sorry i gotta say it just buy a tuner
if your more into metal...and since your searching in pawn around with amps to see which one has the best distortion to fit your needs. that's really all you can do seeing as your just going to pawn shops.
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Any videos? I'd like to see it.

5:18 here:

i like his "falling icicles"

0:57 here:

and i like his talking into pickups move...

3:44 here:
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Topic. I would have to say All American Rejects - Dirty Little Secret.

it's just a performance video, with random bits of people holding up sticky notes...

i'd have to say silver and cold from AFI.
personnally, i'll only eat strawberry rhubarb you lose
"Wow, this is the most original and innovative song I have ever heard. The music industry will be forever changed."

you know wh-...nevermind...not even worth it
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Go out and find another girl. Doesn't matter if she's relationship material, really, but you need to get your mind off this one particular girl and show yourself that she's not what you need. Find someone hot and spend some time with them. Otherwise, just separate yourself from this girl for a while. The feelings die down eventually.

it's funny, i just took a 3 week vacation to california, thought i was done...just saw her today, and i'm ****ed all over again. it really does suck because she's one of my best friends...and she's going out with some dude this friday. wants me to come with...
ok guys. i really really like this chick (probably coulda guessed that part) but i really don't want to. we're really good friends and i think that a relationship would only complicate she doesn't like me so not like i got a chance. so, anyone know a way to..."fall out of love" with a person?... ****ing rick roll'd me....son of a bitch
don't wanna be a douche but..theres already a thread on this...

but i think sstb was by far their best album, followed by IKS...then the others were good, but pale in comparison to the others...also shabutie was better than their latest two albums but they don't really count right?
ok quick question, i have a g-400 m'kay, and i'm trying to learn master of puppets. i've noticed that my neck isn't all that fast. anyone know a quick fix to smooth it out a 'bit?
so would a '59 in the neck and an evo in the bridge get me what i'm lookin' for?

i don't really do much leadwork though...i prefer playing rythym and headbanging...
alrighty then you masters of tone. i'm lookin' to buy a new set of humbuckers for my Epi SG G-400. I play more hardrock/metal than anything else. but i'd like decent cleans because i might play in church a few times i'd like the sound to be very clear and articulate, but then again...who doesn't?

i was thinking about getting these two:

would these make a good set? if not, know any others? also i'm not limited to certain brands or anything but i'd like the cost to be under $150

oh, and i'm not looking for any active pups either...
you have no idea how much i'm GAS'ing for i'm selling some of my things to hopefully gain some cash to afford this...get back to you later but good luck selling it (hopefully to me)
Warrel Dane from nevermore and Claudio Sanchez from Coheed and Cambria. wide ass vocal range and power to back that **** up...what now?
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Yeah, but he was saying if you had the option of Rihanna or nothing. You'd obviously pick Rihanna. You'd have to hope she doesn't scream "ELLA" while having an orgasm though...

like any pitmonkey would last that long...
digitech grunge?

best get a new amp though instead...distorted crap is still crap
Charizard 33
Blastoise 25
Venasaur 13
Growlithe 21
Arcanine 25 Potion
Ditto 17 Attack
Magikarp 6
Dragonite 22
Mudkip 18 Thunderbolt
Pikachu 23 Recover
Ninetales 19
dang... no edit. forgot to ask (my parents like me to know all details before i ask anything)

how do you want payment? do you have paypal or something?
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It's funny to see 2 Coheed fans drooling over this thing lol

I saw them my 2nd time last week... Most amazing show ever =)

haha...right? probably is because of claudio i like explorers so much...
any scratches or chips or anything? my birthdays commin' around the 27th so if it's still up i might snag it
Ray from MCR is definitely a beast.

i like Patrick Stump's stuff too... take over, the breaks over part is kinda neat...

also the dude from chevelle, he plays really easy stuff, but it's so brutalzzz 'cuz he's in drop B.

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ok...this is probably on the verge of innapropriate...but i really need this and sooo....

i need a logo. i don't want something over the top fancy know, surprise me.

band name: Rez-Erection (yes, it's a penis pun)
genre: alternative/progressive/hardcore/comedy

i wanna incorperate this into my bands myspace so i could use this a.s.a.p.

please and thanks...

edit:idea kinda thing- maybe a kinda cartoony thing of the name bursting out of a grave/ sarcophagus (sp?)
laces out danny....i doubt anyone will recognize taking back sunday lyrics...this is a place for teh br00talz...

...even though i like that song
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This is such a stupid question.

hahah...i like you fob.

seriously, why is murder wrong? who made it wrong?

it's in our DNA pretty much, murder=bad. it's not because of religion, or the government, or whatever. murder=bad, can you remember that simple equation?
you can't train the squirrels...that's not fair.
you'd have to train the grizzly as well.

the only chance the squirrels have is if they blind him

so i say, "why don't i just give the bear an indestructible mask?!?111?? loollll!!!
but it takes more money out of your pockets to off the guy than to keep him alive!!! how many times to people have to say this until people stop bringing it up...ok lemme try caps: THE DEATH PENALTY IS MORE EXPENSIVE...

probably didn't work but let's see
it is stupid. but it's cheaper. which is better, because we can send the money that would've gone to off'ing the offender, to education, anti-crime programs, ect. so we have left people to off in the first place.
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No, it's not. We can do better. At least house arrest, parole or something. If you're going to do that, he's better off dying.

maybe, but seeing as it's cheaper to keep him alive...let's go with that

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Who gets to decide that murder is wrong in the first place? let alone punishable by death

kill em' all

you first!
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So we're supposed to be doing him a favor for keeping him trapt for 20 years and then letting him out and don't even compensate for what he's been through? That's ridiculous.

it is ridiculous...but it really is the best we can do.
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So what? Then we should let an innocent man sit in prison doing nothing for 20 years while we take our time to find out what happened? I'd rather die then sit in prison for 20 years.

sadly, yes...that is what we should do. because if we kill him, then he's dead. (obviously...). but if he's alive in prison, we can at least go, "hey...sorry about that. want a cookie?"
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It shouldn't have to cost more. If they are convicted to die in life in prison, let's not waste the time and just take 'em out right there.

in theory, yes. but seeing as the justice system is more about how expensive of a lawyer you can produce, then actual guilt. we cant presume that everyone who's guilty is actually guilty, and everyone innocent is actually innocent (O.J.?)
once again, life in prison costs less than death penalty...

i still think they should do something instead of sitting on their asses and dropping soap for the rest of their lives
lol...thought so but it was worth a atry.

long shot but my mom's playing bingo tonight. if she wins, i'm all...over...that...haha
well obviously he's trying to make a compromise. anything he says though's getting shut down without an alternative. simply saying "no" isn't much of an argument
well...isn't this debate about the U.S.?

so it would mean life...

which means they wouldn't come back into society anyways?

so why not give them something to do with their time?
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Prison should exist for the sake of rehabilitation. Forced labour is only going to get them to resent the state further, making them more likely to reoffend. Yeah, that's a fantastic alternative

well if it's either death or life in prison or labor... either way, they're not coming back so why rehabilitate them?
i do believe we shouldn't let prisoners sit in cells, or die. put them to work maybe. but i don't think the military is the way to go. too much rides on that kind of thing... it has to be something productive, but not too important. something not insanely difficult 'cuz that's kinda cruel, but nothing too easy either...anyone got ideas?
awww....damnit!!! i want it!!!

no chance for an epi sg g-400 plus some cash?

do your name your genitalia?
i'm an ass loving seal farmer...slight lol

EDIT: lard humping bum nibbler...i lold