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How is that ironic? If she isn't dreaming of you, then you would most likely feel alone. come to think of it...irony probably wasn't the word i was looking for...there's a word that i'm thinking of...might not exist. if i can't think of it, i might just delete the entire line.

i guess i was just thinking to show the extremes of tonight. not ironic more of a, "look how peaceful and nice that is...wait, wtf is going on over there..." kind of feeling. if there's a word like that. lemme
i really liked it...i guess i'm more of a war guy... but one thing is that i think the word, matches, seems a little weak for that line. burnin' down the town, i'm not reaching for the matches...
Somewhere out there...i know your there.
huddled closely, sweetly, to your pillow.
and i know that in your dreams,
i'm not there.

The irony of the situation is that i'm here..
cold, bitter, and alone.
pillows of stone, and a weight on my heart.
and in my dreams, i'm haunted by what could have been.

i don't wanna think of you
but i'm reminded of you everyday
it's hard to forget
when your buried in my bankyard garden

Your voice still resounds in my ears.
carressing and killing at the same time.
your smiles cut deep,
and your words wound.

not in any particular order, just some quick writing... i know it's probably bad...but whatever...crit for crit i guess

edit: yeah, sorry 'bout the title...i made this thread, then read rules...
so my friends are hanging out, and i forgot what we were talking about but for some reason it came to a coin toss for something.

friend: "ok kevin, heads i win, tails you lose"
*5 second pause*

kevin: "what are you waiting for, flip the coin..."

friend: "ok listen again, heads i lose..."

kevin: "i heard you, now flip the coin"

you have a line 6 spider?

you'd wanna get a new amp before you get pedals...i know

i have a spider 2, tried to hook it up with my rat 2...sounds like death raped a small kitten
i think i listen to a 'bit of everything...
come to think of it, i'm listening to songs on youtube...

last three were-
Mother May I- Coheed
Carrion- Parkway Drive
Rylynn- Andy Mckee

only thing i can't stand is--rap, country, most electronica
well...good luck man. and god be with you...(unless your one of those ug'ers who doesn't believe in him, but either way don't die.)
a lightsabre pedal...sounds lame, possibly like a wah. rock back 'n forth for a whuurring lightsabre sound, push forward hard for the crash lightsabre sound.

*nerdy i know...*
here's what i'd do.

i'd kill the person

then donate 1million dollars to charity, saving countless lives. i win
and then the man prematurely ejaculates...
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A son of a bitch.

an mcr fan
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The thermodynamic wave created by the broken string then reverses the polarity of a woman's ovaries, thusly....

...little late buddy

EDIT: for you, AlucardZero

megaman...dunno why
then after nine months, the fetus is ready for birth
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that guy is the gayest most annoying crying for attention little twat i've ever seen... good post to you
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and it's ok if your eyes are bleeding dude, cause now they match your wrists right?

hahaha, sorry...i had to.


save it for the pit.
lol it's so bad it's good
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With jelly or without jelly? Some gays like to use a little syrup.

What is there not to get about that?

good question. i've always pondered this but was too lazy to ask...
lol it's funny, i first put it on and i'm like, "hey, she's kinda hot..." then i turned the volume on my computer up...different story...

any psychostick song, i reccomend this one

pit, if you watch, give it a ''ll pick up, and if you don't have time to waste, skip to the last like, 20 seconds...
Hellboy 2: 4/10...

what the hell is up with the fish guy? he just breathes via an apparatus and shoots a gun, very very helpful...

stupid plot, stupid love twist, stupid jokes, stupid *oh look!, i'm pregnant!!!*

bit of a plot loophole, how is hellboy supposed to...umm....*nudges* with a 5"2 chick?

idea numero 2 for my new free paintjob.

i want something that no one else has...but not too..out there you know?

oh, and if i get this, i'd most likely change the hardware to gold

so whatt'ya think guys?

i'm open to other ideas as well so dont be afraid to tell me it looks queer (even though i don't think it does)
jesus....i got kirk hammet....gross...
someone join....i'm all alone
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THAT is one big weiner.


that's what she said


ontopic: dude...nice ass'd car. i wanna make a stupid reality show now...
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Not really.

Craig Owens.

holy ****....completely forgot about him. he's such a beast.

i want claudio and voice would be so high...i'd make albums for dogs
wow first page already 2 claudio sanchez's too

and dallas taylor for screams...although claudio ain't too bad if you ever get to hear it
you lose the game

*insert dollar bill into change machine*

*insert coin*
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First off, A7X both use Schecters, and Trivium plays Jacksons and Deans
Yes both bands suck but they don't play Les Pauls, stfu.

Les Pauls are incredibly versatile guitars, in fact, I'd say they probably have the most range in terms of different guitarists from different genres.

syn's using a les paul....

les pauls are cool though, i don't like 'em they're a bit bulky for my tastes, but i do like how they sound
ok guys, my friends' dad's friend is going to paint my guitar for me, for free...he paints everything so he knows what he's doing. (he created the mortal kombat logo) so. i was wondering what you guys thought about this color scheme


if you don't like it other ideas are accepted

and yes this is a repost, but no one answered last time....
ok wow...thanks for all your advice guys, i was just tuning my guitar when my high e snapped while i tuned it down to a d, it's ok though, i haven't changed these strings since i bought the guitar in like...january/february so it's all good
ok so i wanna learn the song rylynn right? and the tuning is apparently ECDGAD

so how do i tune to that? all strings tune down right? any website where i can tune these? i don't have a fancy guitar tuner to do it for me...
fuzzydkmg, how much for the carvin?

(just kidding)

ok i got a line6 spider 2 for trade..

as well as a ps2 with loads o' games (GH2, RE4, MK:A, ect.)

lookin' for a wah, overdrive, some mid-output pups...i dunno...kinda just lookin' around
^lead chick that gets pipe down her chest? she was hot as balls...looked like a more "get"-able megan foxx...
hey guys...i was just thinking since i've been up all night and it's 4:21 in the morning right now...i really...hate my birthday. maybe it's because thus far, they've all been dissapointing in some way. or maybe it's because i just don't like myself and being put on display like that kinda pisses me off...but anyways, i was wondering how many of you pit monkeys disslike your birthdays?

i mean, i like the gifts 'n stuff, but that's the only reason i put up with this crap
i voted hulk...he's a beast...
that sucked...i got like 1min in
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I'd do her. think i'm in love....

dude...that looks awesome...

make sure when it's all done to add some clips