wait...wait...did they do elf tower new mexico on the neverender dvd? i'm watching it now but they skipped from god send conspirator to iro-bot....



EDIT: just realized... claudio never uses his medusa in the

....what currency is that?...

okay guys, so i have the progression


but when trying to put a melody over it.... the half-whole scale just doesn't sound very good...

i'm using the chords


what's going on here?...
oh thank this thing's killin' me. thanks for all the help guys
in half-whole diminished...

still in "E"

i have a progression Em/Gm/A#m

taking from the root, then going a minor third up.

this works correct?
okay update. i realized that if i changed to half-whole, i'd have the chords available


i think that when chugged...this progression sounds decent enough to work on.

so this progression follows "E" half-whole correct?
wait.... progressions can't resolve to diminished chords? then what would something in a diminished scale resolve to?...
okay, so if i kept it in E, according to the site envy gave me, i can just play powerchords around F#, A, C, ad D#

do i still have to use E to keep the progression in E?
thanks the.envy

that site looks EXTREMELY helpfull

and Archeo, thanks, i'll definitely try that.

...this thing's due thursday.

EDIT: Just remembered, my teacher said something about being able to formulate chords by just taking the notes from the scale, and rearranging them without any kind of turshin (sp) harmony.

or something like that.

is this something i should look into?
My guitar teacher recently made a little assignment for me. He recently taught me about diminished scale. The Whole-Half diminished scale, and the Half-Whole diminished scale. that sorta thing. and with it, he told me that i was to write an 8 bar progression with a diminished scale harmony. so before i begin, i just wanna clarify some things.

if i were to chose the Whole-Half diminished scale in "E"

the notes would be, E - F# - G - A - Bb - C - Db - Eb. right?

also, i can't just powerchord my way and b.s. this assignment correct? seeing as there are not many perfect fifth intervals in this scale right?

if anyone could clarify this it would be most helpful. i don't really feel like writing something for him to tell me i screwed up majorly.. suck... i want one....
Fallout Boy.

reason i picked up a guitar too.
landlocked blues- bright eyes.
so my friend just told me he got an orange amp. problem is, he got it off of ebay. for 89 dollars... it's a 15watt solid state amplifier.

but does orange even make solid states? i mean...the thing sounds like total ass. i'm assuming it's a rip-off.
C. Scyther and Lavitar....**** yes.
i say keep the child. that gives us exactly 9 months to beat all gym leaders, elite four, growing as a responsible human being, and starting a family...perfect ending, let the thread die.
i say B. you don't need money... you did the duplicate items cheat earlier in the story if i recall.
I believe as humans they should do whatever the hell they want... but then again... even if the kid comes out normal... how would that kind of couple support the child?

all in all... i think they shouldn't. not that it's immoral. or wrong... just a bad idea.

just like how i wouldn't like it very much to give a blind person the keys to a car.

...bitch ain't touching MY woman...
i'd go E. enough with the cheap banging... there're better places on the internet for that kind've thing than here...
lol. not really... i'm just bored and wondering if i can read at super-speeds.... *lame*
alright guys, there's this website called linky: link

pretty cool, just insert text and it'll flash the words rapidly and hopefully eventually increase your reading speed.

now, i want to increase my reading speed...but i'm not sure what the text i insert should be. I tried short stories...but it just feels wrong. half the fun of reading a story is having it narrated in your head, but of course in speed reading, that's meant to be cut down.

so what should i read?


Coheed and Cambria does it on their third album.
alright let's fight. C
C. stupid flying pokemon know mud slap...
Quote by blakehendrix

Well how many of yous knew that Stevie Ray Vaughan died on the same day his father did 4 years earlier. August 27

holy **** that's my birthday

he rhymed marvin with starvin....

south park anybody?
...i love the whitest kids u'know...
the show.

at least i get the podcast version anyways...

best damn show ever. 2 guys ranting about porn and pop culture for 3 hours...
that shirt is ugly as ****.
Quote by Sergeant Madd
I'll trade you my bass stuff for guitar stuff?

lol i'd like to keep my guitar stuff...quite fond of the instrument...

and is a squier bass suitable for metal?
well currently i'm a guitarist. but now my band needs me to start playing bass. I'm happy to oblige. always wanted to play. but i'm very very low on dough. I'm in a predominantly metal playing band. so i'm sure that's an issue. i need a bass, and of course, an amp to go along with it.

so what i need your help on guys, is the lowest possible priced combo of the two. i'd like an amp loud enough to gig. just small gigs house gigs and stuff of the like.

EDIT: you can just suggest good cheap amps or basses. from my experience i should avoid starter packs and buy each thing individually.

Thanks for the help in advance.
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I tried the soccer ball but you can't make it get a point once its in the goal cuz its just an object and it doesnt really react with the "game" bastard.
Antoine Dufour is a French-Canadian...that count?

and George St. Pierre is pretty beast too...
^not that i know of...
okay i got down and dirty with my girlfriend the other day. so when we finally finished (her mom kinda interrupted us) i looked at the condom and there was a little bit of blood on it. she said she wasn't on her period. and this is like the third time we've done know why this occured?
probably just a setup issue. i have the same guitar, and although i tune it once everytime i play, most of the time, it's all good.
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J'apprécie des coqs dans ma bouche

It translates to "Appreciate life before it is gone."

no it doesn't...

j'apprecie means appreciate.

des coqs sounds like cocks...

dans means in.

and ma bouche means my mouth

so that means, i appreciate cocks in my mouth...
i was rather confused with transformers... because sam explains that megatron wants to use the cube to transform human technology into evil deceptacons to go wreak havoc and all that good stuff....

but then they explain that all the human technology was reverse engineered from megatron.
1/10 never seen it...awesome avatar though.