Do it, ******.
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I've noticed recently that you have this problem where you're overly involved in all your friend's lives. Just... stop.

She asked me to write the ****ing letter
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1. How about having a piezo bridge aswell as the magnetic pickups? It'll give you a beautiful tone, much like an acoustic guitar.

Actually, I was thinking about that just then. I'll look into it.
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If I was him I would run away so fast. Does she not see that if he does like her back, she's not setting a good precedent for any potential relationship (i.e, she's chasing round after him like a little lost puppy) and if he doesn't, he'll probably feel so awkward that he won't even speak to her again?! Either way, she's humiliated.

Seriously dude, you'd be being a way, WAY better friend if you convinced her not to send him that. Why can't she 'say' that by flirting with him? It's win-win, because she never has to confess her feelings as she can just say she's a flirty person, therefore avoiding the awkwardness of getting rejected by a friend, and if he continues to flirt back, then there's a good chance that he'll ask her out.

If she absolutely must send it to him (and I hope to Moses you can talk her out of that doozy) then she should DEFINITELY cut out the 'love' part.

This might sound like I am making a blanket statement, but that's because I am:

You can't be in love with someone you've never been intimate with.

It is impossible. What she is feeling now is infatuation, NOT love.


I am well aware the she is majorly ****ed, both in the head and in this relationship, however, if I didn't write this sappy, unorigional, cheesy letter for she would have written 10 pages of '...omg i luv u so much u make me fel so happy and i just want 2 youch ur hair and i writ ur name in my diary for 3 hours everynight and i stole your hairbrush and sniff it everynight before bed and i have box of ur toe nail clippins...' Because she's an idiot like that and she obbseses of people.

No matter what we (Me, my girlfriend[her cousin], her friends... anyone) told her she was going to tell this poor basterd that she loved him. I think my cheesy note (that she half wrote) is better than her 10 pages of creepy, obbsesive ranting.

Please note that I tried extra hard to get her to leave out the love part but she was set on telling the poor guy exactly how she (thinks) she feels.

*grumbles* I suppose I should probably point out that she's 13 and he's 17.

I feel sorry for the both of them
I want to get a beat up peice of **** from somewhere and turn it into something quite good. I know I'm not saving any money by doing this but I would like this guitar to be fun and personal. I plan on naming it and putting a custom logo on it and all sorts of stuff like that so it's mine.


1. Pickups? I hear good things about Lace pickups. I want this guitar to have a really nice, clean sound. This guitar wont ever be run through the distortion channel so I want to make it as clean and beautiful sounding as possible.

2. Cutting bits off the headstock? Lets say I have a Fender neck but I'm not happy with the sahpe of the head stock. Can I cut and modify the shape without totally ruining it? I assume I can as long as I don't remove to much and make it too thin.

3. What do you guys think of a built in chorus effect?
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Buy her flavoured lube and put it on yourself.


/or you could get some concert tickets if you have enough cash?

Pearl Jam tickets =D
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That's awesome man. You should really get her mum to organise that stuff though lol

I'm doing pretty good.

You should get your girlfriend the Twilight books. She'll suck your penz0r

I don't need no books for that . I think she has them all =( I was thinking since she loves the Nightmare Before Christmas movie that I could get her a Jack Skellington (main dude) plushie or something along those lines. Dunno, just a thought.
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lol her best chance is just to be flirty at this stage.

How are you doing though?

I told her that but she is just "so in love" with this guy.

I'm doing excelent. Jess is happy, I'm happy. Her mum has offered to organzie a lot of things but somehow never manages to go through with it (Counceling, doctor, birth control etc.) Her birthday is coming up and I still don't know waht to get her yet but I have a few ideas. Need to hurry up and get something though.

All's well.

How's everything, man?
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Too much lol

Tell her to scrap the letter and start flirting with him instead.

Thought so. She thinks it's perfect and she was directing the whole letter, I was just writing it. I think it's way to much but she loves it... Poor guy =(
Ok, so a friend of mine asked me to write her a letter to send to her crush. She thinks he likes her back but she's not 100 percent sure.

Anyway, here's waht I wrote for her.

Her: Can I tell you something?

Guy: Sure.

Girl: Okay, I've been thinking... we've become really close lately, and I think that you're a really nice guy to be around. I feel like there's a connection between us, and I just wanted to say... I've become really attached to you, and I think that I'm starting to really like you... Maybe even love you.

So what do you think? Too much? I didn't want the note to say love since I think it would so to obbsesive and it might scare him away but she demanded it say love. I also think there is too much '...' in there.
Psp... Opinions? I really only want it for final fantasy 7 (Crisis core, the origional and some new FF game coming out)

I'll probably buy it used. So... Is the PSP worth getting and what's a few good games?
Factory hand.

I do lots of cutting and grinding of all the stuff they make. Most of it's made of aluminium or bronze.

Jobs good. The money? Not so much...
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Or watermelon friends with a drunk goat.

Or a friends goat gets drunk with a watermelons disco waffle.

EDIT: Even I, in my sleeping pill induced state, think that that was kind of weird...
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Or get friends with a drunk.

Or drunk friends get with a watermelon.
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im gonna be 17

Get drunk with friends?
Basicly anything that isn't exactly mainstream

Jazz, avant-garde, experamental, obscure progressive bands...

Stuff like that. Suggestions?
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^ +1

You'll need a decent amp though...200W at least for live shows, and that's the bare minimum if you want to hear yourself. Do you have any money for one?

Well the place we are going to rehearse at has a big PA and the guitarist has a big 200 watt bass amp. However, I really need to get my own. I have money to spare but I'm working on getting some recording gear and then saving for a car so I don't have a hell of a lot to spare. I'll have a look at what's in my price range.
I got an offer to join/form a band.

So far they have a singer and a guitarist/background singer so they gave me the choice of guitar, bass or drums. Since I don't really enjoy playing drums much that left me with only two choices. Since bassists are so rare and since they already had a guitarist I chose bass. It's unlikley they will find anyone else who plays bass any time soon.

My problem(s):
I have a bass but no amp.
I am primaraly a guitarist.

I have no objections to playing bass but guitar is really my main instrument. Where I live there are literaly hundreds of guitarists begging to get into bands so as a young guitarist with no giging experiance I'm at the bottom of the barrell.

As a bass player I have loads more options than every other teenage guitarist metal head.

So... Do I play bass or guitar?
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ok thanks again..
now, i hear of this strange thing called apple bong.
what is this and how can i make it? well i know what it is, but does it work well?

In my experiance it's not too great unless you make a decent one. Just get a knife and carve out all the neccisery bits of a pipe. (EG, bowl... pipe.)
You can tune to any combination of 4/6/7 notes you want depending on how many strings you're playing with. Derp.

Making your own tunings is fun ^_^

And then you have drop tunnings which is tunning down X amount of semi-tones and then tuning the E string down two more semi tones.
Well the two people I kind of know who do stuff in the music buisness are like, 30-40 and my dad knows a few people (one of his friends plays bass in a band) but once again, those are pretty distant connections.
Trying to meet people my own age interested in music is hard. I know a few guitarists but no drummers or bassists or singers. Everyone here is only interested in rap and metal. -___-
I've always wondered how to do this.
I'm still young but it's something I'm curious about. I distantly know a few people for example a guy who works in the same place as me records bands in his spare time and my girlfriends, mums boyfriend records music videos but that's about it. See? Really distant but they're still conections, right?

Where do you go? Who do you talk to?
Lounge Act by Nirvana. I know it's not amazingly technical or anything but I love the way it flows with the guitar and drums.
I sold my acoustic for $20 and I smashed my first electric in a fit of rage... Always regreted that.
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Ok I need a long answer
Well, I like this girl, but she likes some other dude(which is no suprise) shes like so many guys shes never actually talked to them or anything, so im pretty sure that isnt a problem i like her, what could i do to let her now i wanna get with her without being too direct

Flirt and be confident. If you're not confident then act confident
Hmm... Guess I never thought of it as meddling. I just saw two friends going through some **** and wanted to help.

Thanks... I think.
You're right. I know you're right since I agree with you. What I'm looking for is an alternate solution instead of simply saying "harden the **** up". Occam's razor can suck my dick, they're both really depressed. The issue is NOT about teen depression so don't you bring that up and start with the whole 'whiney, teen angst' bull****. I just want a second opinion.

And I want to know how I can make her feel less insecure around me since it's ONLY around me. I want to know how I can make her feel more comfortable.
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I bet you'd fall in love with the first girl that smiled at you.

Look mate, you're not helping anyone when you make comments like that. I'm trying to get some advice for me and my friends and you're just being a twat.
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Who cares? you're 16. Everyone is insecure, depressed, and starving for attention.

Thank you for your informative and helpful reply.
Ok, lots to talk about here.

1. This friend of mines ex boy friend (he's 16, she's 13) is totally ****ing with head

She still loves him but he just messes with her. He will say how much he still loves her and then totally make her feel like **** and she gets really depressed. I'm not sure what to tell her or if I should even get involved since we're not really close or anything. However, I'm the kind of guy who wants to help whenever I can and she really needs a hand with this. I've seriouslly suggested that I go around and **** him up but she still likes him and that would just make her angry at me no matter how much we all know he deserves it. Suggestions other than the obvious "tell her to get over him"?

2. Another friend of mine. Similer situation. Both 16.
They've been going out for a while and he really loves her however...

Him:...And I've been reall depressed latley and I think we need to-
Her: I really don't care about your whining.

It's not like he's one of those emotards who just complains all the time but she just treats him like **** even though he loves her a lot. She just treats him bad. We all say to each other that he should break up with her since she's only bad for him and makes him feel worse but no one will tell him. He's young but he's really attached to her. Once again, is there anything we can say to him other than to get over her?

3. My problem. My girlfriend is really self concious about what I think of her. When I'm with her she covers up her body as much as she can (jeans, long t shirt etc.) and moves her hair infront of her face and everything. This is really frustrating especially the hair part. I just want to see her but she just says that she's ugly and no one wants to see her and it's better this way. She only does it with me. Around other friends and her family she's totally comfortable.

I guess that's something she needs to work out but I could use some advice.

Wow, wall of text. I jope someone reads this ^_^
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I have a Size down from that model and it works a dream i believe its a fair bit more expensive than the behringer, i think it is a lot better for the price. the phonic is immacuatly built and it is as silent as mixers you would pickup for four figures. the phonic is a little basic though. i knew a person who had the model of behringer you and and it was a shocking peice of ****, i strongly recommend you do not get the behringer

I'll have a look at it. Thanks for the suggestion.

I'll have a look if they have that mixer in any of the nearby music shops but there isn't much to choose from.

I pretty much figured the Behringer would be ****.
Now we all know they make some crap however I'm looking at a cheap mixer for basic recording stuff. These were the two I was looking at.

So basicly, are all Behringer products as bad as people say they are or is that just their cheap **** pedals and amps? I mean, everyone gives Line 6 a hard time but they make some qualitty stuff.

If not can anyone recomend me a mixer under $500 AUD? I'm on a very tight budget, no negotiations are possible.

I was looking at this Yamaha one
Like I said, I don't know much theory. I know that's the really basic stuff but it's all I know and up until now it's all I really wanted to know. I'm going to pick up a book on theory on wednesday hopefuly
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What horrible things you two do, in regards to money. You should both be treating each other on different occasions. And each should allow the other to take a turn.

Buying her a present would be fine. Be sure to wrap it, yourself. A short handwritten note, attached to it would be great.

Sometimes gifts that have little functional value but convey a thought that has something to do with the two of you are better than something she can use. Like a decorative item to place on her desk.

Don't focus so much on buying her "stuff" as much as making a personal statement with the item.

Thanks for the tip man. I'm going shopping on Tuesday and I'm going to look at a few things. I was thinking of getting her a stuffed bear or something along those lines but I do like Le_Bunnys idea of getting her a nice Jurnal with some pens. I'll have a look, I might see something I really like.

The only reason I thought of the pants was because she's been listening to lots of Techno latley and she wants a pair but can't afford them since they're like, $100.
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this is a shoop thread

That was legendary.
But I guess it's a more serious relationship than most people our age (The myspace generation. omg i luv u 4 eva kirsty stacie jessica kate!!!11)
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haha that sounds fine. i'm certain that she will put up a fight, though. i would

I know she will
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i pay for everything when i'm with my girlfriend and i never let her pay me back.

her dad is one of the highest paid doctors in australia, and she's the exact opposite of poor. i just feel like i'm doing something nice for her, when i do it. i would do the same thing as your girlfriend did.

but when my birthday comes around, i would feel a little bit rejected if she didnt get me anything. i tell her the same thing - that all i want for my birthday is her - but i really would like something special. even if its like a $2 stuffed bear, then i'm happy. just something that i can look at and think "aww thats nice of her to do that on my birthday".

it would be a bit awkward for her to go with you if you're going to buy the pants, though. so perhaps you could take a friend of hers who looks somewhat similar to her, or is at least similarly sized, and get her to be your manikin for the day. i say you should take a friend of hers so that if your girlfriend finds out you've been out with her, she will at least trust that you're not losing interest in her haha!

Well Her, her friend and I all want to get some phats so I thought we could all o go together some time and buy pants . She said she didn't want to buy any if we go but I was thinking of askig her which ones she really likes and then buying them. I'll also get her some other little things. Stuffed bear, CD... Stuff like that. Sound good? I haven't met many of her friends in real life although I talk to a few daily on MSN.

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What would make her think you're having money troubles? It seems a little strange for her to go to such lengths in regards to paying for things.

Anyway, I'd say talk to her about it, and do get her something. I always suggest things like care bear/s and nice journal/pen sets, but it depends onthe person.

I like the idea of a jurnal/pen set thing. She's a good writer and an awesome drawer. Thanks
Not sure where to post this but I thouhgt I would play it safe and post here.

I'm not sure what to get my girl for her birthday. She said she only wants a hug and a kiss from me and nothing else and that she would feel bad if I wasted my money on her. She's really weird about money and she wont let me pay for anything. She gave me $20 after I bought her a $11 movie ticket and she paid for dinner last night no matter how much I protest... This makes me feel like a cheap prick and I even put $30 in her jeans pocket when she was last at my house but after She left I saw the money on my desk...

So basicly, should I even buy her anything (I am going to unless everyone here says otherwise) and what should I get her? I was thinking along the lines of: Hugs, a CD and raver pants (she wants a pair but can't afford them so I was going to go phat pants shopping with her some time)