chuck norris doesn't use pickup lines...he just says, "now!"

...and god said, "let there be light"
chuck norris replied, "say please"

did you know that chuck norris once lost a testicle in a fight with wolverine? you may know it by it's technical term, Jupiter
wow...pretty one sided it is.
well at first i wanted the ex-400. i need a metal guitar, seems to fit the bill. active pups, explorer shape that i love. relatively cheap.

then i saw the fx260/ex260.

it's cheaper, and it's got a coil tap. i've played schecters with coil taps and thought it was pretty cool.

however i'm not to sure on the pups..and it has an agathais body (other has a mahogony body) that a good wood?...

could i swap pups on the 260 keep the coil tap and have a good guitar?

or should i screw the coil tap and save for the 400?

EDIT: while i'm's a epiphone explorer compare to these?
once more...doesn't windows moviemaker only let you import video? not actually take the video....the camera is in the computer...and i can't find a program that lets the camera take video..only pictures, it's capable of video seeing as i used it for video chat

doesn't windows movie maker only let you import?
well...i feel like putting up some covers/original works on youtube because...well..i dunno...

so i've got this laptop and it's got a built in camera... so does anyone know any good free software/programs that'll let me take video/sound and edit it?
it's obvious that the chinaman who "wrote" this did the following

1: google "translator"
2: select "chinese to english"
3: type away
speaking of which, anyone know a good emulator for red?...posties please...or pm me
screw all your weak ass'd weapons...there's one route of ultimate-awesomeness...and one only...

shaolin spade
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but ninetails has that awesome badass mysteriousness to it. and it looks cooler too.

there's mystery to arcanine in, "what the hell!? How do i kill this thing!?!?!"
we're going down down in an earlier round, and sugar we're goin' down swinging! i'll be your number 1 with a bullet. A loaded god complex **** it and pull it

i got yellow hammer...that's cool
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Ninetails > Arcanine

sorry...couldn't disagree with you more...

ninetails is cool 'n all, but you cannot beat a giant wolf/bear with a fox...with extra tails
closure by chevelle makes me feel like an emo
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*edit* Hayley Williams

I swear to

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you wish

no man, dead serious...i could divulge further because it's kinda complicated but it's rather boring...

also semi-unrelated: my friend's house was built civil-war era by one of Ulysses S. Grant's friends so the same room my friend plays gta and the same room Grant spent 2 weeks in
apparently some distant family member of mine recently got married to some relative of president technically i'm related to him now...
hey guys, i wanna add some kind of trem to my g-400.

i was thinkin' bigsby, but then i ran across this

seeing as it attaches straight to the Stop Tailpiece, i wouldn't have to take anything out right? would this work for a g-400?
i'm a lefty but i play right handed guitar...

first time i picked up a guitar, i picked it up upside 'cuz that's how it's supposed to be for me

but when my parents bought me my first guitar, it was a right handed and i kinda just stuck with that...i wish i didn't thought because lefty-ness is ballin' as hell
since your a coheed fan...let me lay some out

Final Cut-- huge solo, fun to play

Willing Well I: Fuel For the Feeding End-- i'm learning this's epic as balls

The Crowing: pretty easy, until he gets to the part with all the artificial harmonics 'n stuff

Time Consumer: the intro is at least learn that part anagram for my name is: Sable Inch Homo

my name sucks
hey guys, i was trying to remove the pickup covers on my epi g-400, but when i removed the black plastic thing that surrounds the pickup, and picked the pickup up...(wut?) the pickup cover was soldered onto the anyone know why this is? i bought it supposedly new from gc (it was a floor model) i'd post pics but i can't find the phillips head screwdriver to redo it...
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Christ this is the dumbest thread I've ever seen.

Maybe some band names are abstract and not meant to be interpreted?/ Just because you don't understand the meaning or know of the origin of a band's name doesn't give you the right to criticize it.

we're not criticizing...we're just douching around jeez...

just because you don't understand this thread doesn't mean you have the right to criticize us for taking part in it...
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Demiricous - they admitted to making the word up, as it really means nothing
Behold.... the Arctopus - wut, seriously. wut
Living Death - oxymoron?
myGRAIN - who's grain is it and why do they have it?
Psychostick - as sticks lack brains, I find that it is probable that they are incapable of being "psycho"

These are a few, among many others in my collection.

holy **** listen to psychostick!!!!

i love you....PLUH!

ontopic: killswitch engage

if they engage a killswitch, they're guitars would have no sound...but they do...
look at the penis closely, its CIRCUMSIZED.

you would look....pervert
what's that one link on youtube that's a song made up of groans and wails of mental patients in some hospital or something...there was a thread of it here but i have no idea where it is, play that ****...scared me...
[quote="'[x"]Huffy[x]']You have no idea what you're talking about.

Donda West died due to complications from cosmetic surgery involving a tummy tuck and breast reduction procedure. She was warned of the risks but proceeded to have the surgery.

It was nothing to do with KanYe.

How accused KanYe of ignorance, when you're the most ignorant person here.

oh, i heard that the doctors told her not to have the surgery, when kanye threw more money at them...conflicting stories i guess, i heard this version on the radio
haven't read it...sounds interesting however, seeing as i'm semi-religious and have skimmed through the bible...
Quote by ItsThatDude if you want good hip hop listen to... kanye...

minus infinity...twice

sorry, i don't like people who kill their own mothers because of ignorance
anyone know if growlith/arcanine can be found in ruby version/where?

and where the hell do i get a pokeblock case?

what the hell does a pokeblock case do?

does it level you up or something? 'cuz my pokemon are very underleveled, i'm in victory road and my pokemon are leveled 31-45

(45 is groudon everything else is pretty even 31-36)
ok i guess my minds made up...

is a setup for a bass as much $ for a guitar set up? good string company? anyway i can fill in the dents? (they're pretty stabwounds lol)
ok, so my friends and i are starting a "band" and by that i mean, we just jam a little and screw around while hanging out once every friday...

now one of them is going to be the "bassist"

he has a 1995 MIM fender precision bass from his grandfather

it's in pretty good condition (i guess) apart from the fact that it's got more than a few big dents in the body, badly needs new strings, very badly needs a new setup because the strings are like half an inch off the fretboard in some places.

his grandpa wants like $150 for it...

so my question to you is, would it be better/cheaper to just buy a new bass or should he keep the fender and fix it up?

btw, he'd only spend around 200 bucks max on a new bass. suggestions?

the person below me wants to below me...
haha, no way in hell would i chop 'em off...just when i'm being an emo i like to cheer myself up by looking at things as "extreme" as possible
sex only comes to mind when they're babes...but i can't have a serious attraction with both mental and physical can i?

i was just sayin' even though i'm more of a brain guy (if this makes sense) it'd be easier to kick the habit with no dangle buddies wouldn't it?
but jokes will be issued and i am prepared

ok, personally women/girls/vajayjays/ect. are trouble for me. i always find myself on the losing side whenever i cross paths because you know...i'm a dude

well, the old saying goes "can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em" right?

anyways, the thought came when my friend was talking about how he neutered (sp?) his dog, and now, the dog has no desire for...other dogs... (you know where this is going)

so if by some twist of fate, if someone got their balls chopped off, they wouldn't care about members of the opposite sex would they?
talkin' old games...


my favorite is Arcanine though...big ass'd wolf/bear/dog on fire...can and will rape other pokemon on command
DUDE!!! we have the same shoes!!!, those are AE right?...bump i guess...and god i wish i had a cab to put that on...or lived remotely near you
i'm quite fond of jacksons...i don't own one, but everytime i pay a visit to my local gc, i got one in my hands, i'm thinking about buying one myself, i don't like b.c. riches (personal experience, not bandwagon)

if you change tunings a load, don't go with a floyd rose, unless you wanna keep using your squier