I am looking for an acoustic guitar, that looks cool, and sounds good playing a variety of different types of music. I also need it to have an output jack to plug into an amp. I would also like for it to have a cut away neck like on an electric so that i can play really high notes. I like Epiphones, Gibsons, and Martins, but i am open to any new ideas. my price range is from around 400-600 dollars. Any suggestions would be helpful!
I have not found any reasons why these two guitar's are 100 dollars different in price. What is the difference between the two besides color? Here they are:
I am looking for a descent guitar strap for a reasonable price. The problem with the one I have it that the guitar always falls of of it while I play. I need one that holds the guitar up very well. If you have any suggestions on brands, or a certain type to buy please tell me. Thank you
I live in Madagascar where nice guitars are not available. So am hoping to order it online, and have some friends bring it over. My Price range in from 400-500 dollars. I would like a guitar that sounds good with pretty much any style, but I like mostly rock. Here are some of the guitars that I have been looking at:

I will be very happy to hear what any one has to say.