i like junesong provision by coheed and cambria acoustic better than electric...i's just kewl
jesus... now i'm really pumped. sounds good....

me and my gf are psyched...out favorite comedian...anyone know what the show is actually about though? lol. commertials don't really say much.
Quote by CLVPX
The "bases" as such I've always heard of are like

1: a pull, kissing
2: mutual masturbation; handjob or w/e
3: oral
4: sex

Dunno if I'm on the same idea as you but yeah

see i'm not sure if that's right 'cuz in baseball, to get to home you have to go through 1, 2, and 3. but i'm pretty sure you can cut corners there....i have.
so i've noticed that alot of times when guys are talking in the company of girls, they often won't go into specifics, but rather say, "i reached *insert base number 1-3*"

and i get confused...any one care to specify what getting to those bases are?... stealing bases rape?...

can i hit a homerun?...

any other baseball terminology that can be misconstrued as sexual inuendo?

lol sorry guys i get kinda confused sometimes...
True Love Waits by Radiohead is a nice acoustic song...
i believe so. thanks for clearing that up guys.
so a C lydian style chord would be C-E-G-G#?


i'm guessing he made me do this as an excersise so i could learn what makes a certain mode...different than the others, while also working on my chord construction theory.
okay guys, so my teacher and i were going over some modal stuff, and he started talking about creating chords, for specific modes. like a "c-lydian" chord. so he made me construct a triad with C-E-G, and then he asked me what made lydian, sound like "lydian". sharp four right?... isn't that just another C? i'm confused.

so would a C "lydian" style chord just be the same as a C major chord...with another C?


he was talking about things that made modes sound specifically like that mode...but alot of modes share the same things like flat 2, 3, 7... how do i know which ones make that mode sound special?
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okay guys...i got a 'bit of a problem.

ok so me and this girl i really like aren't going out...i think... but i like her, she likes me, so we're kinda just going really really slow...which is okay by me. and it's kinda low key...only a few really close friends know anything.

but the problem is, one of my friends kinda asked her out... and she thought they were going as friends but apparently he just wants it to be the two of them. i'm not mad at him, he doesn't know about us, i haven't told him anything, but...what would be the appropriate course of action?

i guess she kinda led him on, but she says that she doesn't like him like that... i would guess it's kinda her mess to sort out...
elderly is that badass at all?
wonders how you managed to insert anything else due to the fact that YOUR DEAD!!!

*inserts hello kitty squier*
doesn't realize bono's gay... *looks like him*
weird 6 armed elephant god bitch slaps you across the room, killing you instantly.

*inserts chuck E. cheese token*
My fellow Americans, today is a homo day. You have shown the world that "hope" is not just another word for "shlong", and that "change" is not only something we can believe in again, but something we can actually rape.

Today we celebrate, but let there be no mistake – America faces black and nigga-esq challenges like never before. Our economy is ****ty. Americans can barely afford their mortgages, let alone have enough money left over for darkies. Our healthcare system is smelly. If your penis is sick and you don't have insurance, you might as well call a porn star. And America's image overseas is tarnished like a sack chicken. But ****ing together we can right this ship, and set a course for new jersey.

Finally, I must thank my tall family, my ****in' campaign volunteers, but most of all, I want to thank The KKK for making this historic occasion possible. Of course, I must also thank you, President Bush, for years of ****ing the American people. Without your jewish efforts, none of this would have been possible.

eh...worth the half minute
granted, turns out you get a two headed fish.

i wish i had the musical knowledge and ability of paul gilbert.

EDIT: granted, but you used up your wish and wishing for a wish...btw, you wanted a marshmallow spewing volcano.
i think ts is more attractive than his girlfriend...if i were him i'd keep the hair 'n 'bate. win-win.
yeah. the best pieces are always written vaguely so they kinda fit into the listeners experiences. i liked it. even though it kinda reminded me of a mad-lib. ol
how's the fret access on the rr3?

it's got a bolt on neck right?
lol. if you hadn't said it was about a girl...i'd be super duper confused. this piece is very deep...maybe to a fault. because i have no idea what your talking about. you describe something, but i have no idea what that thing is. albatross? ain't that a bird?

it does flow nicely, but i don't really understand the point you're trying to convey. i know you do, but some of your slower audience (like me) may not get it.
naked girl avalanche.
Quote by Dæmönika
She cuts herself because she needs something to
believe in. She hides away to feel the sense
someone is looking for her. She questions
judgments because what she knows is different to everyone
else. She can’t stand up without leaning on
a pillar of derisiveness. So she cuts herself.

sounds pretty deep. the sentence structure i think is a 'bit murky. i had to re-read it a few times to understand it. "derisiveness" very nice word choice. Very complete thought here i think. Nicely done.

She cries each night to give her the allusion she is
on the streets. She believes in miracles because this world
has yet to claim her. She dances with shadows because they
neither know her name nor their own. She won’t surrender
because she believes she has nothing to give up. We’ll find her
cowered in a corner. So she cries at night.

I very much like this stanza. but shouldn't it be "illusion"?

We’ll ignore her because she is an insignificant dot
on our planet. We’ll sleep easy because we have no idea
she is struggling on her own. We’ll be happy that what we see
is what we want and we can get it at will. She’ll be cursing our names
and chasing the stars as they fall from the sky into her jealousy.
It’s too late to turn back the clock. So we’ll ignore her.

Sums up this piece quite nicely. shows the main character's impact. none.

Sutruh t’nowees t’na cewt ahw.
Eilton soe dties uaceb ror rimehtet ahew.
So we look away.

I have no idea what this what language is that?

overall, i really like what you've done here. Nice main focus. Nice character development. Nice imagery. not much to improve on. may i ask what genre this would be?
Quote by Erlendhagen3
ok, so I made a lyric for my screamo band, I have put together some of my old lyrics and tweeked them so they fit to this song, I'm not sure what to do for the 3rd verse so please help C4C

keeping us in walls,
no way in or out.
will I die today?
or will I live to stay?
feeding your own lust,
with our children's blood,
your promises,
we can not trust.

interesting rhyme scheme. flows quite nicely. "feeding your own lust..." interesting line. i don't really know what it entails, but it makes me want to find out.

REF 1:
telling lies every day,
in my eyes I can see,
that you have lost your way,
pass the torch, or you will pay.

this part seems a little vague. how has this person failed you? maybe expand upon this idea.

We gather, torches are lit, knives are drawn,
retaliation has finally come.
I may be small, but I'm standing tall.
Now feel my wrath as I unleash it all.

not really feeling "i may be small..." kinda feels like a forced rhyme for the next line. still, what has this person done to make you come to this violence?

REF 2:
Bloodthirsty he hangs,
we have removed the fangs.
The bald eagle has fallen.
the big man's down.

if he's hanging, how is he bloodthirsty? he should be dead at this point right? i'm not really feeling the other lines here either. they seem a little weak. bald eagle? big man? the language needs more "oomph" C'mon. this is screamo. where's the rage?

overall, this piece i feel lacks depth, and emotion. but it's definitely a good start. just expand some of these ideas, maybe crack open a thesaurus. give it some balls and i'm sure it'll make an awesome song.
read it again.

it's quite funny. 'cuz we've all been there (nasty chick, hopefully not nude)

reminds me of the bloodhound gang, or tenacious d.

what kinda instrumentation is going to be on this piece?
definitely not the most original lyrics. but i can definitely see this being a nice song with the right instrumentation. (acoustics and whatnot) i think the lyrics serve their purpose and something such as love doesn't always need to hide behind complex metaphors and strange sentence structure. nice, sweet, and to the point. lucky lady you've got there.
holy hell....i like this.

lemme hear the final version m'kay?
Quote by matosh.lee
song i wrote just now

Thank you, for nothing

Just so you know

wherever I am.
whatever I am.

You didn't break my soul...

you just gorged out my eyes
you little vulture!

I like how this idea comes back later on

I saw things through this mirror
and I'm not gonna lie like you.
Try no more to pull me in, cause
I'm not gonna change who I am to fit your calendar.

not bad. the mirror line indicating that you know who you are right? i like that. i also really like the last line.

I didn't do no wrong cause I am who i am.
I'm not feeling any more pain
cause I'm never gonna be okay
but I've long been past the stages of denial.

I didn't judge you by the skeletons in your closet!
I looked past the mask of mascara.
I saw more than your fresh open scars.
It was all more than seeing you naked.

mask of mascara. i like that.

I saw you
and I wish I didn't. burned that bitch...*hi-five*

*Thank you!
For tearing my eyes out.
Blessed you!
For being a rock to my glass heart.
Thank you!
For making my love spill like wine.
F*** you!
My heart has flow down the gutter.
Thanks! Cause things have never been clearer
since you gorged out my eyes!*

umm...i don't really like the kinda sarcasm type of thing going on here. but i do like the last line.

I touched you with numb hands
and I was never gonna love like you.
The tears of joy have turned crimson
and your deathly love froze them into rubies.

rubies are very precious gems. sure that's what you want to convey?

You are a crow but I am not the worm.
I was a living human, but no more.
After that first kiss I died and went nowhere.
You then picked at me like a corpse.

hmm...this part seems a little under-developed. probably because of the last line. it seems a little tacked on. even with the bird theme. because you have vultures, crows, back to vultures. maybe delve into this a 'bit more?

you were more than morphine
and you were better than ambrosia.
Now I know your just a depressant
with your frail kisses of joyful poison.

"more than mor-phine" cool. rolls off the tongue.

I loved you
and I wish I didn't

short, sweet. to the point.

look at me eye to eye!
I told you I'm not gonna promise like you.
Take of your mask of insecurities
and feel my rage crawl into your skin.

kinda the turning point i see? kinda goes into pissed off mode.

I want you to be all that you can be!
Which is hard cause your no more than a harlot,
but be the best one you can be cause your great...
At turning my love into backwash with pity.

all you can be? like the harlot line. rest of the stanza...not so much.

Call me all your foolish names
and maybe I will will hear at least one.
You cut off my senses leaving me a beacon in distress.
Thank you for leaving me deaf, blind, and dead!

once again, not really feeling the sarcasm

I hate you
and I'm glad i do.

i do like how you changeup from the longer more in depth stanza's to these shorter more poignant lines


Leave me alone and don't bother me with gifts.
Let me be alone in my velvet casket.
If I welcome in these close walls...
When will i be able to see that pretty face
that brings me so much malice!


I only want to stay cause you will be
down here soon!

i don't quite get this, she'll be down there with you in metaphoric death?

it started off quite promising but it just drags on soo much... before the final piece, you may wanna cut down on some things, unless you want this epic 20+ minute song. some bits just seem tacked on. no real emotion. but try to condense things to form one fluid idea. condense all the hard hitting emotion because lengthened out, it seems to fall a 'bit flat. but there is real potential i see here.
definitely a little long. but i think that adds to the epic-ness if you will.

i'm definitely a fan of soldier type songs.

coheed fan 'eh? this kinda reminds me of "in keeping secrets"

well done.
seems like a fun song.

i kinda lol'd to be honest at the STD line.

i like it wanna hear the rest of it when it's done.
you said you want the truth, and you can have it.
your wish is my command.
but i wish you could have loved me.
like you said.
you were always full of deceit.
but i couldn't see past your pretty petals.

Your smile leaves a fissure in my heart.
your words wound me.
i hope you choke on your lacerating lies.
I hung from every sweet word you spoke.
just to be crushed from the fall.

when you kill me my darling, kill me slowly.
I'd love to see that shimmer in your eyes.
Sing me a lullaby, while the reaper makes his way.
Cradle me in your arms, and drive the blade into the flesh.
Press your lips against mine, for the last time,
and watch me fade away.
and here i thought roses were the ones with thorns.

c4c of course.

rather cliche i think. but it serves it accurately describes what i want to convey.

EDIT: forgot to metion, this is kinda a metalcore, hardcore type of song... think old atreyu.
i'd guess test number 1 was the les paul?
i like their old stuff quite a 'bit. now that he doesn't scream though...not so much.
pretty good for a first song. i liked how the song was based off of one basic riff that just kept building. keyboards seemed a little tacked on... maybe it's just me. possibly use the keys as more of a lead instrument on your next piece? few botched notes here and there, but it was pretty good. i enjoyed it.
lol yeah. i woke up this morning, and i recorded. and right when i finished i thought "...i might be out of tune" lol i'm lazy.

know any good free drum programs?
March to war-- nice little song. great quality, pretty good solo. the main riff i like. although there was a part where the bass had a little fill...kinda wished that was a 'bit longer.

Robo Goblin-- liked the fade in intro. drums are beast as hell. song really picks up at the solo. seems kinda to just drag on until the solos. did you plan to have some singing? 'cuz if so it's understandable but if not, maybe add a 'bit more beef to the middle.

Rock 'n Roll Highschool-- nice change of pace. kinda eerie vocals. kinda bluesy. i like it.

Wicked Jam-- WAH!!!...i love me some wah... nice bass line. solid drumming here as well.

overall you've got some talent. really great drums. do you use a program? i noticed alot of your songs are pretty short though. maybe work on elaborating more?


i'm not as good or thorough as you are... but you know...that's why i need crit.
why does everyone think the vypyr is so damn good? it honestly sounds just as bad as the spider. with the vypyr, you basically have to have an effect running, even on bypass mode. i think that's stupid. and it honestly just sounds bad...

they both lose.
it's not too bad. especially for a first attempt. like the drum beat. do admit the solo needs work. maybe throw in a 'bit legato in addition to the tapping. the main riff is pretty decent. i liked it.