Tell him to get focused and practice!
Wow, the pit has not changed at all in my absence...
My advice would be talking to your local police to see if there's any way they can help you.
This could be anywhere in the world - Alexisonfire
Bloodwork - 36 Crazyfists
Blindsided - Bon Iver
Tears in Heaven - Eric Clapton
In the Water I Am Beautiful - City & Colour

All to do with ex's or just sadness in general I think.
That was not really funny. Would have been funny if the last guy decked em. Hiding in the toliets with a video camera is a little beyond weird. Putting the content on youtube is something esle..
But Trotsky.... he totally rocked like no other. Your loss.
Russian revoloution 1917?
bi-ah! that's the best post i've seen in such a very long time.
NO COMPROMISE : Another song, i would place this is the context of a thrashy, energetic hardcore stlye of delivery.

Oh, you’ll get your compromise when I’m dead!

Sometimes I feel like I’m fucked in the head
Arresting my mind with feelings of dread
Gotta find the time, gotta choose what’s right
Even though it’s hard, to put up a fight

Sometimes it feels like your twisting my neck
But I’ve been hurt before, and I won’t look back

The life I know is no longer absolute
I’m making no compromise
For the shit you put me through
Get fucked

I’ve always felt like you’re the thorn in my side
Always hanging around, just to bring me down
Well now I’m sick and tired of your constant abuse
Why can’t you just fuck off so that I can break through

You’ll get your compromise when I’m fucking dead!


Try writing a book. Or a collection of late night haikus.
Hmm thats a good idea but i dont feel like a biblical allusion would fit right with the tone of the poem, thanks anyway though!
This is just a little something I whipped up last night. It sums up the last month of my life (which at times was totally awful). It's a reflective poem. For some reason the very first line is pissing me off, can anyone give a suggestion to make it flow just a little easier? cheers.

In the garden I waited for you out in the rain
The small sacrifices I made each day just for our gain
I can remember that moment of feeling enlightened
Holding your hand in the dark when you felt frightened
But these days I'm nothing but cold and withdrawn
Just a hopeless example
Of how love makes a fool of us all
I liked it
"and the stars collide
to make the world seem real" was totally sweet!
Wrecked: I'd put this one in a hardcore/metalcore sort of setting. This is my first post, cheers for any crit.

I am a wall made of stone
Becoming torn down
This is a heart attack, waiting to happen
You are a statue, made of glass
With cracks appearing
This is a heart attack, waiting to happen

Slathered with guilt, we are wrecked
But you forgot that I remembered everything
Right down to the lies you told
Each and every one

I am a candle made of wax
Melting by the hour
This is a heart attack, waiting to happen
You are a portrait in denial
Complete with the fakest of smiles
This is a ****ing heart attack, waiting to happen

Slathered with guilt, we are wrecked
But you forgot that I remembered everything
Right down to the lies you told
Each and every one

You can’t take back the words you said
I can’t forget the words you said
You’re gone
This is great, totally honest and heartfelt. I went through a very similar circumstance last month man. Nice words.
Metallica - post 1991. 90% of their music since then has been pretty uninteresting.

Cynic - Traced in Air. It's absolutley nothing on their debut in my opinon.

Slayer - World Painted Blood. I wanted to cry.
God's foreskin was removed by satan himself; thus christiantiy itself is merely is a grudge-cult.
not cowardice, idiocy. dumb thread.
Cannibal Corpse tonight!
quick attack........ kidding.

It's not tooo hard, you just have to sort out a few forms of identifications and organise it.
Matt Heafy seems like the biggest pussy in metal at the moment to me. My buddy was telling me about an interview where they (trivium) had a photoshoot at the beach and Heafy had a massive whinge to his managed because his feet got wet, or something ridiculous like that. That's so NOT metal.
And also just about any band where the singer owns a fashion label, ie BMTH or TRS. The band is no longer metal once this happens!
Hot Fuzz
Miyazaki's films (Spirited Away, etc)
Favourite album - The Sound of Perseverance
Song - Scavenger of Human Sorrow

No one ever came close to Death, or ever will.
Quote by Z_cup_boy
I microwaved some soap once. Not a good idea. I was too bored.

If you have ever smelt burnt soap....yeah, it's horrible.

Yea, we chucked a bar of soap into the microwave at school, it was a classic. But yes it smells unbelievable.
I are very confusion at ths thread.
I understand that they can be really annoying and even violent, but you speak of them as a group that you seem to know so much about. There's a very good chance that the majority of those people didn't have a great chance at life as you stated. Perhaps they had a needle stuck in their arm at age 11 by their own parents? It's not always their fault, dude.
I was about 11 or 12 and it was so bad I wish it never happened.
Try having a go at classical gas, everyone does it but only few master it. Also, if I have alot of time I like to sit down with an ipod and just have a go at figuring out songs by ear. This is a great way to pass time, which you will need lots of seeing as you are going to the outback for 6 weeks!
Just had the best one earlier today, consisted of - Bacon, hot salami, lettuce, swiss cheese, capsicum (red peppers), BBQ sauce, + aoli on toasted turkish bread.
1 - It's fun.
2 - chicks.
3 - satisfies a need to express myself.
4 - chicks again.
Just drive up the East Coast, It's a fairly long drive but has great scenery. Heaps of great hidden beaches.
I think the real question here is how many guitaers do YOUU hav lesson?
I had the best June in years!
During a geography lesson, my teacher mentioned Madagascar while on the topic of Africa.
A girl in my class looked completely stunned and says "Madagascar is a REAL PLACE??"
Freaken idiot.
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North Korea doesn't realize that whatever they do to us we will do twice as much to them.


piss off.