I been using my no name wallyworld amp for tv level stuff for over a decade at a garage sale for 5 bucks love the little thing, a small solid state amp will easily get you there if you got the pedluls. A few things to consider, wattage =/= volume,  speaker size (a micro terror dark is loud as hell with a 412) is important also carpeting (for sound dampening purposes) room size matters too along with wall thickness.
Depression can be a cruel sadistic bitch so hang in there, lexapro works pretty well minus that whole it shut down my bodies ability to make vitamin D2 thing so if you notice abnormal cramping talk to your doctor.
I really like that orange though, I never liked pickguards though...
Hey he finally took my dating advice at the comedy club, stop giving a shit and you will hit a home run... Is he supposed to only bang 40 year olds its legal good for him the lucky bastard.
git gud scrub!!!! That or you know play something else like magic the gathering...
That pick guard looks so weird in its placement.
I suggest the EHX electric mistress for chorus/flange maybe I dont know, that or a line 6 m9.  also if we knew your budget and location it would be very helpful. budget is very helpful.
I am indiscriminately voting democrat this election because all the republican ads have me convinced the voting public in New Jersey has the IQ of a freaking potato.
he's clearly a hater of the member berries... SEIZE HIM!!!
I'm assuming you guys are talking about Destiny, part of me wants to go see the long movie because why not the other part doesn't want to spend 13 bucks to see it. So I am on annother anti depressant to help with it but I just pass out and sleep but I will give it a week and see how that goes. I'll try to pop in more often.
you can find musicians be grateful
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A king, a sellsword, and a banker are sat in a room. Who's the most powerful?

Power is an illusion
the man with the gun.
Ended up selling my eqd sea machine because i hated it. Oh and mr black makes a pretty bitchin fuzz.
My precious pumpkin has passed many sads today.
my cat Is still sick and has a sprained paw
I'm trying to build myself up to go to jobfairs tomorrow to be a warehouse bitch. Of all the jobs I had I hated warehousing by far the most. I wish I wasn't a fucking failure and could do anything of actual value but alas no I'm fucking retarded.
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my guy you're in for a treat

that face is so punchable... I don't even need to hit play and I already just want to just punch him right in his stupid dollar store dyed soul patch.
you need to work on your shit posting. 
sing the notes out loud as you play them. do you basic scales and same for the songs, if you playing chords sing the root note.
I have a muff, cool cat, fz1 clone, a oc3 and I ordered a Friday club fuzwahzi, I still have to get a devi ever lof and a vfm because fuzzies
ordered a mr black fuzwami while looking up reverb pedals don't ask why it was there, the thing sounded so wooley and massive also at 55 bucks shipped I'm like um want. 
I have a problem I have 5 fuzz pedals... and still need to watch ponies
I want to see ghost in a shell just because it's AN in a right skimpy outfit
Today I learned "pony cum jar" was a thing. Also my hockey skates came in they kick serious ass. They feel like shoes.
Fan service is always terrible and in anime it's usually creepy.
You could do Warhammer and flush your cash down the drain. Paint them pony themed!
As Ozzy would say "put your fucking balls into it" Your playing dynamics make a huge difference in how you sound. I say use heavier picks. Maybe Dunlop tortex 1.5mm or 2mm should help. Dramatically
Brave new world hands down.
T00DEEPBLUE shiny lp is shiny oooh when did you get it?
Used 5150 used Marshall or Mesa cab if you don't get a combo. No one wants 412s any more so they address going cheap as hell. Used Mesas are going dirt fucking cheap as well. All the core kiddies are quitting and all the new musicians want to be djs
LysanderSpoon the chorus and flange are pretty beast
If grab a used flextones or better yet vetta before the amplfi.
As long as it works and is comfortable to play on who gives a shit. Oh invest in a decent cable like a 20 solar monster from guitar center or something with a lifetime warranty so when it dies you can just go bang done when it craps out on you.
Devi ever ruiner is amazing. It's for when you love drugs and hate your audience.
Suck my balls! Hoorah. Good times