straight up garbage. and you know it. sorry.
wow. that is some incredible stuff you've got there.
One of my favorite tracks from my band's new CD.

Just wondering what UG thinksof it.
I'm the bassist.

Crit 4 Crit, i'd love to hear your guys' songs if you'd like to listen to mine.


Song's Running With Scissors but feel free to crit any of the others as well.
hey, i was just wondering what kind of vocals Keith Buckley from Every Time I Die employs. He really sounds like he's kinda just throwing his vocal chords around, but he's been doing it for a while, so i was wondering what kind of technique he uses. What kind of screaming is that?

Tips to achieve that kind of vocal style?
Quote by KirkMetallica

Congrats everyone, we've given the only known planet in the universe capable of supporting intelligent life a death sentence.


our planet is completely fine despite whatever gases are in its atmosphere. Driving our gas-guzzlers won't make the planet suddenly explode.
what we can effect is ourselves. We are the equivalent to a flea on a dog. The earth is quite capable of lasting on its own. Its been doing it for a while, kinda has the hang of it me thinks.

Don't get me wrong, i don't think we should just screw up the environment and kill ourselves off. But don't go around acting like you're saving THE EARTH. the thing doesn't need saving. we do.

/end rant

ontopic: Yay glaciers!
Schecter Hellraiser C-1 with floyd?

Cherry Finish...

from a gig 2 weeks ago...ridiculous bass tapping ftw!
Quote by Rapter-paul

yeah...right when i posted this thread, i found that one...felt kinda dumb.
So i just got a new guitar used for christmas, with included hardshell case. Awesome right? Only problem is...he was a smoker.

I've tried fabreezing times, and i can still smell it. Anyone know how I can get that awful smell out of my case?

also: why does it matter if a guitar was in a smoke-free home? I see that alot in used advertisements. Is it just because of the stink? Or does it actually affect the guitar?
that movie wasn't scary in the least bit...most of the movie was watching two people sleep....and then a door closing.
17 years old. check the sig.

hey guys, just wondering if any of you knew anything about this guitar. he says it was made somewhere around 1999 and has some kind of ibanez remanufactured tremelo.

I'm looking for a new guitar, this S series is in trans green. so definitely interested. just seeing what you guys thought. also, $380 U.S. seem fair?
i know a girl who's engaged. she just turned 18. and they just celebrated their one year anniversary.

i give it less than a year.
btw, anyone else love it when rody's voice cracks in the middle of a scream and he sounds like a hunter from left 4 dead?
...i got mine early....listening to it now. =D
foil and toilet bowl cleaner....didn't hear it from me.
thank you for the data Dirge, Child in Time, and Mdawg24

EDIT: and joehhy
lol. I was going to study if there was a correlation between grammatical correctness and race. But of course i was too lazy to find test subjects and so....i turned to the pit. which of course was a bad idea. but eh... i tried. time to B.S.!
usually i'd be upset but i like your avatar so.... meh.
i'm doing a psychology project that's due tomorrow. unfortunately i was unable to test at my school and so, i turn to the pit.

so here we go:

Please find and circle any spelling or gramatical errors you see for the paragraph below.

John is a senior in High School. He has many classes, though he rarely studys. His favorite to subjects are math and science. During passing periods, he often conversates with his fellow students while they walk to their next class. John hates freshmen with a passion, and often throws pennies or other small projectiles at them whenever he seems them Once, a teacher saw him, and he got a referral.

please include your age and race. and i know you can cheat...please don't. i'm b.s.'ing most of it anyways but still.

EDIT: since you can't circle, just underline or bold or whatever.
I hope people don't turn in this into a flaming war over the morality of hunting animals...

I don't have a problem with it as long as you kill to eat. killing for fun is a little weird...

i've never hunted before. but i well intend to. Took a hunter safety course a few months back. Some pretty interesting stuff.
that's kinda what i was thinking. plus it's cheaper. but then again, if the built quality or quality overall is better on the schecter. then i'd say it's worth the extra cash.

also: i do believe i'd prefer the neck thru as opposed to bolt on. of course i gotta go try to find one to try out. the neck joint doesn't seem that bad.
ok guys, so i'm saving for a new bass. looking to spend around 400-700 american dollars.

i'm looking for a 5 string this time around.

i'm lookin' for a nice versatile bass. needs to be asthetically pleasing. nothing too fancy though.

main influences would be: arif from protest the hero, Mic Todd from Coheed and Cambria, Nick from As Blood Runs Black. pretty varied tastes.

So with this kinda knowledge, should i get:





*insert suggestion*

thanks for all the help in advance.
i absolutely love the man despite the fact i can't pronounce his last name....

i learned Palms Read a few days ago. tappin' like a madman.

i give him a 10/10.
that thing is gorgeous...shame you're in the UK....
i liked KSE's version of holy diver... better than the original. HAHA!

Children of Bodom does a badass cover of "Oooops i did it again".

but i do know some crap covers...

Dashboard Confessional did a cover of Weezer's "El Scorcho". I thought it was pretty awful.

Rise Against's cover of "Anyway You Want it" by Journey. God damn that man cannot sing. just sounded sooo bad...ugh.
Quote by blackthought
Well, the girl I was supposed to go to a show with tonight bailed on me. Well, she said she had to go out with her parents but she'd let me know if she was going to be able to show up. Of course, she didn't, and she didn't respond when I texted her asking what was up.

I just don't know what to do.

she gave you the shaft. i suggest you do likewise buddy. sorry.

or maybe, her battery died or something.

either way, give her a few days. if she tries to make it up to ya, then you'll know. if not, then no.
alright guys. i am the owner of a 1996 Fender P-Bass. and i've noticed because of my playing and the sweat and all that nasty stuff, my basses neck is pretty slow. and i was wondering if you guys know any quick fixes. Is there any household cleaning products that would work? Do i have to go out and buy some special cleaning solution or something?

Please and Thanks in advance
hey guys, i'm looking to trade my 1996 Fender Precision Bass for a 5 string bass. lookin' for anything in a similar price range. and if your bass is more expensive, i'd be happy to throw a little cash ontop.

i'll be wanting to play some hardcore music with it. but versatility would be nice.

about the bass:

got it from a friend a few months back. color is black with a white pickguard. just gave it a professional setup and new strings. is in good condition. a few dents on the bottom. completely unnoticeable when playing, either standing or sitting. will get pics up if anyone is interested.
Quote by NoLaurelTree000

i love these two songs...last one especially gets me...

A Perfect Sonnet from them does the trick too.

What Sarah Said from Death Cab for Cutie made me cry once...
first day of my life- bright eyes
gotta plug the mr. claudio sanchez.

he solos while playing a theramin with his hair.

epic? yes indeed-y
no i don't. most of the time. i mainly use it to indicate tone.

i.e.- "you're stupid"

someone may take this as an actual insult.

if i write, "lol, you're stupid"

they realize i'm being sarcastic.
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So there is this girl, who broke my heart. She has came back into my life with the intentions of dating me. What should I do?

well, you could either give it another go, or not.

i don't really think anyone in the pit could tell you what to do. however, you should probably contemplate a few things.

whatever the reason she broke your heart before, is there a high chance it'll happen again?

do you think she's worth another try?

do you know her reasons for wanting you back? are they good reasons?

are you willing to forgive her, and move on?

whatever you do, i hope it goes well. good luck
okay guys, so my ex-girlfriend and i broke up...4 er 5 months ago. and during that time, we didn't speak. sucks. she was pretty much one of my best friends. and my feelings for her ran pretty deep. just didn't work out i guess

but recently, we've started talking again. just a little here and there. and for some reason, it just...pisses me off. like... i can't talk to her without getting upset. she has a habit of talking about other guys infront of me. to me. and i still feel for her. and whatnot.

i don't wanna lose her. she honestly means alot to me. but i can't really stand being near her anymore. and it hurts.

so anyone know some ways i can hopefully get over this hump and progress forward in our relationship?
sweet...i got alex lifeson

and Jim Thome....nice... go Sox

and the leadsinger for the Bloodhound Gang.
But if my silence made you leave
Then that would be my worst mistake
So I will share this room with you
And you can have this heart to break

not a lyric, more like a series of lyrics... but whatever.
well guys, i gotta make a demo as an audition for this local band. they're a hardcore band...i guess along the lines of chiodos...alesana...that kinda thing. nothing too technical...and i was just wondering what kind of techniques and whatnot i oughta show off to impress 'em...i really dunno what basssists in such bands even do...

just need some basic ideas

EDIT: i'm pretty new to bass to be honest.... only been playing a few months. but i've been playing guitar for around 3 years prior so i can definitely work my way around the fingerboard....
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His tattoo says "STF" and then his medallion has a "U" on it.


also...isn't that The Game?...

i losst....