I had a specific question on writing death metal. Now I know my death chords and scales and stuff. What I cant seem to get down is the right hand style. Im trying to write originals but when I try playing it usually comes out thrashy which is good too. Im just looking for some picking patterns to get that death metal sound. If this is the wrong section feel free to move it.
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Slightly relevant:

Cena has gotten some credit from me latley i still dont care for him much but hes getting there. Also i hope punk doesnt lose hes my favorite after taker. Also random question is lord tensai former prince albert this is prolly a duh question.
i just have a quick question if im only going up one gauge say 9s to 10s wouldt i need a truss adjustment? the guitar is an ltd v50 i believe hard tail no floyd or anything it has 9s now i believe i just bought it like a week ago.
I do mostly metal death metal and thrash mainly
Ive just started to write songs latley and i was just curious as to how you guys decide on the order of each song part is it just what sounds good to you or is there a way to do it
The worst part is its my favorite car a camaro!
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Dude at least its the starter and the ignition switch. My car in the last four month.
-Transmission Leak
- Sub Frame Bushing( 60 dollars for each)
-Power Steering Bushing( Lost all steering and ended up in the ditch of my fiancee parents house.
-Head light
- Mis aligned
- And about 8 used tires in last 6 months...

I just gave up and moved where I work. I still have to the ****er to make it to school. My point is this. It sucks, but its a part of life and I totally feel your angry.

Im not really mad that its broken im just mad that they didnt tell me there was an issue because they should have known since ive had it a week and its already broken. I just kinda feel like I was screwed over by them yet again, then they were supposed to call today and arrange to fix it yet they never called I called and asked about it he said he would talk to his boss later and get back to me, never did.
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I'll have to check that Warrior song out later

Agreed. JTG on his own can be pretty good though, but lately I cba with him. They definately do need to bring Shad back. They made a mistake when they made them have that match at Extreme Rules last year (I actually remembered the PPV this time... which is hard to do for modern ones .)

That RAW was last weeks by the way, not 2 weeks ago

And in the paramedics' defense, they did have a maniac on their case with a sledgehammer

I found it funny when they came back... it's like they were charging up their strength and courage bars.

True but you dont just drop someone whos supposedly unconcious and injured

You put them down gently instead
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They hit on me and I find it hard to say no.

You have to find a way to say no though for the future because the only thing worse than getting rejected is the other person making you think you have a chance then turning you down.
So im gonna go on a rant here for a minute. My problem latley isnt my personal life or my job its my car that I JUST bought a week ago and the starter and ignition switch are already out on it. Now I called a mechanic and had them tow it down to their shop because the dealership has stated that they no longer do customer repairs. Well I told them to go ahead with the work after the diagnostic and everything. Well then I call the dealership to ask them to pay for the repair or something since its been less that a week since I got the car. Well they said oh we will fix it but we will do it in our shop with our mechanic and youre still responsible for the cost. FML this is complete bs they need to step up here is what I think. I gave them a second chance after I bought from them before giving them the benefit of the doubt which I often do for people. Well then they **** me over again Im thinking they can take their ****ing car back and Ill take my business elsewhere.
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Cryme Tyme was great I dont care what anyone says. They were funny although If I remember right didnt win a whole lot.

As a team they are great but separate they are terrible.

EDIT: Watching raw from 2 weeks ago (i know but im trying to get caught up im so confused) so sheamus is face and so is orton yet christian is heel? But old IC title is amazing.

The paramedics are so great at their job at the beginning of the show


Doctors: No he has to go to the hospital!


*doctors drop gourney and step away like pansies*
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I don't see Cole managing Daniel Bryan. I'd rather see him manage someone with poor mic skills.

I was just suggesting that he manage someone not neccessarily DB, but generally managers go to the people with poor mic skills or that dont talk much in interviews, put cole with someone like that and it would be gold. Cole has the mic skills and would generate heat for whoever he managed. Hell he could help john morrison out but that would require either morrison to go heel or cole to go face the latter being the worst option.
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So the former heel Sin Cara now just looks like a LA street thug. Are you impressed, I'm not. Seeing that Maryse got released, I'm expecting Heath Slater and hopefully the Bellas to be let go as well. IMO, they don't add anything to the product and are a waste of TV time. I would like to see a heel turn for Daniel Bryan. I think he could pull it off. You could have of all people, Michael Cole as his manager. Just that alone, would guarantee genuine heel heat.

Ive always advocated michael cole becoming someones manager just based on the fact that he generates TONS of heel heat, like him or not its undeniable that he gets a strong reaction from the crowd.
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It's not the battery, it's the starter, the connections at the starter, mainly the power wire going to the starter, prolly fell off, hence why nothing works except non main accessories like power windows and the stereo, they run off the junction rail, which has separate cables from the positive on the battery going to it.

Your ignition is on a series loop, so if the power to the starter is cut off, then nothing works. Check the connection on the starter, and be wary, you have full battery amperage there, so disconnect the battery before you start sticking metal objects near the starter.

Thanks this was my first guess honestly but I wanted to check all the easy things first because I cant tell you how many times ive went through complex time consuming work only to find out it was something I couldve done in like 10 minutes
Checked looks full my only guess now is either the starter or the starter wire

EDIT: Had the battery checked at autozone today they said it checks out fine
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Could be the battery isn
t putting out enough current to feed the starter but plenty for accessories. take off your battery terminals clean them with a wire brush and reinstall.

That was my thoughts on it I will try that out an report back thanks

EDIT: Cleaned them pretty good but still nothing my battery gauge says its dead but it wont jump with jumper cables on it.

Ive noticed that my positive connection doesnt tighten as tightly as the negative connection but its still tight.
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Do your accessories work?....if they do, I'd look at the starter.

My stereo and power windows work and everything but when I turn the key nothing power works not even the electric odometer reading.

EDIT: Ive never had issues starting the car before it started like a champ, my roommate had a similiar issue with his vehicle and it was the battery connections (both side terminal connections). Theres not even a clicking or anything like its trying to turn over when it worked perfectly before.
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My thoughts exactly.

I would agree with that now come to think of it. Im not sure who I would have lead it but it would have to be someone established imo but not a veteran like hogan.
So problem for you guys. I have a 97 camaro rs and I went to the gas station tonight, went to come back home, hit the speed bump on the way home and the car just died, no headlights or anything. I went to restart it like usual in cars like this and nothing, not even any clicking or power to the car when I try turning it over. Im thinking either bad/dirty battery connection or the security system engaged for some odd reason causing it to not start.
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A new incarnation of the NWO. It'd be Miz,Truth,Nash, and Cena if that article is correct. It could be called something different too.

Thatd be perfect actually that said I wasnt endorsing doing another NWO just trying to think out how it could work if they do make the decision to do it. Id love the idea of a new group going against the new gm/corporate again, I always like the whole lets take down establishment storylines. Although it is kind of 90s if they did it again now it would fit in to whats going on now with the egypt protests, libya, and the occupy protests that are going on right now. Although id prefer it if HHH and Punk were the "leaders" or just Punk, he seems pretty good a fit to lead a group recently. As long as they keep it to a max of like maybe 6 people it should be ok as long as they dont have 20 by the end like NWO got to be.
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True .

This has been speculation for a long while though (Cena heel turn)

nWo though? the only nWo so far is Nash. Maybe if Hogan came back to WWE, TNA could turn itself around and help WWE out at the same time.

Facepalm as in NOO didn't mean to, or ridiculous results?

PLEASE do not bring hogan back though hes had 50 return runs in WWE and hes getting old and just cant really do it anymore in my opinion, only way it could work is if he was the manager/mouth piece of the group. If they rehash NWO again Id rather have it be 1 or 2 veterans and the rest be younger/newer talent like the old days in WCW. This would make the crowd happy cause they get to see guys they know but it would also get the new guys known and over. Kinda like DX after shawn retired except not all overcrowded. I honestly never knew of road dogg and billy gunn until they joined DX or X-Pac (aka 123 Kid), I knew they were there but I didnt know much about them.
How the hell did HHH get on the stretcher in the first place lol
So question for you guys. I have a 97 camaro rs and for some reason my dash lights are not working. Headlights, tailights, and dome light work fine but nothing in the dash or center console works except the lights for my aftermarket stereo. I have checked the 2 associated with "instrument cluster" in the manual including #9 which is labeled gauges and they look to be intact. So the only conclusion I could reach is that its either the dimmer switch or the bulbs but im not sure which. But the dimmer switch dims the dome light fine but im not sure which to try first.
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Okay, miscues. Miscues everywhere. My original post was a joke, tasteless, yes, but a joke still. I was trying to parody how WWE has had completely tasteless and crude stories in the past (Kane raping Lita, Kane being a necro, Snitsky punting a baby, etc.).

My morbidity has once again caused a shitstorm, and for that I apologize.


EDIT: ^He got it. Thank god.

Although alot of the most edgy stuff was during the attitude era and right afterwards, basically just jerry springer translated into wrestling but it worked REALLY well for them.
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WWE should just buy out TNA. It works out better for everybody

I agree with the above statements it would only work out for both sides if the new talent was actually used and WWE wont have the TV time or the motivation to do it. Just look at the invasion angle when they bought WCW how many of those guys are still active on the roster? Exactly. Theyre a business they are gonna stick with the guys that have been there a while and are established in the company. Why? Because it makes them money. Why do you think cena is champ constantly because hes their biggest draw and sells alot of merchandise just by being in the company. Love or hate him he brings the kids to the shows which in turn brings their parents which= lots of money for vince. On the surface it seems like a good idea but it just wouldnt be good business or talent wise if you really analyze it.

Not trying to be a dick about your suggestion just kinda logically figuring out if it would work.
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It is

It's a bit shinier, but it's the same belt.

I hope this is all a joke as its clearly the same belt

Hell they even took it from WCW when WWE bought it, back during the invasion angle when the titles were split. All they did is slap a couple gems and a WWE logo on it
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Punk needs no team. Cena needs no team. (although Cena and Punk tonight were oddly an entertaining pair.)

Punk just needs to go on the streak of beating the crap out of people. Destroy every contender they put in front of him. Build him up to be a more of a God than he already is. Then when Laryngitis finally comes out as the master mind of the new age corporation Punk just destroys them too. Then he beats HHH. All this happens after he burries the Cenation deep into the ground. Then he ushers in a new era of WWE called ROHWWR(Ring of Honorable World Wrestling Entertainment) Then he brings back the Ice Cream bars. The Cruiserweight division and the European championship. Dean Malenko, Ultimo Dragon, Chris Jericho before he was a tool bag douchey douche, Beast Wars, and an Updated version of WWF(fafafafafafa) No Mercy.

**** this NWO bullshit. If you want NWO crap go watch TNA, they have been doing it for the last year and a half under the moniker Immortal. There will never be another faction like the NWO or the Four Horsemen. The only way for that to happen now is for Punk, Bryan fn Danielson, Claudio Castagnoli and Chris Hero to get together and Rape the WWE for years.

So stop it with your breeeee fleeeee deeed deee OMG new NWO bfnshit and move the hell on.

So your solution is we build a time machine and go back to an era thats run its course?
I have an ibanez S series and all was well until one day I went to tune it but I realized that one of the screws didnt tighten. It tightens by hand but it wont tighten when I use the allen wrench. This is one of the string locker screws right at the top. I believe its stripped out, the hole I mean. Because I tried the other screws from it in there and I have the same problem. How would I go about fixing this?
Agree with above, its all about YOU being into your music if you arent the crowd wont be either. If everyones stationary and not moving much the crowd will do the same. But if they can see you moving to your music and having fun that creates that atmosphere for the audience. Most of the bands that "made it" do this in some way. I know when I go to local shows, see friends bands, etc. I get most into the bands that look like they are having a good time playing the songs.
I use a line 6 interface through reaper which works fairly well since it comes with pod farm where you can use a bunch of different amp models, cabinets, pedals, etc. I run that through another program you can download called reaper (which in my opinion beats the crap out of audacity, although I have both). It works pretty well and the interface ran me about $100 and it ame with pod farm and all the other stuff you need to run line 6 stuff. It has bass amps and all that on it too. But if you are going to go the PC route I recommend getting reaper for your DAW, great program I really cant say enough good things about it.

because we dont have internet throughout the house we just have an internet card from my roomates phone company, long story as to why it doesnt work on my computer.

Anyway now I have a separate issue and ive had this problem on both computers. I have the playback set to my speakers but it wont output the sound to the speakers. When I record it through reaper I can hear it fine but I would like to be able to hear it while im playing dont know if thats a possibility or not.
So currently I have internet on my roomates computer but not on mine. Well I got a line 6 pod studio GX for recording and it says it must be authorized for any computer its run on, is it at all possible to authorize it to work on my computer without an internet connection?
It can work in certain bands like punk bands or if youre killswitch engage, but it has to actually be funny in order to work. Just politley tell him that if he wants to introduce the songs be quick and to the point with it, you want any song introduction to be pretty quick just so that it doesnt distract from the song. Crowd interaction is cool but you can do it for too long and people get bored. Explain this to him but as said before be as polite and nice as possible with it because if you are confrontational from the beginning itll just be an arguement with nothing productive coming out of it.
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That's ridiculous. Get an 8 string

No its really not, 7 strings were made for such tunings long before 8s were so popular.

Anyway I agree with the recommendation of the RG7321 I own one and use it alot, it was very affordable and mine was well set up from the store, it played brilliantly right off the rack. But schecter isnt a bad way to go either although the necks are thicker, I prefer the ibanez wizard necks to anything personally. If you like thin shredder necks go for an ibanez or a jackson. I thought I liked the 6 string wizard neck but the 7 just works so much better, wider and flatter since theres more room with the extra string.
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they will probably use Taker to put over an future main eventer but still have him win to keep the streak.

True honestly taker is my favorite wrestler but I think he should bow out at 20-0 thats good for me.
Usually I write a main "riff" first. I usually have an idea for one in my head or I just play around until I find something I like. Then I build the rest of the song around my original idea, bridge, chorus, etc. Usually I take parts from the main riff and incorporate them in to different parts of the song so that you have something different for your bridge/chorus but its still reminiscent of the main riff. Thats just how I do it im a thrash/death metal guy, but thats my creative voice so im not gonna change it.
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Matt and Corey perform false chord growls. We have a good tutorial for the low gutterals on the first page of this thread. Just look for it, it's on there.

Wow cant believe I missed that, I was just always told that if it hurt my technique is incorrect like when you cough afterwards, etc.
So im a complete beginner as what this thread is for. Ive started passively practicing scream vocals as ive long since known im not a good clean singer at all . Anyway ive kind of got a sort of growl going but I havent been able to go completley gutteral or scream style without my vocal cords hurting. I realize I must be doing this wrong. What im looking to do is maybe something like corpsegrinder or barnes, the real low gutteral stuff. Or at the very least something like matt and cory of trivium.
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If we're talking about writing, you can't force a good song. All the song's that I've written that I think are even decent have come from just ****ing around for a few minutes. Maybe it's me.

As for technique, everyone is right. Bends, vibrato, adding dynamics, all that good stuff will make you sound ten times better. Learn songs by ear, take cool licks you like and try to apply them to your playing, BE CREATIVE. Don't just copy and paste what you hear, do something different with it. Easier said than done but it's well worth the effort.

Agreed completley thats exactly how I do it. The problem is most people get into the mindset of being forced or obligated to write something "good" which is a huge negative on the process of being creative because you are trying to force it rather than letting it flow naturally. Creativity cant be forced it comes and goes whenever it feels like it which is why I always try to keep some sort of recording device handy. Nothing will piss you off more than having a great idea in your head and not being able to remember it later.

And yes the biggest sign that youve learned something completley is applying it to your own playing and adding your own style to it. I take lessons but usually what I do with each weeks lesson is to figure out the pattern to what my teacher showed me then apply it to my own songs or playing. It shows understanding if you can apply it instead of just playing it exactly as its written.
Agree with the above take a break. Another thing that can help is not to get in the mode of trying to write something, usually when I write a song or a riff idea or whatever im just messing around and then I find something I really like and just expand upon it until its a finished song. The trick is to just let your mind wander and dont worry so much about getting something thats a song.

EDIT: Also remember that creativity can strike at random. You can feel creative multiple times a day or not at all. Alot of times I will just all of a sudden have an idea for something in my head for no reason then I just go and figure out how to make the sound in my head reality. I know how you feel hell just the other day I was trying to record a song I wrote but I kept messing up the bridge of it so I just put the guitar down and took a break. I went and did something else for a while then came back and did it perfect.