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umm...i dunno if there is a method. mostly luck really. lol. i've always had feelings for her and i kinda just told her, and we talked about it, and then she told me that she once had similar feelings, which kinda crushed me. but then they came back i guess, and here we are.

so basically just go around doing good deeds, then maybe god'll owe you one and cut you some slack
lol. that's rather interesting. pretty damn cool though. i liked it.
well... it's just guitar tracks. my first upload onto ug! and my first recording

lol be gentle please. c4c.

it's a bit off time in some bits, and the kinda solo-y bit at the end kinda blows 'cuz it's mostly improv, as are the rest of the kinda lead bits. all recorded and thought of in a few hours, kinda a rough draft for a song i wanna present to my band.

songs on my profile

so...what do you guys think?
that sucked so hard it doesn't deserve a thread in the pit...that's saying something
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im asking my best friend (girl) out

should i say

im in love with you (true)
or would it be better to say
head over heels for you
crazy about you

or any other suggestions?

hmm...might wanna stay away from the "l" word for a 'bit... but i guess just tell her how you feel, see how she takes it. if it seems like she might feel the same way, go for it. just ask her out.

and don't worry about the friend zone stuff. sure, sometimes it's true. and that really sucks. but there's always a chance. hell. it worked for me. i'm going out with my best female friend

good luck to ya
vyper pisses me off... my friend has one and no matter what, you can't turn the effects off. there's always a delay. even on bypass mode. lol same thing happens to the guy in the video. and i think that I like how the spider sounds better. i do hate the crunch setting on my spider though, i only use clean and metal. insane is stupid too.
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...i understand it's possible to do metal on strats.

just that a guitar more geared towards metal would probably suit his needs more...
well if you're lookin' to do metal... i think you could probably rule the strat out...
...i still thought it was funny. lol.

mother line wasn't bad. he just kinda pointed it out. i don't care. still funny.
...i'd keep the sg...
lol loads of responses already... some interesting... lots of lol's...i'm happy... i'd like to do something musical...but i like that cake idea... and the school PA. but i dunno if they'd let me do that...'s months away. but it's never too early to at least ponder it right?

so me and my girlfriend were talking and she was like "i wanna be asked in a creative way"

so guys... BE CREATIVE

and no, this shouldn't be in the relationship thread...'tis about prom. not relationships.

wrong forum. try the gear ads
...lucky bastard. lol
^lol true... *EDIT* to fifer

the palomino has got very nice cleans though... pretty warm. overdrives quite nicely as well. it'll definitely do the blues rock stuff... doesn't really do metal without an overdrive in front of it though. but it doesn't seem like he wants that anyways .
that's a nice...freakin' amp if i do say so myself... i've got the smaller model. sounds very nice
epiphone 32
Gibson 106
PRS 37
Schecter 68 HURT
not bad. i thought it was gonna be some super shred metal just from the shape of your guitar... 'twas nice
will you people shut up about how it's the thought that counts. there's obviously no thought whatsoever in that gift. she got it at her work. out of covinience. so yeah bro, your gift sucks. oh well. better luck next year.
okay guys so i recently got the gearbox plug in silver bundle thingy ( and i was wondering whether i should return it for a line 6 pocket pod.

basically i want something with decent tone, better is best... that i can use to do a little recording. nothing fancy.

anyone have any experience with either of these things?

only reason i kinda like the pocket pod is because it's portable and because i can practice with it...and put it infront of my amp (no idea why i'd do this though)

so which one of these would be easiest to start recording? which one sounds better? which one do you think i should get?

sorry if im a little vague...i'm sick and tired and bored... can't think straight
psychostick has an entire christmas album... pretty good stuff. zombie holiday joyride or something like that...
i know i can't force her... but i just want her to trust me... same girl...different problem.

so she's thinking of breaking it off. she likes me. i like her...tremendously. but she's afraid. she's scared she'll be hurt again. her ex-boyfriend really...i mean really... mistreated her, and i wanna get through to her...but i don't know how...
so there's this girl i really like... and she likes me. relationship still isn't official.. but you know.. i'm working on it. but there's this other guy. and she's told me that she wonders why she likes me so much, when she thinks that he'd treat her better. i mean.. he's smarter, taller, funnier, he knows her better, he's more romantic... overall better. I guess since her ex-boyfriend really treated her like ****.. she's afraid to take risks, and he seems like a done deal, where as i... not so much i guess.(this is what i have deduced) but she still really likes me, and we've spent time together and she seems happy, and i know that she isn't going to go to him... but I can't shake the fear that she might realize that he's so much better than me.

so anyone know how i can shake this feeling? i mean...she sometimes brings stories up of what he's done for her...all the romantic things 'cuz he still hasn't given up on her. (asshole.) and i just can't compete with that... so am i just being insecure?
...i do not feel this way at all.
lol ok. good to know.

one thing, he said the color was kind've a green...

but from the pictures i've seen, this comes in black and silver... did they ever do a production run with green?
ok guys, so gear is in my sig. but my friend is trying to sell me his esp ex-50 to me for the lowly sum of only $20 U.S. awesome right? he does say it's missing the tune-o-matic bridge, but it's still got the stopbar tailpiece. so that's like... 20 bucks on ebay right?

and seeing as all the strings are off, and have been off for a while, i'm assuming it needs a setup as well.

so you guys think it's worth the hassle? with a little modification, could this guitar become decent, and if not, is at least worth as a backup guitar?

i'd probably keep this in drop c, and my epi in standard...
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Not even creationists embarrass themselves this much.

EDIT: almost forgot:


...that was awesome...
exactly what i thought. terrorists wouldn't design a device that could potentially blow everyone up at random...

she argued it's not one cellphone, it has to be alot of cellphones. and i said she's an idiot because there is ALWAYS A **** LOAD OF CELLPHONE USE IN SCHOOL. once the douche got within like...300 feet of the school he'd blow himself up

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Yeah. Maybe your dad should have used a condom.

...someone knows how to read...
okay. so today at my school, we had a gun threat. Which made our school go into a "hard lockdown" meaning each class has to shut off the lights and sit in the back of the room away from any windows. i was talking to my friend about how i was texting the entire time and basically she said i was being a dumbass. she says that all the cell phone activity would trigger an explosive if there was one, thus killing us all. of course i called her an idiot for thinking that random cellular transmissions would do such a thing.

so my question to you people is: "can random cellphone related activity actually trigger a bomb?"

i know that terrorists have used cellphones as triggers, but i'm sure that you have to call or text or something the specific cellular phone rigged to the explosive.

what frequencies to explosive triggers use? what frequencies do cellphones use?

just wondering...
interested in the cash though... if it's still up i might snag it after christmas
okay guys, so my ex-girlfriend recently told me...she might be pregnant. we're buying a test and figuring it out tomorrow. This really sucks, because i just got the girl of my dreams...and she just dropped the bomb on me. i'm scared ****-less... and i just might crap a brick. so does anyone know what the actual chances of her being pregnant are? i mean...i didn't know... in her... ugh...

and no she is not up to the idea of an abortion.

...and yes i am a dumbass...
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Tuning Guitar Strings = Cordes de accord de guitare

lol did you just throw that into a google translator?
i googled it seems like accorder mean to grant. anyone know the verb?

*edit* nevermind it works perfectly. thanks a load
keytars are sick. but if he doesn't know how to play jack ****, then he can sit his ass down behind a keyboard.
alrighty guys, i'm in french and i have to do a presentation on how to change a guitar string. so let's skip the whole, "french people are they like to lose wars!!!" and just answer, anyone the verb for tuning? and what about strings? i just used ficelle but i'm not sure if that's correct.
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To be completely honest, the only effect playing violent video games has on me is making me steadily more angry until I throw down the controller and stomp off. I paint and play music to vent.

lol sorry rabid but to me...sounds like you just suck at videogames
Am i the only one who likes Herman Li's Signature?

not a huge Dragonforce fan but damn it's sexy...

Political Correctness is the worst thing to happen. It gives parents an excuse to not do their job. There should be no need for political correctness or censorship because that should be the parents job. Sure parents can't do everything on their own, but that's why they instill values and beliefs in their children so they can't be swayed by everything they see.