, since I had no idea this ever existed for so long

So has anyone done it/heard about it before?
Lol I love that song. Best part: "I don't chase 'em, I replace 'em. And if I'm caressing 'em, I'm undressing 'em" sooo pimp lol
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is it really necessary to say "my friend" on UG?

I thought the world was above that.

Yeah, that whole "me using my friend" was a joke man. I also hope the world is above using it. At least using it for real.
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I about **** myself at the bass part at the end. Genius.

And yeah, thanks for that advice arsonite. My friend will appreciate this.
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^ Lol shut up

If you play the right song, that is.

Now I would like to propose a question or two. What songs have worked for you guys?/What songs or artists do you recommend to play?

A friend of mine wanted to know...
I'm in college but in middle school my friend had to write a letter to his parents explaining how he put other kid's lives in danger when he did a cartwheel outside. I kid you not. Pretty ridiculous.
For me, the Beatles, hands down. The Stones just aren't my bag, baby. This is all like Mac/PC though, it's all just personal preference.
Gay Fish
The name The Misfits truly died when Danzig left. I have no idea how they kept it going for so long without him. Such garbage imo.
Strawberry Swisher Sweets FTW
**** bro, if you were in Ann Arbor I'd totally want to jam with you. I go to school at U of M.
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wait was that guy with the drill Lee from Tenacious D?!?!?!?!?!?

Yes, yes it was. I am very disappointed in him. That commercial is idiotic. But it must work, if someone is posting a thread and we're all talking about fillet-o-fish.
"Keep Ya Head Up" "Changes" "To Live and Die In L.A." - 2pac
"Straight Outta Compton" "**** Tha Police" - NWA
off the top of my head
So I know I'm not the only one interested in "novelty I.D.'s" here so I thought I'd ask for help. I'm from Michigan and found a site my friend got one off so I'm going to order from that. I was just wondering like what state I should say I'm from and like what to make up for the address and stuff. What did you guys do for your own one?
I've got an extra floor ticket to go see them live in Detroit, MI at the Filmore on May 6th if anyone wants a ticket. PM me for contact info if you want. I'm willing to trade gear/pedals too as barter lol
Ok so here's the deal. I am buying tickets to see Lamb of God on May 6th at the Filmore in Detroit. I found floor tickets for $90 but I can only buy them in pairs. However, I am going by myself (yeah, call me lame I know) but I want to sell the other one so I can buy it cheaper and still go to the floor without throwing away $90. Is anyone interested? Let me know and I can PM you and give you all the information but any takers?
Ha touche man. Well I kinda am referring to his beard in the later days where its way longer and looks cooler. And excuse me for being redundant. I apologize.
I wouldn't care about hair but I'd kill to have a bad ass beard like Scott Ian from Anthrax. That'd be bad ass
Ok so I just have a little playlist right now on my iPod to "set the mood" kind of deal. I've got a couple good songs so far but I consider my playlist to be in the rough draft phase right now. Obviously I've got some Marvin Gaye and some Lionel Richie. I've also got "Take You Down" by Chris Brown and "Freak Me" by Silk, both surprisingly fitting songs. Anyone got any good music to recommend or just have anything to add at all on the subject?

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Requiem for a Dream?

THANK YOU! It's been driving me crazy. Man it was so obvious, I knew that. Now I feel stupid.

And thanks everyone for the other recommendations
Ok so I was wondering what is the name of the song that is always described as "Epic Music." There's one song I have in mind and I'm sure if you heard it you'd recognize it. Can anyone help me? Or does anyone know any good epic songs?
I'm from Midland but I go to college at U of M in Ann Arbor now
Ok so I guess they just released the Xbox avatar things like the Mii's. What I want to know is what famous people have you customized your avatars or your Mii's to look like? I was thinking of making mine Bob Saget.
I've been told I look like a combination of Jason Biggs of American Pie fame and a young Thomas Ian Nicholas (yes he was in American Pie also but I look more like him from when he starred in "Rookie of the Year")

Weird, I know.
Ok so I'm in a joke fight with my friend that always goes on and we just call each other short insults like "**** muncher" or "sheep shagger" or "dick weed" and stuff. Anyone got any good, creative ones for me?
Ok so I just busted out my capo earlier and I was just wondering if anyone has any fun songs they'd recommend me for playing with a capo?
Well I'm a freshman here at U of M and I've got to say this season is a joke. We lost to a MAC team for the first time I think ever last weekend. The Wisconsin game was the only good one thus far. I do hope Penn State keeps it up though, reppin the Big Ten.
I hate USC so I loved it when they got beat (btw, Pete Carroll looks like a less retarded John Kerry). I do like Texas a lot though so as long as it's not USC in the championship I'll be content. It'd be nice to see Penn State in it though.
Personally though, MSU's team is a joke. Javon Ringer is pretty good but the team hasn't had any hard games really and won't till the end of the season, which is why they're ranked so high now. And ****K OSU. Man I hate the buckeyes.
Overall, I haven't enjoyed this season that much, probably due to Michigan's performances but whatever. Hopefully RichRod can pull something together and they'll be sick in a few years.
Jason Biggs but I've already been told that. But also Luke Wilson and David Schwimmer, random I know. And some random black guy I'd never heard of but I don't exactly have such a dark complexion...whatever though
Between the Dick and Me (Between the Buried and Me)
Dick in Chains (Alice in Chains)
The Bloodhound Dick (Bloodhound Gang)
Blue Dick Cult or Blue Oyster Dick (Blue Oyster Cult)
Dick No More (Faith No More)
Jane's Dick (Jane's Addiction)
Smashing Dicks (Smashing Pumpkins)
Dick Garden (Soundgarden)

I'm done. Anyone else?
Dick of God (Lamb of God)
Yup. And on the show George Carlin did some of the voices. Crazy isn't it?
I learned to read thanks to Ringo Starr. Anyone else grow up reading the Thomas the Tank Engine books with the tapes that went along with it that Ringo voiced? God I loved that.
Cliffs of Dover for sure. Less people know it and so many will hear it for the first time and if you play it well you'll melt their faces. But then there will be the ones who say "DUDE I GOT 5 STARS ON THAT IN GUITAR HERO!!!!1!!1!! I LOVE THAT SONG!!!!" and I can't stand that but ehh whatever. Cliffs of Dover imo tho
Ok so I posted an add before but I think I just had bad timing when posting it.

I am a freshman at U of M in Ann Arbor and am looking to start a band. I just want something to do so I'm open for whatever direction we can take it. I'm into more metal but I like lots of genres.

I play guitar but would probably want the rhythm role and so I'm looking for anyone interested in a 2nd Guitarist, Bassist, Drummer and Singer. So if you are in the Ann Arbor area or optimally a student here at U of M and want to jam or start a band please contact me. PM me and I can give you more contact info (sorry, I don't want to post here not to be spammed).