I have the vid!!

I'm with nexium.

EDIT: Found more pics..

Why isn't this thread banned already?!
Happens to me ALL the time! I get bored of girls real quick. Like 2-3 days quick...
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reelin in the years- Steely Dan

YES!!! Someone else that knows an AWSOME band!!!
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You are soooo begging to be sigged Tut tut.

I just agreed with him. Scorpions aren't recognised enough these days.

I wasn't asking to be sigged, pfft...
have a tall glass of shut the hell up,MoleMania?? Copying others ideas... TUT TUT
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okay mr.garrison


Sex Drugs and rock n roll"
itunes, winamp etc.
Quiet hippy...
Oh I see. Look for AVI joiner download on google. Also, you could use something basic like windows movie maker.
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it only says windows movie in the properties box

I'm guessing that the file is around 700 mb?
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You know that like...weed is lit on fire anyway right?

Why would you waste perfectly good glue which could be huffed?

Wait your "friend" is the one that is growing weed right...?
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I see what you did there....

It's not nice to lead your mum into buying a car which is worse

Just tell her to buy a VW gold or a peugeot 206...
I mean I might as well make a group for the Fiat 500 lovers, there's that many fans of it. It's like the skoda, used to be ****, but now are amazing!
Oh man, my mum bought the Fiat 500, and DAMN is it an amzing car?! I'd reccomend EVERYONE to gettheir mum to buy one.
Dang this all your gear?
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Was that pun intended?

What the gay meaning of ac/dc?
The real question is: Do girls watch porn?
You dunno what you're fighting for.
Nah... Maybe only on a one night stand.
Zakk Wylde, Farewell Ballad.
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why cause ive tried it and my opinoin was that it was total ****ing ****,i might as well drink my ass off...

Did the effetcs not work? You need to use something more efficient like a pipe or bong.
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why not just go for weed then that fake pussy ****...

Total tool detected... Why don't you read up on about it before you call it pussy shit?
Okay, I won't do it. I wanna try Salvia soon though.
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I've done three days, no problem. The only thing I got was a short temper.

Did you hallucinate?
Really, the only drug I want to take at 14 is only cannabis. So no speed. Unless it comes by me cheap :P:
Damn... I might try this on friday instead. The few days I will be busy and VERY tired from Karate.
No bands I know atm wil get big.
I'm gonna be trying to stay awakr for around 3 days starting from today. Yesterday I got to sleep around 4 o clock and I woke at around 11. I'm gonna try and hallucinate

So what are your stories of staying awake?