maybe an ESP Ex-400?

it's got the explorer shape,
problem is it's got an emg 60/81 set

but claudio From Coheed uses an 81/85 set

so maybe a problem? maybe not
you know, both sides of this argument keep going "hey what if?!?!"

your opinion shouldn't be swayed by:

"what if aliens released everyone from prison at the same time causing anarchy, that's why we should have the death penalty"
"anyone convicted of a crime is actually innocent and was framed so we're killing innocent people"

let's stick to the actual argument?
i was banned once..'cuz frenchy won't get off her high horse...

or rather out from underneath it...if you know what i mean...

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yeah, i still think that the death penalty is a good way to deal with the problem, but it can't be done realistically and effectively. life in prison is a good alternative. plus if it's cheaper, more money going to more important things
dude...i want one...
because her name reminds me of auto insurance...and i can't even afford a car..
you know, i think i may be the only person to switch sides on the issue here. i slept and thought about it last night. and...i think i'm going anti-death...feels weird saying that...
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Im not sure but killing them certainly isnt the answer. Getting them help or something. Thats the problem though is people are too lazy or just cant think of something else other than killing away their problems.

help how? criminally insane? car accident kid isn't insane, niether is the gang-banger.

and i kinda lol'd about killing away my problems. it would be much much easier...*drifts off into a scrubs-like daydream*
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People die either way.... either way I ended people lives and now I should "pay" with my life and be put to just because I ended theirs; accident or not.

It gets the point of where do you draw the line. What is considered a "legitimate" accident. The teen knew full well there was a great possibility there could be some casualties from his race. Maybe I just wanted to hurt the people I shot but I knew full well that if I pulled that trigger there is a great possibility there could be s as a result.

Where is the line drawn? What is accidental, what is not?

The justice system is very harsh and unforgiving. It needs to be used sparingly.

ok, so what would you do with those two criminals? would you throw them both in jail for the rest of their lives?
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The street racing was "premeditated".

street racing was premeditated, not the killing
The teen mustve known full well that that consequence was a possibility yet he still did it.

Ok. Different example.

I walk around with a gun in my pocket all the time (not really, Im just using this as an example). I see a group of people from a rival gang or just simply people I dont like. I shoot all 6 of them down, killing 5.

gang violence is usually premeditated, you knew what you were doing when you pulled that trigger

Do I get penalty? It wasnt premeditated. But oh! I killed 5 people which is equal to 5 of me! Therefore I should surely die as well, 5 times over if it was possible.
yes, yes you do
Killing is killing dude.
not true, motive behind killing makes it right or not.
example: killing for food (hopefully not a person) or self defense

k fixed...
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So. Instead of suing the teen and making his life miserable, he understands it was a mistake and boy is still young and learning so forgives him instead and lets him live the rest of life instead of living it in ruins for a simple mistake.

Only the powerful and secure are able to shrug off something extreme as that. If he wanted to, he could have sued the kid out of his money and gotten him in prison. The kids life wouldve been ruined. But the mans life? Still the same. No wife or daughter. Maybe hed even be more angry since he still hadnt forgiven the boy.

Think about that.

that's not premeditated murder...or anything i would give the death penalty for.

i wouldn't give that kid either life in prison, or death penalty. he'd still do time, it's only right, you reap what you sew.
Hate, banned me for naming a video similar to 2girls1cupl. just giving the name... drunk with power i tell you!!!
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Wow.... obviously all that did go over your head.... what a waste of a time it took me typing that.

Yeah dude what ever slap me across the face. People hit me all the time but I never hit back.

Children tattle on eachother because one has something better than the other that they shouldnt and want to ruin it for everybody.

ok, so if someone murders your parents, don't go tattling to the police...

there's a difference between human life and a cookie.

some things need to be brought to justice

justice=making things right, or fair. fair= eye for an eye
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So right here your basically saying you want the person killed. Which is almost just as bad as killing the person. That makes you no better than the er himself. By your logic you should get the penalty then for wanting this guy killed.

no...that would be your logic...err..."dr." kings logic. Wanted a person killed, doesn't make it so. Wanting someone dead is no where near as bad as killing them. i hate plenty of people. but i'm smart enough to let it slide, should i be off'd? i don't think that to be non-violent you can't have violent thoughts. that's impossible to repress something so basic as thoughts. it's whether you act on them makes you violent or not.

Quote by aaronob


Seriously no offense or anything dude, but you have the petty mentality of a petty tattling child. I mean I guess I could even be considered a child to some extent (16?) but I dont think that way....

but is it not fair?...everyone gets the same...

and how is that making me a tattling petty child?

if you wanna turn the other cheek go ahead, i'm just saying you get screwed in the end. hell if you are gonna turn in the cheek i get first dibs...
well if you think about it, vengence is fair. eye for an eye. no one gets better than the other. it's fair. there's no right or wrong. it just is.
SVU is the ****. That lawyer chick (name escapes me at the moment...) well let's just say i'd hold her in contempt...that doesn't make sense but you get the idea.

story wise i think it's better too, i do like criminal intent too though
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you know, i wish i could change my vote from "with it" to "no perspective"

because i really don't care what happens to them.

if it's cheaper to have a scumbag drop soap for the rest of his life, good for him, let's do that.

and it really is a matter of money. sorry. in my view it is. money is a valuable thing in running a country, and i don't think it should be wasted on the damned when there are so many other programs that could benefeit from it. like the war in iraq.... jk.
look, to be honest, i don't really care if criminals die or rot then die. all i'm looking for, is the cheapest solution, so that we can put money towards more important endevours. America has alot of problems, i don't rank "what should we do with this scumbag?" anywhere near the top of the list.

and to you people who think that life in prison is the honorable way to do it...what?
ok, everyone dies correct? that's a fact, no way to get around it. so a prisoner either get's life in prison, or straight death. that's the equivilent to someone torturing a person, then killing them, or just going ahead with it. there are no life experiences to be had in prison. that's why it's prison. your just dragging on the inevitable.
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honestly, shes probably like 48 by now. that image is sooooooooo old

i swear beast...that the...most depressing thing...i have ever heard...
Wait, if legal fees is the reason it costs so much to off a guy...if he's in life in prison, wouldn't he just appeal a load and thus, have the same legal fees? or at least close to it if you add in the costs to keep them alive?

sorry if i'm wrong but legal mumbo jumbo is not my forte.

Quote by Chips-
I can't believe so many of you actually think $$$ is more valuable than a human life. Boo hoo tax payers this tax payers that

i'm not saying that. it's more about how money is used than how much. i'm not saying that we should kill people and lower taxes. i'm saying that instead of wasting money buying criminals bed 'n breakfast, shouldn't we put the money towards education, healthcare, programs to lower crime giving us less people to off in the first place?
i own one. i freakin' love it...LOVE IT!!!!

i do plan on upgrading the pickups for something a little more higher output seeing as it suits my transitionining to metal.

and about the neck dive, this is the first electric guitar i've owned, i love the neck dive as weird as that sounds. just that after a solo or something, you just let go and let it drop, i think it's quite asthetically pleasing. a little stylish as well

err...san diego now, i'm on vacation
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No, it IS a photoshop.


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are you kidding? she's still hot as hell doused in tobasco sauce...
100% for the death penalty. think about it, why should the tax payers waste their money paying for criminals food/housing/ect.? some people say that it's more expensive to kill a person, than keep them alive. This seems highly illogical so if someone could clear that up, that'd help a load.

in my opinion there should be no injection or stuff like that. it should just be a bullet to the head. much cheaper than then injections. and make fertalizer out of the dead bodies or something.
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What exactly do you mean by this? That you appreciate each persons help more than the one before him? Your appreciation for the help is growing exponentially with each post?

In all seriousness, I have no idea, but I'd be willing to bet it's not worth taking it to a tech to get it fixed. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise. New amp time?

yup, this is exactly what i meant

and i really don't wanna invest in another small amp.

i got my palomino in my room, and the spider downstairs. i guess if i had to, i'd browse like craigslist or ebay for a microcube or something but that is really a last resort
nope, does it all by itself. no physical contact required.

and when it goes from distorted to clean, the light stays on whatever channel it was on.

EDIT: it's a 15 watter
ok guys. i own a spider II. *flameshield at the ready*

i only use it for a little bit of practice downstairs when everyone's sleeping. one huge problemo though.

when i play through the crunch, metal, or insane settings, the amp randomly goes from distorted, to clean...a very kinda bassy clean. right before the change there's a big pop, silence for like half a second, and then clean sound.

so if any of you can diagnose this problem and help me fix it...i would appreciate it exponentially...

also, this is my first guitar amp that i bought like...2 years ago so i believe it is no longer under warrenty
hell ****ing yes...

i keep losing because of him
just a quick question....

is it possible to set up one guitar to play through two amps? i kinda wanna try playing through like some fender clean amp, while simultaneously playing through some balls deep in distortion...dunno why. might sound like crap but w/e...

so is it possible to do this?

and if it is, is it practical?

does it somehow rob your guitars tone or something?
whoa...why all the attention for my fav band all of a sudden?...

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sucks that they're not bringing neverender to chicago though. it totally would've shelled out the $100+ for all four nights...

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*awaits masssive flaming*

(no, I don't actually like FOB)

they're drummer does too
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terrible rhyme i know, but i say keep it...
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