Hey cigarette thread, thinking about starting smoking.. im 15 going on 16 in July, any tips on how to get my hands on any cigs? And any tips on how to hide them and/or raise the least amount of suspicion from parents? I have smoked on and off for like a month or two but nothing at all like alot.. thanks
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My cat, Gris (grey in French):
*cat picture*
*cat picture with car in background*

I don't get to see it anymore though, now I left home and I'm living in Paris.

sorry, is it just me or does it look like the second picture the car has just ran it over?
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+1 looks like puked up puke in a jar
@the bartender, no after alot surgery i managed to pull through. He said i needed alot of rest, therefore i couldn't come back to the pit straight away, sorry for the misunderstanding
Hi pit, i don't know if you cant remember the thread i made a while ago about having 3 months to live.. i got back from the doctor a month later after i made the thread and he had great news for me i wasn't going to die, but i needed alot of rest in the mean time. He said I was very lucky to have survived. After a few more check-ups with him i asked about going on the computer, i just wanted to come back on here and see everyone i remember (but probably don't remember me haha..) so, i think im good to be a pit monkey again, mods lock this if you want, it's just here to inform.. thank you pit
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If you're serious, I'm so sorry. You seem to have a great attitude that'll help you make the most of your time, which is something many of us don't have.

I doubt because I've never seen you before - forgive the skepticism if you're fo real. If not then damn your rotten heart. Giving you the benefit of the doubt though.

I guess, you can believe what you wish to believe? It is only the internet and i cant persuade you but.. yes, i am for real.

i think you all for responding and giving your input, Technicolor, yes i have stopped going to college and thank you Sg lover, but id rather get my mind off the cancer for now? thank you all for your input, i guess i will stay online today for a little while but i feel like i need to sleep, i will answer your questions if need be though. Thank you, all of you.
Hey pit, i don't want to bore you when you're on your late night thread dwellings but I went to the Dr in mid October because I wasn't feeling very well. Here it is mid December and they have got back to me and given me about 3 months to live. Carcinoma of unknown primary origin. It's spread, Tumor in the lung.. obviously I am devastated and destroyed, im terrified and I keep trying to exercise (the best I can..) and stay busy to make myself feel better and my mind off of it. I am so consumed with hurt and pain. I can't focus on anything, and i just feel terrible. I'm making this thread to say i will not be around much longer at all, ill ask people to update this thread if you'd like me to but i understand if you don't want to hear.. it's been a nice experience on here and i bet that nobody has really noticed me giving an input into threads, you have all made me laugh and it has been a pleasure to share this website forum with you.. i hope you have nice lives. i shall post in this thread again when i am officially leaving, just thought i would give a heads up to people. So, goodbye pit.
My girlfriend, about.. 6 hours ago in school *puffs out chest*
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How did Freddie Mercury get aids?
How do you think?? You could park an semi in his ass sideways.

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How did Freddie Mercury get aids?
How do you think?? You could park an semi in his ass sideways.

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How did Freddie Mercury get aids?
How do you think?? You could park an sin his ass sideways.

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If I eat anythting crumbly (bread, cake, cracker etc) i shake it constantly to loosen the crumbs.

I don't notice I'm doing it, but I can't eat a sandwich without people asking me if I'm okay.

That's a tad odd.. anyways, for me i always do the hair flick thing and whenever i get an itch, where ever it is and where ever i am i always itch it subconsciously
Only happens sometimes, but when I fall over or lose balance except its a reaaaaally slow fall, most of the time it happens when holding onto a rail. Anyway I fall down really slow for some reason and it looks like I'm trying to lie down in the middle of nowhere, most of the time every person around and all my friends notice and laugh Also i was ice skating once and i saw people like, come off the rink but still skate on the carpet cos there's nothing stopping you from coming out. Anyways, i tried this and faceplanted into some chicks rack, only her and me saw though.
i absolutely loved the books and as soon as the first came out i loved them and read everything Darren shan wrote... but yeah this is going to suck
im saying this

..what am i saying?
not a clue, what am i eating?
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Well, then you're walking around looking like you have dozens of baby marshmallows growing from your face.

I tried leaving one, and it just got bigger, and bigger.

fair point.. i don't get too much though
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Naw, wash with Warm water, pop, then apply that penoxyl stuff (the cream which dries skin) on it right after, every once and a while rinse and put more on.

You won't have big oozing white pimples, just a small red mark which over 3 days will completely disappear.

Dont mean to be a ball buster but.. surely it's less hassle just to not pop them?
err.. if you pop them, more grow back in its place; i don't pop any i get
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amy bum...?

edited before
poorly = painful/sore... and my bum is quite clean thank you very much
Hey pit, i have a very sore and poorly throat, any ideas how to make it feel better?
i guess he should've fur-ried for some water then!

..yes im in a pun-ny mood

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Metal is just noise. I've heard that from a lot of people and it's ****ing annoying.
And I don't even listen to extremely hardcore bands. The most hardcore band I listen to is PTH and they really aren't very hardcore.

+1 but another thing i find annoying is abbreviated band names...

cam_sampbell frightens children
he says he wishes them dead
he also cant post correctly in this stupid mother ****ing thread!
i know someone called cam_sampbell
he makes his girls scream 'SHALELALELELEL!!'
And ive heard he lives in a shell
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This is gold.


/original me
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When you use a credit card to buy a song off the iTunes store, will the song name show up on your credit card bill anywhere?

I'm buying my father an album and I want it to be a surprise.

'Look Look Look has been released digitally via various music services, including iTunes Music Store. The album has sold over 3 copies.'
Hey pit, i was just wondering; do any of you guys know any horror or scary films that make you jump lots? me and my girlfrend want to watch horror movies because we're both really into them and i want to snuggle when she's scared
m iulkklyhuwazytkjuid1
Cleverbot: You are a boy?

User: Yep.

Cleverbot: Well, it is nice to meet a 6 month old Internet being.

User: 6 months old?

Cleverbot: Your boyfriend is 20 months old?

User: Wtf.
pulled the trigger now he's dead
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this is a 3x3 lol stack with facepalm plug in.

and it just for you.

the solo to whats the frequency, Kenneth? - R.E.M
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Last I played Silkroad was 2 years ago, the game was basically un-playable due to the massive amount of gold bots which took up all the server slots and made it impossible to log in.

The moderators didn't do anything about it either because the gold companies who farmed/sold the gold was OWNED by the company that made Silkroad.'
EDIT: It's also an incredibly long grind fest.

+1 it took like.. an hour to log in O.o also +1 to flyff! best. game. EVAR!