The guitar interplay on King Crimson's "Discipline" is pretty phenomenal and very melodic:

The whole "Discipline" album is a masterpiece!
First of all, I enjoyed this song!

Quote by GuitarPr0n
i thought it would be a good idea to introduce a stronger bass line imo.
Yeah, I thought that, too. Just let the bass be a bit louder in the mix (fortissimo instead of forte) and maybe add more to it than what you have now.

I really like the way the drums and bass enter (bar 40/41). The open hi-hat in the first part is a bit too heavy for my taste, I'd prefer a more relaxed closed hi-hat (with fills) or a ride like in the calm part.
Guitar II adds a nice layer to the first part.
Guitar-wise, the heavy part is great, too, but the drums and bass could be much more interesting I think - a bit more variation would be nice.
The calm part is nice, but I think it's a bit too long - I'd bring the bass in at bar 97.
I like the bass line and the accompanying guitar parts. Again, I think a more varied drum pattern would fit better, maybe a beat that follows the bass line.
Good return to the first part then.
I have the same points of criticism for the heavier part then.

Overall, I think it's a good, not too complex song but you could definately get more out of it for sure.
And I'm very glad you didn't consider adding a cheesy shred solo - god that would have been awful
interesting piece of music!

intro: i liked the odd drum beat, the chords and the simple but fitting bass.
chorus: the part when the lead guitar starts is very good, the transition back to the verse even more.
funky part: it would be better if you add a short break with just the lead guitar remaining or something like that. otherwise i think it's a bit odd

i liked it! would be interesting to see how it turns out when it's finished.
Why do I need to have a chorus?
Hm...I don't know, I can't find any note that sounds bad or off in the solo so I don't really get why it doesn't match. Could you explain that to me?
Cool that you liked the bass and thanks for the crit =)
the intro is not my cup of tea, but it works pretty well for opening to the verse.

verse sounds really cool, but i think it would be better if the last note would not ring.
actually, you did it much better in the second verse with the fade-in note in bar 25.

i didn't really like the chorus, but i can't really describe why - the clean guitar if nice though.
Thank you, glad you liked it!
Hm, I tried changing the note you mentioned, but for me, it doesn't sound better at all...but I have to say it's my first written solo and I'm not concerned about scales at all, so it's maybe kind of weird
Yeah, finally some real jazz on here =)
I liked it, though I have to admit that the drum intro is a bit too much like "Take Five"
I would love to hear how it turns out when it's finished!
um i don't know what kind of funk you listen to, but this song is definately not funky.
that's all i can crit about it...
Quote by Progbass92
Do you care to elaborate? Tell me what's wrong at least.

i think he means that it's just too much stuff going on - one part like that would be ok, but for a whole song, it's definately too much. too many notes and too many instruments who overplay. try to let ring notes a bit or just mix the whole song up a bit with some breakdowns, a more laid back part or whatever you can think of.

plus i can't really find any jazz besides some parts on the acoustic...for me, it's metal with some jazz scales in it - no problem with that, i just expected the contrary
and it's actually impossible to play this song. maybe next time you should try to write a song that can be performed live by a band...
Ok, this is a rather odd piece of music build-up by 3 big parts.
The first part is highly influenced by the drone band "Earth". The second one is more progressive sounding, and the last one is mainly driven by the bass groove, I think.
I thought it was like 8 minutes long, but it somehow turned out to be almost 13 minutes long and has no real chorus

I hope you'll like it!
I somehow accidently found this song and did not plan to comment on it, since I barely like that kind of progressive metal or whatever it is^^
But I did like it so I just had to throw my two cents in =)

This Verse 2 riff is just awsome, very Opeth/Meshuggah feel to it!
Only point I didn't like was the solo, but thats just my taste i guess^^
Oh and I think that you used the drums in a very fitting way, no need to change here at all.
Keep it up!
wow, first of all i really like it!
(oh and i just recognized that you're gerbs xD
cool to hear a song from you!)

ok, then ill do a big crit for you

intro: i really like it, needs no change at all. i like that you made some picking variations here.

kick in: i think it would be nice if the synth part were a bit louder, but other than that, its perfect - especially the drums are awesome! now i can see what you meant with "add a few ghost notes to the drums"
lead adds a nice color to the part, too. i think it would sound better without the vibrato though...

drum bit: i think the transition would be better if the guitars and bass would play the root note C in bar 25, just that it doesnt cut away everything but the drums and the voice.

guitars in: another perfect transition, nothing more to add^^

t: for me, the 12th fret on the bass played for the whole bar would sound better.

guitar riff: yeah, this riff is really opeth-style, i like it the drums are a bit too heavy for this part, i think a bit less bass drum would be it. while the open hi-hat was great, the crash was a bit too much...the bass in this part it very nice by the way.

solo: nothing to crit here, very good solo - very cool thing you did with the ghosts notes, sounds really natural!

so i hope it helps you^^
im excited how it will sound in the end
i'll give you an overall rating when its finished, ok?

edit: its really not repetetive xD
sounds very good - i think you should start playing an instrument!
first of all, thank you very much, especially gerbs for taking so much time to make a crit! i really appreciate that, glad you liked it

I feel that this part doesn't work all that well in going into the heavy part.
yeah i dont like that part either. i think im going to try a few different things there...i think it changes the mood too fast =/

concerning the ride thing: hm yeah, i thought of that as well, but for me, hi-hat wouldn't fit to the i just went for ride
and i will try some ghost notes for the drums, as well. thanks for the suggestion!

it lets you judge the emotion of the song a lot better.
just listen, entranced
wow, you obviously got it perfectly

oh and cool that you pointed out the bass, as well! it really drives the song for me =)
With my newest piece, I tried to write a real Post-rock song, because I fell in love with this type of music recently.
The main bass line was influenced by Mogwai, because I saw them last year in Munich and started writing a few days later. I dont think it's very close, tough

So I hope you'll like it!
Constructive criticism would be great as usual, but please dont say "it's repetetive", because I already know that
Again, I'm not very happy with my "Transitions", so suggestions concering that would be great, too!
sorry man, I phrased that way wrong. I meant that it was too long as in way too repetitive like gonzaw said. I was getting really bored of the same stuff over and over again with little variation.

don't get me wrong, it was a good song, but just not enough to keep it interesting.

and I forgot a couple? I know I listened to all of them. I guess I just forgot to crit your guys'. they'll be up in a second.

ok, now that's something i can live with. it was intended to be in a post-rock style and that's why it is repetetive...all opinion i guess
Just to make one clarification, I took points off here cause this song was just way too long man. And I can’t give you an awesome score because of that.

wtf? you give me less points just because it's long?! thats really odd...i did not force it to be that long, you know. i thought it was 7, maybe 8 minutes long, but yeah, it turned out what? you judge songs by its lenght?!

dont get me wrong, im open to constructive criticism, but sayin "its too long" does not help me in any way
it just leaves the impression that you're not open minded enough to take time and listen to a 10min+ song...
wow, that came totally unexpected! thank you so much =)

yeah i know it's very repetetive, it was my approach to write a post-rock style song, so it's meant to be that way.
also much kudos to you for respecting my view of music. i dont know shit about theory, so soloing just isn't my thing.
for me, my music is driven by other things.

actually i find it very impressive that you noticed the opeth/porcupine tree reference in the outro!
that was - to be honest - exactly the plan i had

again thank you so much!
take your time, no need to rush it
wow, that was very good!
definately the best song i heard on UG so far!
please forget what i posted above, here is my song for the competition!
@BC_Warlock: you have to put them into a .zip-file, then it should work!
perfect! thank you, icronic!
so now im in, too!

i hope i can finish 'till november 1st...
i mean do i have any chance with a song without a solo?
why does it have to contain a solo?
i mean, andy mckee's "drifting" doesn't contain a solo and it would be just totally out of place...
stange rules...i mean often a solo just doesn't fit...
ok, you got a nice start here, the acoustic riff is really interesting!
but i think it's still in its infancy, you definately can make much more out of it!
the drums seemed pretty standard (and not that fitting) and the bass could do much more than just the root, too. the strings would be better if you'd put them in much later, at the beginning it's a little bit too much...

overall: keep on writing new parts and elaborating the parts you already have! but you do have a good start!

if you want to crit one of my songs: 'Vacante' would be nice!
i liked it. you've put in some nice tempo changes and stuff like that. i agree that some parts are a bit too long, a bit more variation would be better! but the acoustic intro was not too long, i thought it was exactly right...
the 'go mental'-part did nothing for me, its just the E-string (or D#-string in this case^^), so that is a bit boring...but maybe thats just me
oh and i really liked the rhythm section in the main riff, especially the drums are well done!

so, yeah, being a first attempt, this is really good!
first of all, thank you very much! i don't know anybody who likes my music (they're all like: "gay" within the first 10 seconds^^) or even gives it a listen (despite my parents ), so some detailed crits are very helpful!

reminds me of Days Of The New
what's that? xD

The bass fits really well here
ah, ok, nice! i always thought the bass was not that good in that part of the song...good to hear you think it fits!

Perhaps you could mix up the drums a bit sometimes? Like, do a fill and lock it in with the bass.
personally, i like constant drum patterns for every part of a song, but i can see what you mean. i tend to write rather similar drums...i will definately try out some other things!

I don't particularly like the chord that the guitar comes in with after a while.
i needed a transition from G to B, and that's my result xD as i said above, my transitions are rather bad...but i don't know how to improve that =/

again, thanks!
wow, i really didn't expect that! very nice mellow acoustic thing!

1. i think both are possible and sound good, but i tend to like the slower version more.
but i would decide that when its finished...

2. hell yeah! you just got a nice start, just keep playing and writing!

3. hm, you just wrote for 2 days, so im sure some more parts will appear the following days and weeks
but please keep the ending! it's fitting perfectly! it would be nice if you start with this part and end with it, but in the middle something new...i hope you know what i mean^^
this song is, again, very opeth-inspired (like the one in my signature), and i wanted it to have a good climax, because there is usually a lack of climaxes in my songs...

i got a first idea and it kind of grew from that point, so i got 3 different main ideas.
my question is: is it too much? should i split it into at least 2 songs?
my transitions are not that good, so it was very hard to put it all together...

i tried to fill in some notes, i hope it helps to describe the song at least a bit

C4C, of course!

(oh, and sorry for my bad english)
thanks for the kind words and especially the suggestions! yeah, i also think a solo would be nice, but im not skilled at all, soloing has always been my most weak part...but i will try to add one!

weird pauses that kind of disrupt the flow that's trying to form
could you please exlain that? i don't know which part of the intro you mean...

i don't really know if its going to have vocals or not...personally, im not able to write lyrics and i unfortunately don't know anybody who can. so i end up having no other chance than recording it as an instrumental^^
oh wow! i don't know why, but i listened to it today and didn't really get into it at all.
so now i listened to it very carefully and i think its amazingly composed!

i really like the build-up from the intro to the verse, the vocals act very good with the guitar slide melody (10). then, the chorus: now i don't want to know who you came up with this strange riff very nice, though the drums are a bit "over the point", especially in the interlude...but thats just me^^
i also especially like the bass, i think it would be better even if it was less distant in the whole mix. the ska-part made me smile, it was so unexpected!
the outro is very good, too.

(if i look at your variations in verse and chorus, i understand what you meant with my song)

overall, a very creative song, not for everybody, but if you listen carefully, you can explore some great melodies and rhythms! im impressed =)
do you want it to be more funky or rock style?

in case you want it to be more funky: try to put some more variations to the funky guitar, like some slides or wah-wah. i think it would also be good to play less notes sometimes.
in addition, the main riff sounds much better if you mute the first guitar or change it to a clean sound. i think you will hear the effect

overall, this sounds really nice, you have the foundation of a very good song!
first of all, this song was pretty impressive!
especially the "VII: Otherside" part contains everything i love in prog music: an awesome bassline, perfectly fitting drums and rather strange guitar riffs! I also like how you work with dissonant chords!

but i also think the basslines could be more complex (besides the part mentioned above) and in my opinion the transition from part 8 to 9 doesn't flow very well...

overall a very good song! keep it up!

Edit: i forgot to mention that the piano solo was very good, too.
thanks, glad you liked it!
yes of course i can play it (besides the drums), it's not that hard...i would never write a song im not able to play, i think that would be rather stupid

yeah i just started recording, hope i can recreate those little soundscapes

Edit: thanks, of course i will give a listen!
this song makes me smile, seems like you had fun playing and recording it
i think its pretty good, even if it was rather spontaneous!
i really liked the part around minute 2:00 and the acoustic breakdown/outro is very well composed, too!

oh yeah, and i also think the whole mix could be a bit better, but that was mentioned above...
I just decided to show you one of my songs.
I don't really know what to think of it...
Constructive criticism would be very nice!
I hope you like it!

but its an awsome tool, so get yourself a full version