I feel like most people don't actually understand what was going on in that movie. I love how people spout that the whole "message" was about corporations this and socio-economics that. Bullshit. The movie was made to show how stupid we really are.

Ever notice how much hypocrisy is in this film? For example- The whole point to project mayhem was to make a difference in the world and bring chaos. But in reality, every single member of project mayhem was just another puppet. Just another sheep. They all just followed orders; nothing was different.

example number two- When Edward Norton and Tyler Durden walk onto the bus, Tyler points to an advertisement on the wall of some fashion model and asks if that's what a real man looks like, the answer is no. Yet, HE's MOTHER ****ING BRAD PITT. If anything, he's got a better body than the model.

People just eat up this movie like it's some deep meaningful artsy film. It's a hollywood blockbuster that made millions and millions of dollars and gave that money to the very corporations that the movie was trying to villianize.

And for the record, i love it. Read the book too. 19 years old.
some kid walked in during the new x-men movie i saw with lil wayne blasting from his phone. he proceeded to sit down and let the song finish before turning it off. what a ****ing asshole.
yeah, i was thinking about doing pavlov's classical conditioning. i was thinking it might be a little cliche though. plus i can't really think of a time i've been conditioned or have conditioned anyone else...
Quote by biga29
Laziness and Apathy? You seem to have a good grasp on those already...

haha. funny. not very nice. but funny. classic pit answer.

Quote by Trowzaa
Do a report on the mind of Batman villains.

seeing as i'm not batman, i don't think that really impacts my life. plus, i'm pretty sure it's been done before.
So i need to write a 4-5 page essay on two psychology topics covered in my Psych 101 book (which i never bought) and how those two topics have impacted my life. So i'm hoping the allmighty pit can help my brainstorm two topics for me to write about.

So anyone know any interesting Psychology topics? xD
immediately after reading this thread... i went to taco bell. just got back. thank you TS, my stomach thanks you. my ass hates you.
whoopsies, didn't realize you were all the way over there, i'm from the US. Most people refuse to ship on craigslist. is there some sort of aussie equivalent to craigslist you could use?
speaking from first hand experience, just try to find a great deal on craigslist. i myself got a schecter hellraiser FR for 300 bucks from some guy. it had a little rust on the frets and needed a setup, after i got that straightened out, super nice guitar. plus it's personal and you don't have to deal with overseas shipping and all that nonsense.
Anyone else notice that in the year 2552, the sniper rifles only hold 4 rounds? and they still use pump-action shotguns... wtf... you'd think that the technology would've progressed by then.
as a half asian, i'd say bacon + over easy eggs + white rice is the breakfast of champions.
i tried installing it...'twas being gay. so i retried...and retried...and now i give up. soz.
okay. So you're unhappy with what genetics gave you so you want to go under the knife to fix it basically? Since this scenario is so similar to girls going, "my boobs are too small, i want surgery". I'm going to have to say i'll stick to my guns. Fake boobs suck. So one can assume fake voice sucks too right?

It'd be fake. Singing is about letting your emotions go and being honest with yourself right? Work with what you got. I know this is all hypothetical but still. You're the only one who can sing exactly like you can, learn to use what you've got.
Fall of Troy: Problem!?

what i thought:
Gunshot queen
build me up,
break me off.
As long as we stay uninvolved

What they really Are:
Cumshot Queen
build me up,
break me off.
As long as we stay uninvolved

I do believe this marks the first time where the dirtier set of lyrics were actually the correct ones.
i'd say go for it. the looper will just send the same dry signal that your guitar would. I think modeling amps are crap with like... distortions and flangers... stuff that actually changes the signal. But a looper doesn't, and should sound fine IMO.
A nice high-gain tube amp would be nice. Along with a compressor pedal to keep everything tight. And that guitar would be fine. Maybe an overdrive pedal would do you some good too?
every time i die- Roman Holiday.

I dunno... just 'cuz it was the first thing i though of when i saw this thread. (contemplated it earlier)
honestly, i'm not sure a bigsby on a hellraiser would be the most asthetically pleasing matchup... plus i'm pretty sure you can't use one with a string-thru bridge (don't quote me on this) maybe look into a different tremelo system?
hmm... alright. it seems a little much to ask that he completely take off the new neck to show me the pocket. The actual color of the strat lends a little bit of credibility too right? Surf green finish is pretty rare right?
okay. I'll bring up the COA. I already asked if he had the original neck. waiting for a reply. Apart from those, any other ways to identify this guitar as authentic?
Did these models come with a Certificate of Authenticity?
So this guy here on craigslist wants to trade his 57 Fender strat reissue for my Schecter Hellraiser.

Here's the ad:

Now since he replaced the neck with a warmoth... how do i know this is actually a 57 strat reissue? there's no serial or anything so i'm kinda just taking his word for it.

anyone know any surefire ways i could find out if this is what he says it is?
all over jesus
and with jesus
anyone and everyone who thinks they're cool because they smoke hooka...
i hate it at live shows... especially recordings of live shows.... because they do it in the middle of a song and ruin it for me. Please stop. no one wants to hear you.
Wow... I went to the FOT show in chicago last night... That had to be one of the best live shows of my life... no joke.
could you compare it quality wise to the schecter?
so i've got a schecter C-1 Hellraiser FR. Mint condition, black cherry finish. This guy on craigslist says he has a PRS Paul Allender sig he'd be willing to trade for it. link

I was wondering if you guys thought this would be a good deal.

The PRS looks absolutely AMAZING. Although i have no idea who Paul Allender is...

I know PRS is known for amazing guitars but I know they're also pretty pricey for the name. The Schecter plays beautifully, but i cannot stand the Floyd rose, and i think passives are better...

So overall... anything i should know. Opinions?
I'd be playing one mainly just for show anyways. I was gonna give it the LED mod just to make it look cool.
Hey guys, i'm interested in purchasing a decent acrylic guitar in a little while, and i was wondering if anyone knew any brands that had some nice sounding acrylics.

Also, for anyone with experience, what tonal qualities would a guitar made of acrylics have? Just wonderin'.
haha. i rofl'd at the mock guitar duel...
hey guys, i wasn't sure which forum to post this in seeing as we don't have a "ukulele" forum, so the pit seemed like the only option.

Right now, i'm looking into purchasing either a tenor or a baritone ukulele. I'm pretty new to the instrument, only been playing a cheap toy soprano uke, and i'm looking to get a real instrument.

i'll be buying used, and i was wondering if we had any uke players on UG, and what they would suggest.

Any brands to look into? avoid?

I only have < $150 U.S. btw.

So ukulele players of UG...lets hear it.

EDIT: For those of you who don't know, the tenor's a 'bit bigger than the soprano, tuned the same GCEA. The Baritone however, is even larger, and tuned DGBE (i.e.- highest 4 strings of the 'ol 6 string)
They cant stop me… even if they stopped me ha ha ha, yeah
I’m on it ooh I’m on it, I’m so on it and how ever you want it
You can get it tonight hoe
And all night hoe I get the beat from
A ****in’ right hoe
I might go crazy on these niggas I don’t give a mother****
Run up in a nigga house and shoot his grandmother up, what!
What, I don’t give a mother**** getcha baby kidnapped
And ya baby mother****ed
It’s Tha Carter 3 bitch better put ya supper up
Hollygrove I throw it up like I’m tryna lose my gut
**** is up beat him up like a million uppercuts
Got a million duffeled up for the **** of it
Shit get on my level you cant get on my level
You will need a space shuttle or a ladder that’s forever
However I’m better if not now than never
Don’t you ever fix ya lips unless you bout to suck my dick
Bitch swallow my words taste my thoughts
And if its too nasty spit it back at me
Two more inches I’da been in that casket
According to the doctor I could of died in traffic
Bounce right back on them bitches like Magic
Abracadabra I’m up like Viagra
I just do this shit for my click like Adam Sandler
I control Hip Hop and I’mma keep it on my channel
Watch me!
Bitch watch me!
Bitch watch me!
But they cannot see me like Hitler
It’s the New Orleans Nightmare
Money so old its growing white hair
Young Money baby
Yeah we right here
I’mma make sure we ball till we fall like tears
And mama don’t cry
Ya son can handle his
I got her out the hood and put her in the hills
Yeah when I was fourteen I told my mom we will see better days
And sure enough I got Miss Cita in a better place
When I was fourteen I told my mom we will see better days
And sure enough we did exactly what I say
I told my girl when you **** me better **** me good
Cause if another girl could she gon’ **** me good
No sitting at the table if you bringing nothing to it
And I get straight to it like its nothing to it
Yeah I got game like Stuart… Scott
Fresh out the ESPN shop
And when sports in the poppin’
Every thang stopping but you cant fool me, I know what you watching
You watch me
You watch me
Cause I be
Wee-zy, must see, T.V.
C3, nigga that’s me
And I’m me, I’m me
Times three, so retreat or suffer defeat
I’m back, 3 peat
alright, first thing. Maybe you should contemplate using an acoustic guitar? (unless you don't have one...)

Also, For the last little 'bit where you speed up and start shredding or whatnot, get a full band!!!! (i know it's kinda impossible with just a youtube vid with yourself) but it'd sound cooler.

Maybe change-up the vocal melody a 'bit? it's the same basically throughout the entire song, kinda seems to drone on and on after a while. Same with the lyrics themselves. They all follow the same structure. Variety is the Spice of life.

C4C? Running With Scissors

EDIT: Just read the story. thought it was kinda funny.
this is a song meant for christian reflection?... I think it actually may be a 'bit too heavy for that...

but as for the song itself- Distortion sounds maybe a 'tad too fuzzy? maybe just the recording.

Drums seem a little weak. Needs more "Oomph". A little more balls to compete with the heavy chugga chugga riff.

Leads were nice. Maybe make it a little more aggressive? add some tremelo picking or pinch harmonics?

C4C? Running With Scissors
I think the wah is a 'bit excessive...lower the sweep a little bit. it sounds more like a volume pedal than a wah. tell the bassist to learn how to play.

Also, if you tell us fast forward 2 minutes then you already know. Maybe take more time in actually writing something instead of keeping something you think sucks and telling us to fast-forward.

also, the "claude the puss" really annoying and doesn't fit with the rest of the music. can it all together.

c4c? Running With Scissors
Very eerie sounding song. the Hum (intentional or just bad recording) actually kinda accentuates the creepyness of it.

Maybe getting an actual bass for the low chord strums would be better than three guitar parts?

c4c? Running With Scissors
I listened to Wise Man. I like the song. It's cool. Although (maybe it's just me) but the bassline for me just doesn't flow together well enough. I think maybe it needs a little more legato-ishness...

Backup vocals need just a 'bit more volume...

c4c? Running With Scissors
I'm really diggin' this track. bass is tight. very nice variation in the instrumentation. Little piano riff just may get lodged in my head for a while.

You definitely put your time and effort into this and it shows.
lol. i like it. really fast. really heavy. and the solo (although cheated on) sounds pretty good.

only problem really is the quality, which isn't unbearable. But it could definitely use some work. and some real drums.

But i'm sure you knew that. good shit.