Plenty of shitheads like this bloke around in all industries all the time. TGP should be ****ing over the moon that there are people around making sure they aren't being ripped off.

I know people in my industry who pay for products and get completely different (much shittier) ones and don't know about it and never will. Right up until they product fails and they have no warranty, no one to call and they have to pay double to get a replacement.

**** this guy, he was taking people's hard earned without doing any hard work himself. Suck it. Dude isn't sorry he did it, he is sorry he got caught.
Timmy, i want to buy a new bike cause mine is an absolute piece of shit and i'm sick of popping tubes and having no gears.

Mind helping me find a nice one (second hand maybe) for around $400-500?
What is going on with this BBE Vertex thing?

Did this guy go one step further than everyone else and literally just goop the unmodded pedal?

Best. Business. Ever.
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lost my job because i went on holidays HOW COOL IS THAT!

pretty sure that is against the law. you weren't a casual were you? if not i would be starting the process with some kind of workplace dispute.

What happened? I know someone who has worked in unions all her life and she might be able to give some advice on where you should go to file a dispute.

If you have my number just message me and maybe keep the details off the internet.
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So, long term, what inverter should I be looking at? What's a good one that doesn't need to have the grid live to function?

i would wait a bit for the good manufacturers to release their self use products. SMA will be releasing one at some point and ABB is releasing one called the REACT.$file/REACT-3.6-4.6_BCD.00386_EN.pdf

In built batteries and smart functions like being able to control loads depending on PV power using in built relays.

Means that when you come off your feed in tariff, the most you get from your system is by using the power you generate yourself so this helps with that.

Plus because of the batteries it does not need the grid to supply loads because you will have the battery backup to smooth out the supply from the PV. Not a huge battery bank available though but it sounds like your house load is pretty small.
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Its not so much the wind, its the dirt and the sand that's in the wind.
Its like taking a belt sander to your windshield. Ok maybe not that severe, but you get the idea.
There's a dry lake bed across the highway and sand everywhere.
And we have I think 5 acres here so space isn't really an issue.

That is a tough one. Constant sand could ruin just about anything i reckon so i have no idea. You would need to give them a wipe down pretty often too if that is the case.
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I've given some thought about going solar (not that I can afford it ATM. but maybe someday).
What about durability in windy areas?
Keep in mind, that around here, if you leave your car parked out in the open or not in an area that is blocked by the wind, there is a good chance that you will have to replace your car's windshield every 5 years.
We have maybe 2 days out of the month where there is no wind.
Normally, we get wind for about 12 hours most days.
And I'm talking 30mph+ most of the time.
Going for wind power has also occurred to me.

I would say the glass on PV panels is MUCH stronger than windshields. I have seen SUVs parked on top of panels and they don't break. That being said the cells on the inside were probably broken with micro cracks.

Plenty of systems in Australia rated for cyclone (hurricane) winds so that shouldn't be an issue either if you are using the right gear. We have some racking systems tested in wind tunnels over here to be allowed to be installed in those areas.

If it is that windy and you have space then wind could definitely be a good option but they tend to need to be pretty big and you need more than just roof space for it.
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The only thing written on it is Sunteams Grid Inverter.

technical term of that inverter is piece of junk. I would be checking it pretty often to make sure it is still working. The fact it has lasted this long for you is the real surprise.
What kind of inverter do you have? The company might have an add on module to run without grid. If it is an SMA you can get the Sunny Island which is a great product but pretty expensive. Also lets you add batteries in the future when they get cheaper.
nope. If you have a generator you might be able to but the issue you have with that is that if yours load is smaller than your generation from the PV you can backfeed into the generator which i'm pretty sure can lead to damage.

The other issue you have is that typically inverters use a method to check the grid is present by injecting reactive current into the grid every second. If there grid connection the frequency should stay stable and if there isn't then the frequency shifts and the inverter disconnects. Basically checking impedance from the grid. Sometimes this kicks in with small generators which don't have enough impedance.

Typically though, inverters don't work without grid voltage because they are just a current source and actually use the grid voltage to drive a PWM gate. no voltage means no drive.
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Was just ****ing with you, man. One of the reasons I installed a PV array was in case the grid ever failed too. At least I'll have power during the day.

No you won't. You inverter is likely a grid connect and if there is no grid then it doesn't work. Stand alone systems capable of working without the grid tend to be crazy expensive because they normally include batteries.

EDIT: Honestly there are fantastic products out there and if they are installed properly will hold up for a long time. Plenty of panels and racking systems out there rated for cyclones in Australia (same thing but different word for hurricanes).

There is plenty of junk out there too though.

That being said, freak weather events are unavoidable and that is why we have insurance.

Still even though i studied and have worked in the industry for the past 8 years, i find it amazing that we can have actual power plants on our roof.
People on the old feed in tariff are laughing all the way to the bank. The government thought they would need to give alot for people to take up solar. They were wrong. The thing bout Germany is that their transmission infrastructure was aging and so they could either spend billions upon billions to upgrade it and burn more fuel to transmit through the lines as demand increases or just have generators close to demand (basically solar on roof) so the demand on the transmission is much lower which in turn means less money spent on infrastructure upgrades all the while reducing emissions.

They could be the devil.
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Yea, that's another thing against power electronics. Though pretty much all of the big companies here are loaded with guys who have been in the business for decades and are stuck in the 70s/80s.

What I don't understand about PV is that there are so many people here in the States who are just 100% against it for no apparent reason whatsoever.

As in regular people are just plain against it? That is pretty weird.

Plenty of people here are against it but that's pretty much because they have vested interest in coal/ coal power plants / transmission line upgrades etc.

Actually our prime minister seems to be against it for no apparent reason. he is weird as hell though.
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I dunno about Porsches. They're cool, but they're also a dime a dozen here and they look kind of bland in comparison to other cars in their price range. Like the Jag F-type. ****ing beautiful car. Heavy little bugger, but beautiful, and it's got a guttural roar like nothing else under $100k, save for maybe one of the last gen Z06s.

And PV is fun, but the politics and woo that go along with it here in the States is kind of obnoxious. Don't think I could ever do it seriously. EVs were that way, but it's less obnoxious these days.

As for recognition, yea, I'm planning on going all out right out of grad school, though I really want to be able to scale back and just do research after 40 or 50. Maybe even get a professorship at a decent school. But where exactly I work right out of school is gonna depend on what I specialize in. Microelectronics is the highest paying right out of school, but power electronics is a bit more fun so far. Dunno. I've got to decide by the end of the fall semester.

Power electronics man. get those dinosaurs who do it now out of here.

PV is just a massive political mess. It is almost close enough right now to compete with coal without any government help. I find the biggest barrier in Australia is the distribution networks who think the only way to make electricity is with a big spinning turbine.
Better to work hard in a place which will get you recognition while you are young and still can be bothered which can then help set you up for more cushy jobs for when you can't be ****ed working when you are older.

I work for ABB now (solar division). Doing a show in a couple of months and the stand will have an EV charger on it so i guess i'll need some sort of training so i don't look useless.

Porsche is just awesome. i would love to own one from the 80's but i know someone who has one and he has had to take it in for repairs pretty often. Although i think once he is done with the few niggling things it should be right for a while. such a sexy car.
I would definitely love to drive a 911. they were my dream car when i was younger.

Apparently the Tesla factory is pretty cool to go and see. They show you a stripped down chassis and apparently it is basically made of cardboard and hold barely anything. Instant torque plus no weight would be pretty god damn cool to drive.
I want to drive a Tesla. Those things seem awesome. They would be so responsive because electric engine=instant torque.

i guess i will have to stick with my trusty old 99 commodore for now. petrol is killing me though....
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Prague is great I freaking love this place.

I didn't know what to expect either but it is actually the most beautiful city. Had a particularly crazy night there too. Doing lines off the DJ booth was a highlight.
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Personally, I want Australia to pound Spain for being such a lousy defender of the title.

Last world cup Italy did a pretty shitty job of defending it too.

Not sure what is happening the Iker Casillas, he should be in his prime right now but he seems to be getting worse. Meanwhile the Mexican keeper should get 14 virgins delivered to his room for the saves he pulled off against brazil.
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There we go Hodkinson got the winner and Brent Tate needs a 4th knee reco, could not be happier, unless the dickhead just retires.

Oh man do i hate Brent Tate's head. I even hate his name. The entire pub lost their shit when his face went all crazy as he went down. If it as someone else i would have felt bad but nah he can go **** himself.

So cut i didn't get up to watch the England v Uruguay game this morning. i knew it would be a good one too, i was just way too tired from the night before. psyched for the italy and france games tonight and then saturday night agentina and germany games.

The area i live is full of portuguese people and i go and watch the game with my mates at the rsl club with literally hundreds of them. last game sucked though, was so quiet in there.

Also, i am so ****ing tired, world cup is killing me. Stupid Spanish couldn't beat Chile so now we are both out. I just want to draw with them so we can finish ahead of them in the group.
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Good lord...

Be thankful I'm not an American TV exec. I saw that, and thought, "Hmm...that could almost work in a Beverly Hillbillies kind of way..."

That Superwog bloke is pretty funny. Maybe because i have known plenty of people like that makes it funnier though. The best character is the mum though.
I never understood really long assignments.

i feel like you should be able to get your point across faster than most people do it. I would hand in 2000 word reports and do better than people with 5000 word reports. Less words means you have less chance of contradicting yourself which happens all too often.

they should definitely teach people to write in different forms in english class at school rather than doing all the other stupid shit you end up doing. ****ing hated english.
i personally really like vegemite. you just end up liking what you grow up with. When i was sick as a kid my mum used to make me vegemite on toast and a cup of tea and i would dip my vegemite toast in the tea and eat it.

Damn lebs ruin everything. Even vegemite and tea.
anyone else find it weird that people in Britain tend to like the worst shit to come from Australia? Neighbours, post plastic surgery shane warne and worst of all Rolf Harris.

What is with those crazy people?
I wouldn't think the emissions from pedals would cause an issue, i think the switch mode power supply would be much more noisy. We were doing certification of one of our monitoring systems here and the initial shitty supplier for the power supply was failing the test. Had to find someone else with a better power supply.
That FCC thread is hurting my brain.

Do these dumb arses really think that the government is going to make them stop using their pedals? It's not the consumers problem, it is the manufacturers problem and how the hell are they supposed to find out where all these pedals are anyway. So dumb.

Also, i highly doubt a pedal which is running at a couple of watts is going to violate FCC rules when my company had inverters running at 30kWs certified. Hell even our 1.5MW inverters are certified and they all definitely run above 9kHz. Builders just need to get that test report done which sucks for them. Small guys probably don't need to worry.
a nice big muff i reckon would do the job. Something with a flat/boosted mids option definitely needed with the fender. i play on a matchless though so i have mids to begin with so i'm not sure if it will work as nicely.

Maybe see if someone will build you a BYOC beaver which has flat and mid boost options. i would go for the triangle option.

i use the skreddy mayo clone that matt built me which has more mids than most muffs and i find it covers alot of ground. fantastically useful tone control compared to other muffs. This is how a muff is used.
I feel like it is important with EE. I'm in solar and the whole power industry is run by dinosaurs who think electricity can only be generated by rotating machines. Can't wait till those ****ers retire.

Then there are the dinosaurs on the standards commitee who come up with some seriously weird shit. in a fight with them now to change some DC switch rating standards. Stupid old number crunchers.
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That totally sounds like a promo for a jesus movie though...

Jesus, coming soon!

ahahahaha. Brilliant.
i feel like i play better when i am enjoying my tone though.
i was doing a architectural computing course and the first assignment was just to follow a guide to build a set building. So basically everyone's would look the same. To get extra marks you had to figure stuff out and add it yourself.

I literally copied my mates one because i didn't get a chance to do it and just moved some furniture around and shit. literally almost the same. Got called in to talk about it with the lecturer. He was trying to get us to confess but i kept saying we sat next to each other in the labs and taught each other how to do stuff which is why they were the same. Then he said "i can't prove it is the same file". Dumbest thing ever. I went on the attack and made him look like an idiot. my mate was just sitting there suppressing laughter. Still got a distinction for that class too.
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how much can you pay for a jr?

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But Joe is a filthy wog.

I wants it.

can't argue with that...

How much can you get a JR for Tim?
Adam is a poor student who lives south of the tom ugly. **** that guy.

meanwhile i have a steady income, live in the inner west and have a fantastic beard.

Who do you really want to deal with?