Doing nothing, cause it's still Thursday here
You're a disappointment. There are no pics.
So you're "too lazy, too young" Kids work under the table around that age...get use to working stupid.
Yeah look at the bottom of the Rp1000 there should be a sticker with specs...
How can you let us know about your NGD without pics very disappointed and I'm pretty sure everyone agrees
Sleep with a milf.
EC-1000 in Vintage Black so you get the ebony fretboard.
Yeah macs suck, but to answer you question yes they do
University of Helsinki in. I would say that's your best bet cause you know the Fins are into metal and right over the border there's Sweden.
You should bypass the whole NFL jersey and get an University of Oregon 'LaMichael James' jersey, easy decision.
What's the msg it's giving you? I was having a problem like that the other week and I fixed it. You might have to set the default program.
Last two minutes of Leica - The Faceless

Last two minutes of Mordecai - BTBAM
Well if you're going to use the whammy a lot I would say the S-Series, Zero point Tremolo rules.
It's fun, kinda confusing if you're not a tech person.
I would have to say no. You just have to stress the importance of safety issues.
I love organic food, definitely right about the taste. But I don't go out of my way to purchase it, if it's the only thing available I will buy it if not it's whatever.
Well if you look up the living codes I'm pretty sure it will say something about "landlords having to fix/remove hazardous materials" Find that code bring it to the landlord and boom fixed
Wright brothers get the credit because if it weren't for their test flight. Aviation wouldn't be where it's at right now.
How about Trypanosomiasis
Code issue, if enough people complain to the website I would imagine they would put a patch out for it.
Yeah drums were blasting, but still great job
You're just kidding. I understand what you're aiming for and I agree with you in some aspects, but he was innovative and different for his time that's why he was so good and what not.
Why use iTunes? And don't say it's because you have an iphone or ipod
More of two with a splash of 1.
Yeah it's not unfair, you're just a cheap bitch.
People I know love milk and cola
I think you need to go back to school and learn some English.
Once in the morning. If I have work or I'm outside doing something I'll take another at night.
You're wrong...we as a species will be dead. Once they find the cure for cancer and all those bad things it's over for us
Yes, this is why apple sucks
Lol I like what PowerofGlove said, but I mean everyone has to start with music somewhere if it weren't for A7X I wouldn't be into the guitar at all
Man, wish you made this 2 years ago lol, nice job
The Faceless - Akaldama...there's words at the beginning but it's spoken