i don't believe it's about guns. it's about parenting. I've been around guns all my life. I've played with toy guns, and i've shot real guns since i was around 7 years old. I'm honestly...the least violent person i know. I'm pretty much a pacifist. last time i remember ever hitting anyone seriously, was 3 years ago, and that was in defence.

I think the difference is that now, parenting skills have gone down the shitter. the parents aren't teaching their children the differences between fact and fiction. This argument seems very similar to violent video games. Which i am too, an avid fan of. I've been playing Mortal Kombat since i can remember.
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right now... dope nose by weezer
ok guys. i just wanna clear the air up a 'bit and ask you guys something.

1. specific keys have specific notes correct? so let's say A minor. If you were to make an A minor chord, the only notes you would have available would be the same notes in the scale correct?

2. how do you construct a scale? i know you take the root note and then do the whole/half step stuff... but can someone remind me what that is, and how to construct a pentatonic scale. i think it would be easier to remember how to construct rather than to remember the specific scales.

3. If a song in a specific key, the only chord changes available would be the notes in that specific key right? unless of course, they have a key change right?

Hopefully these questions are simple enough. Thanks in Advance.
...i'd say a 7...7.5 i'm definitely above average...
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(and that was longer than most of mine anyway)

^that's what she said

and i was yoda doing?!?!
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Gorgoth the Devourer of souls.

lol. i like this one because the's so adorable!!!

or mufassa (however you spell the name of the guy from lion king)
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B. it is the only way to not get owned
get an explorer?

hetfields a big dude isn't he?

i know razor backs are big too, i'm only 5"6 and i can pretty much hide behind one
not enough choices...

i pick c. spit in her face....

or d. angry pirate...

but you won't write those so i guess....A. cockblock yourself

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lol i'll go e.

but if you won't write that then d.
1. when i tune my guitar, i usually check for intonation every so often, see how straight the neck is, that kinda thing...when it needs it, get one done.

2. i would definintely recommend a setup from .9's to .12's...

3. acoustic strings that bend but keep it's tone? or it's tuning? 'cuz if you meant tuning then...i think that's a problem with your tuners... try to rub graphite in between each little nook in the nut
if the instrumentals long enough, i've always wanted to drop the mic, go in the crowd and hit on chicks...then when it's over jump back on stage and continue...might be a 'bit douchy though
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*looks at madbasslover's sig*

...i lol'd
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Mine was semi-serious, unless you want songs relevant to real issues that currently stand, in which case I'd probably still be able to help. I'd need a minute or three to think, though.

i looked up yours...i think it's a 'bit vague which is good in a way, but it's also WAY too dark with the growling for an english class full of people who listen to Lil' Wayne...
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i cum blood

you know i was thinking about that...but then i realized that strange penis maladies aren't really a major issue in the world...but thanks for trying

serious replies?
ok guys, well basically i just want some ideas on what song to do.

requirements: song has to have a "problem" something that can have a solution 'cause that's what the presentation would be on.

that's about it can be as ambiguous as you want it really...i have to do a presentation on it so something with depth would be nice.


problem there being...depression and that kinda thing


problem there: war in iraq

anyone got any bright ideas?

EDIT: just forgot, no excess swear words (one or two is fine)...sexual inuendo...that kind of thing...this is for school
ok i'm not a les paul guy, but i can understand why people would be pissed...but with the x-plorer pro gone...that is one line they should not have crossed...Those bastards
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Patrick Stump (Singer/Guitarist) - Fall Out Boy, He writes all the music except lyrics

actually from what i understand he writes most of them. pete just kinda helps him bounce ideas off and steals credit seeing as he doesn't do i love pat but hate...hate...hate....HATE....pete..
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well i don't support that. that's a pretty bogus way to hunt. i think if your not willing to go toe to toe with whatever your trying to bring down, you shouldn't.

EDIT: i still belive hunting is a fine sport, but of course as with all things, there are right and wrong ways to do it.
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You say hunting brings down the population, but animals like wolves and bears are the animals RESPONSIBLE for this. Their at the top of the food chain. If you kill them, the other populations go out of control. Your killing the animals that are keeping the population in check

You phail

yes bears and wolves are on the top of the food may i ask what keeps them in check? and what keeps them from killing all of the lesser species?
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Yes, but his point was that hunting further endangers that paticular species.

that's what the seasonal laws are for. you only hunt them during season so they have time to reproduce. plus seeing as the land their on is hunting ground, no land development means less of them die.
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Wolves are on the endangered species list. As are most species of bears.

Way to phail.

most endangered species are that way because of habitat loss...not lose. hunting preserves their habitat, so only some die...not all...and if you eat the meat, which is what your SUPOSSED TO DO, i hardly see the problem

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I'm saying that a person could have a bazooka and it wouldn't matter if he was an idiot. Give the average person a gun, and they have a massive advantedge.

you can't assume everyone's average. there are competent people, and ones that aren't so much. so, deer still have a fighting chance, and since hunters preserve their habitat...we're saving more of them than you people who do nothing but say what we do is wrong.
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Obviously stupidity trumps any sort of weapon. A good hunter would have dropped the deer before the deer even saw him.

so you agree that there are such things as good and bad hunters? so deer are not defenceless seeing as their hooves and antlers are more than a match for an incompetent hunter.
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That person was obviously a dumbass. Did you see how close he was?

well your argument is that guns make animals defenceless...which is false seeing as that guy just got his ass kicked.

closeness doesn't matter... how do you know that deer didn't bumrush his ass? if a deer sees a human, it either attacks, or gets the hell out of dodge. i doubt if he's such a "dumbass" he could've snuck up on it like that
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They're not defenseless in nature, however every animal is defenseless when it comes to human weaponry.

Deer, for example, can be very dangerous animals, but are nothing when confronted wit a hunting rifle.

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yea, lets see a deer stop a bullet

he had a gun...

and if you eat beef...or any can be quiet right now. and maybe read up on the sport of hunting before you just say that killing these is wrong...
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Why anyone would vote for them is beyond me in all seriousness.

O hai I'm sarrr-rawww Payyylin and I am "pro-life" but I love shooting what are effectively defenseless animals for no reason whatsoever other than I am a TOTAL BITCH!

hunting isn't wrong... it checks wildlife population. and it protects their habitat because they need somewhere to hunt. and whoever thinks a bear or pissed off deer is a defenceless animal...doesn't know what a defenceless animal is.
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psalm of lydia by Nevermore...if your into testicular trama inducing sweeping
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hey guys i recently bought a 535q wah from my local gc. i was wondering if anyone knew any good settings for it. specifically i'm looking for something kinda like this: around 3:15 i'm looking for a kind of super exaggerated wah sound. my gear is in my sig, the only other pedal i have is a which one should i put in first? pretty much any advice to achieve that kind of tone is greatly appreciated.
*sits in back alley*...c'mon...kensai where the hell are you?

that was months, i'm still getting over it but as i said, just don't be a pussy...seriously...haha...
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