Anyone know what tuning Intronaut use? especially on their new album
here's a clip/excerpt of keep your eyes peeled

It's fantastic
This is so surreal. How did this even happen?
When I see parents feeding their babies and toddlers Coke from a baby bottle.
I remember seeing his username, probably from when I was lurking. RIP.
I remember you! I don't think we ever interacted but I remember your cat avatar well.
Played a 7-string for the first time today, it was pretty fun! the neck was rather odd though, the extra string made the neck a lot wider than what I'm used to.
Oh and played it through a Single Rectifier, first time I've ever played a Mesa and the tone was ridiculously good.
Not gonna lie, Demoniac are probably the worst band ever to come from New zealan, and way worse than anyone from Australia too. I've had bowel movements that sounded better than them, don't play them in any situation ever
Well at least I now know where not to get a guitar from
The remix album will be hilarious, I'm sure they'll find ways to make it sound even more stupid and outdated
Oh wow these guys are really good. I was expecting it to ne badly produced two-chord stuff from the name but they're great
I pretty much hate everything Exodus have done apart from BBB but I saw them at a festival in the summer and there was a circle pit that was larger than the stage which was pretty cool
I'll probably follow back...
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Orgasms are all based in different areas for women. You can get an orgasm from your nipples alone.

The fabled 'full body' orgasm is possible, but not by conventional methods.

Out of curiosity, how is it done then?
I really hope this doesn't count as advertising but if you're interested in male fashion then is pretty good. It offers a lot of great, if rather conservative tips for dressing and they have a pretty good bi-weekly ebay roundup.
No-one even thinks I listen to Metal to be honest.
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Message him back telling him that.

I will, once he inevitably calls me gay for sending him a love heart...
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I really thought he was a troll before.

Maybe he's just really thick.

He also has a shirtless profile picture. Saucy!
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I don't know if it's been mentioned yet but the new Gorgasm might be my pick for greatest of all time. It's just too fucking perfect and has everything I love in my death metal in precisely the right amounts.

The only thing they've recorded that I've listened to is Stabwound Intercourse, but that was awesome. I'll check out their new album soon.
ahahaha some guy from the 5FDP thread(I think his name is ethansj1 or something) sent me a private message saying "john i will kill you if i ever get close enough" because I made a joke about them being awful. Totally brightened my day.
More like Five Finger Shit Punch ololololol
The new Negative Plane album is awesome!
I just saw a post on Nevermore's facebook page saying that they have cancelled all North American tour dates, and that there will be some sort of official statement shortly. I guess this'll probably affect their Europe dates too.
I hope this question isn't too vague but could someone direct me to some good albums/e.p's/demo's or whatever released this year? I haven't heard many new releases and would like to catch up. That is, if there IS anything notable that's popped up in the last three months.
I knew this one boy, and no word of a lie in year 11(age 16) he could not do 18 minus 18!

He also asked me once, after a philosophy lesson if I wanted to go to a black church and spray "******s go home" on the wall. I declined.

I also knew this other guy who was convinced pimps have sex with children, despite all proof that he was a moron.
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Chuck Schuldiner literally sounded like Mr.Slave from South Park. Listen to the intro here. Its actually uncanny!

Jesuth Chrith!

He has the campest voice ever, it shocked me when I first heard him speak.
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Hell yeah, actually the reason I am binging on it is because I reminded myself about it in the process of replying to your message haha.

I think it's an alright name though, unless you use a schoolboy sense of humour to assume the word means something else entirely

The name isn't THAT bad, it's not like Bastardator or anything. Though unlike Bastardator these guys aren't shit.
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Yawn. I await the day when I see an actual woman giving evidence to riding one of these anus lads. Just because the last Profanatica album was boring as fuck, ye feel the need to post here. I advise anyone to watch Conservationist's threads get shot down on the NWN! forums, much more entertaining. Anus - go talk to some women, you guys need it badly.

Other than that, internet supremacy 4 lyf! Give me a fucking break. Leave the house for once, mongos.

NWN! forums? What are these?
I'm definately going, I can't wait.
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There's a lot of idiots.

Regardless, new Wayne's World:

That was hilarious. "I'd Mila her Kunis"
I'd watch the superbowl but over here it's on at midnight and it's just too much effort at that point.
He seemed so healthy when I saw him live in the summer, it's just really shocking to find that he's dead. And ctfod, a good place to start would be Still Got The Blues for his more bluesy work and Wild Frontier for his more rock-based work.
I saw him last summer and he seemed really healthy, I'm in shock.
Maybe he posted in the wrong thread or had an aneurysm.
This is great, it makes so much sense.
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You guys would probably like this album:

It's a "hidden gem" from Norway. The band is called Disgusting. They play a bizarre brand of Death Metal, perhaps comparable to Cadaver.

This is really good! The drum production struck me as the most odd thing about it, the bass drums are huge, muffled and overpowering, but I think it suits the recording perfectly.
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I've never heard much Doors stuff, that was amazing.