I was really into Vancouver at one point. Not so much this new stuff.
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if you don't know this stuff yourself, then you really don't deserve the job...

this is actually pretty accurate.
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^same, but I think getting the albums chronologically is the best way to go. Does anyone know if there's a way I can get that youtube video that I posted onto my iPod?

follow the link in the description box, download the video and convert it with a program that can handle .mov files.
use or something like it to do it for you online. not sure how the video quality will be from this though.

anyways, i'd also say that Gatefold is their best album and Tigers is probably my favorite song by them.
i can enjoy this band so much more when it's only three or four songs at a time. the full length album was too much.
love this thread so much.
She drank white wine.
Makes me want to marry her memories, madly.

EDIT: not the greatest, just favorite.
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I would like to know as well. Where should I start with them?

La fine non è la fine

The first song on this EP kicks so much ass. This is what all screamo should sound like. Why am I even surprised?
I've only looked a few pages back but what's the verdict on the new La Quiete?
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really? i have yet to check it out. Would you say that it is better than previous releases?

Not the full length, but the other EPs.
not nearly enough people posting in this thread.
Heir is incredible.
worst topic title ever.

anyways, listen to Fight Fair!
to be fair, a lot of the newer european screamo bands rip off the sound that Raein had.

totally overrated though.
wikipedia has been deleting A LOT of band pages for a while now.

the screamo wiki reads that Thursday and The Used are second wave screamo.
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....i'm not sure if i like it. No Sympathy For A Sinking Ship is really goofy musically, i hate it. The vocals are kinda dumb. I'm leaning toward me not liking it ha.


the Usurp Synapse songs are rad.
there's no need to give 'real emo' a name if it really is that genre.
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I dont like that cd, or upstairs, or 3 guys

dude, you have like all their albums on slsk.
the acoustic LP with the Ramones melody...
Sinkhole - Core Sample
Weston - Got Beat Up
The Riverdales - The Riverdales
Descendents - I Don't Wanna Grow Up
Sreeching Weasel - My Brain Hurts
Sicko - You Can Feel The Love In This Room
The Lillingtons - Death By Television
Scared Of Chaka - Masonic Youth
Everything by Discount
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Sadist, any chance you have those Algernon Cald tabs for bass online?

And to make this post relevant to the topic.. who do you guys think are the most instrumentally impressive screamo band?

the fall of troy

seriously though, i would set myself on fire for you knew how to write great songs.
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What other bands would you include? I'm interested in hearing more new bands in the vein of the Ergs anyway.

For Science
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Your whole second wave is pop rock.

First wave of pop punk was stuff like the Descendents, Buzzcocks, etc.
The current "wave" would be bands like the Ergs, Daggermouth, None More Black (Maybe?), etc

i came to post this...but i wouldn't include Daggermouth and None More Black.
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i would not say la dispute is a screamo band.


i'd lump them in with On The Might Of Princes, Stop It !!, and later Hot Cross.
that GUK cover album is a joke. literally.

they're probably conflicted on putting the poppier sounding stuff because it's so different from what they're doing now. i wouldn't blame them.
check your pm's dude.
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Hands On
Black My Heart
Death Before Dishonor
Furious Styles
Blood Stands Still
Sleeping Giant
7 Generations


just listen to them.
Envy - A Cage It Falls Into
Burned Out Bright - We Awake Disheartened
Beneath Low Flying Planes - 18 Years Tonight
Suis La Lune - Parts Of Emily
La Quiete - Notte Dei Cristalli A Rue Des Trois
The Spirit Of Versailles - Because There Aren't Enough Hours In The Day
I Have Dreams - Thank You So Much For Having The Courage To Help A Friend Change His Life For The Better
Saetia - Closed Hands
Rockets And Blue Lights - What They Made You Mean
Welcome The Plague Year - Into Twilight (the one off the demo)

i REALLY wanted to get Hot Cross - Existence on there. same for Cowboys Became Folk Heroes.
can i get the second half of November?
my birthday is right around that time and i usually have way too much free time.
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Kind of a weird request, but what are some bands of this type that are a bit toned down on the screaming? I want to try hearing music of this nature, but with more melodic singing than screaming (sort of deal).

Any hints as to where to look?

listen to Toru Okada then go from there.
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Assuming there's a bed in your room, go there.


pretty much.
it's been a whole year. it HAS to happen.
SO how about Amanda Woodward? I've been loving them lately.
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hey, I've been listening to Raein and Envy alot, and I need some more stuff to listen to. Preferably around the same lines. Any recs?

Heaven In Her Arms
Mesa Verde
Hallow Jan
I Would Set Myself On Fire For You
June Paik
Funeral Diner
epic screamo
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I've seen Brainworms tossed around in a few other forums. What are they like?

i'd say kinda like what 875875511 asked for. at times the way the vocals are delivered remind me of Cryonics-era Hot Cross..but they kinda have their own sound. it's pretty refreshing.
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Monument is good.

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How did this reach the bottom of page 2?!?

Anyways, I've been on a huge Braid kick lately. Wish I could find something besides Movie Music vol. 1 and Lucky to be Alive though.

you're missing their best albums. get Frame And Canvas then Age Of Octeen.
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don't diss escape the fate nigga and what are you on. chiodos is not pop-rock. pop-rock is the click 5 or something

stop posting.
05.11.08 – 05.18.08
1 The Promise Ring 26
2 Defiance, Ohio 16
3 Quiet Steps 11
4 Jupiter Lander 10
4 Choking Victim 10
4 Sea Of Cortez 10
4 Agna Moraine's Autobiography 10
8 Leftöver Crack 9
9 Algernon Cadwallader 8
9 Witch 8
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I don't understand all the hype around this band.

Mallcore, for the win?