why dont you trial what he has written first before you tell him its crap... lyrics dont have to be super meaningful! its the way in which they a sung that will make the most impact... take most modern pop songs for example the verse lyrics can be rubbish but there is this super catchy chorus and they way its sung gets you hooked..

maybe you and the vocalist can come to a compromiser and swap some lyrics, put yourself in the vocalists shoes would you like it if someone strait out told you your new riff you worked day an night towards sucked and to change it completely....?

well each member of the band better get use to it because when you guys make it big the record labels produce may force you to go a certain direction and you signed the contact so you have no choice....

its only one song... you can always write another.. a better one if it doent work out.. maybe even write one with the other guitarists with your lyrics so the vocalist can keep the crappy lyrics with that song and you can save the good lyrics for your next song!
your lyrics are great, however its not really what your words are or even what rhymes, its how you express the lyrics and how they flow/layer with the accompaniment. for example take A Perfect Circuits The Hollow most of the lyrics dont even rhyme but they way they are sung makes them fit with the instruments rhythm & the melody just flows gracefully. it depends on what you want as the outcome, do you want to tell people a story? or do you want to set a certain mood?

it all up to you dude, some great songs done really make a lot of sense when you read the lyrics but dam are they good songs to listen to!
if you're making a pedal then you should really get a foot switch... small-bear electronics sells some DPDT foot-switches for as low as $3.75ea

your bypass tone will suck ball's if its not buffered or true bypass....
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Thanks a ton man!!! I just don't want to end up blowing up his head or my ca tomorrow :P

maybe i was wrong, i just downloaded the manual & it doesn't have any 16ohm speaker outs.

if it were me, i wouldnt hook up my 16ohm speaker cab, unless someone qualified is 100% shore its ok....

sorry dude.. i just dont know now!

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Okay because poeple are telling me if I put a mono cab with a stereo head I could blow my cab? And they said I need stereo cables? see if i can download the spider manual from the website

i have an old account with line6 so it should still work!
by VK do you mean valve king cab? if so the quad is matched with the 100w VK head. as BrokenDstring said just match the ohm rating on the back of the cab with the ohm on the Line6 and you'll be good to go! just dont dime the spider as they are rated at 150w
Do you mean a multi effects unit???

perhaps, something like this is what you're looking for....

your on the right track buddy!

you have to get use to playing at loud volumes and then tweaking your tone at loud volumes as well. Note: every venue you perform at is different and you will always have to tweak your gear to get it to sound the way you like it in each different venue.

another thing you could do is get a graphic EQ (like a 15 to 31 band rack unit) so you can compensate for each different room you are in as each venue will have different acoustics.
awesome topic dude....

iv found that chicks either dig guitarists or hate them & there is no inbetween... depending on the chick but "More than words" by Extreme seems to work sometimes.... especially if you know how to perform and sing to her as if the song was written about her by you....

keep rocking
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If in doubt, bring out the trusty ruler

best answer!!!!!
do you mean... natural, artificial, pinch harmonics???

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How do you play harmonics?

this is the lesson you want!!!!!!!!!
you just answered your own question in your question by saying his bands are crap, or are you just retaliating?????

ok, so i listen to metal like the bands your friend likes and some of my friends listen to pop punk, this one in particular chick who loves the pop/punk told me that she's disappointed in me because she would have though after all these years and im getting older that i would have stopped listening to metal and gotten more into pop/punk. you know what, we really dont get along so i dont see or even talk to her much anymore, but im not going to bag out her chosen music. its not the right thing to do. if your friend is gonna be a douche to you all the time and is actually serious then maybe you should get a new friend, if you dont get along whats the point, life's to short - so move on.

even if we think a band really sucks its music makes someone in the world happy so thats all that matters, if we dont like a band we dont listen to it. simple as that.
is your intonation set up correctly? that can add to tension,

i had a guitar like yours, no matter what i did it was still stiff riding on 9 to 42's. i took it to guitar store and asked for a set up explaining that the strings felt tight, when i went to pick it up the guitar tech said that the strings would always feel stiff. he told me that its quite common for the same guitars to be easier to bend on some that others and he was baffled why. it true though i have an RG and a friend has the same model, we use the same strings and same setup but mine feels a touch easier to bend strings on.

id say take it to a guitar tech and see if they can find any issues with the instrument and then if not then you might be stuck with it like i was.....
strange dude... iv been able to do pinch harmonics with a standard telecaster... have you checked out you guitars set up.
that sucks bro....

hope things get better for you!!!!
sounds like you've already made up your mind, from what iv hear the dl-8 sounds great!
i think i have a great solution for you...

the tapco LINK.USB

its an audio interface that acts as a sound card & mini mixer. its powered completely from the USB port of your computer & has HI-Z inputs so you can plug your guitar & bass directly into it.. i believe at the moment it comes with a light version of Traction, then you can get some amp simulators such as a free one like (Studio Devil - to keep costs down) or if you have a bit of cash, something like AMPLITUBE or GUITAR RIG,

then you can choose to get a nice pair of reference headphones or reference monitors...
iv gotten good results with a behringer B-5 pencil condencer...

its cheap, has a bass/pad switch, quiet enough, comes with a two interchangeable caps, but i only use the cardioid

do you have a mixer?
does your guitar have a preamp out?
would you use a compressor?

if your guitar is an electro/acoustic then you could use a DI Box as well as mic'n it up then blend them together to form a unique and lively sound.
NIce selection dude... ive always wanted an ESP but i just dont have enough cash, iv played a few at guitar stores and after playing the ESP theres no going back to an LTD...

one question id be asking myself is what are the neck profiles of each guitar. the neck is a major part of your ability to play, nothing worse than an comfortable neck.

pickups can always be changed so its not a big deal..

so i guess the question is do you prefer strat's or les pauls.... ???
i have the ministack... waited 9 months for it to arrive and im glad i got it... my only concern is the standard speakers.. they're ok but they dont have enough bass to them... would putting and EQ in the effects loop give me more bass???
open her up and check out the switch... do you have a toggle or a lever action switch... sounds like you may have a loose wire or a grounding issue when switching to the bridge pickup.. it may not be an easy thing to trouble shoot by sight.. do you have a multimeter, you could probe around to see if there is a short circuit in there.
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It's just like..
I'm all FOR putting new pickupss in, especially the SDs, It's just the centre pup, not sure what i could put it in there to sound sweet..

the blackouts are hot dude.. but the question is??? how to you want the single coil wired.. 5-way & 3 way switch, superswitch for wild and weird switching options, all on at once, blend???? just remember that you cant split the coils of the blackouts.

the best and easiest wiring option would be prob's like a strat

2-bridge & middle
4-middle & neck

if i had the pickup arrangement like you do id be in the same boat as you in finding the right pickup to match...

if you want the blackout humbuckers then why not try an EMG in the middle if you cant locate a blackout single coil...

do you use your middle pickup much? is it an absolute must? reason i say this is because it seem as though your heart is set on getting active humbuckers and replacing the middle single coil is more for a visual appeal.
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i have just been looking up stuff about pickups recently and the Blackouts seem to get the best reviews.

Would I not be able to do say.. EMG 81/85s and then an SD Blackout single in teh middle?
would that workk?

Sorry if i sound lik ean utter noob, i am when it comes to pickups.

dude. there is no reason not to mix and match pickups... if you want to then go for it.. some people are really against doing it for some reason, but we don't just play fender guitars through fender amps....

i have a set of AB-1's and iv never looked back, at the end of the day its your guitar...
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When did they start doing those?

i remember seeing a video @ bout 9 months ago about them. but like S>D always do, they let the public know and it takes a long long time for the product to be released...
if you want blackouts i believe seymour duncan make a single coil version:
check out the link below?
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yeah.. i dont even know if they still make them.. its was a long time ago when i got it... but ive never had any problems with it...

if i find anything on the market il pm you
does your zoom have a line level to guitar level switch, & does your line 6 amp have and input gain knob that responds to the clean channel.

i use to have a spider III 75watt combo and i ran an old digitech RP-100 through the clean channel with no issues, i found that on the clean channels the drive knob also worked as input gain and if things got a bit to hot with the digitech RP-100 i just turned the drive knob down and it was all good. you can also blend distortions on the lower gain settings like the crunch modes.

iv also ran many stomp box pedals thought it, some sounded good, some sounded ****. i guess not all pedals work with all amps...

keep at it dude, im sure you will figure it out!
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So I was wondering can anybody recommend me a metronome which has a wooden tick sound not a beep and can be pretty loud?

hey dude... ive had this Sabine Zipbeat for about 7 years and have only changed the battery twice, i use it all the time. runs off a 9volt battery.

I dont like metronomes that beep either. alternatively you can just use this online metronome at least until you get a new one.

i made a vid of mine for you so you can hear the "wood click"

what kind of finish does your guitar have?

Keeley Mod Plus TS-9
i think our friend radicalz_adi want saturated Hi-gain metal tones from all tubes, so he's got the right kind of amp, weather or not its quality is another issue but iv heard good things about the new batches for 2009.... hope you get a good one dude...
your not going to get hi-gain form a fender hot rod deluxe.. if you get a warranty with the Bugera then it should be fine, i live in Australia and with the music stores i go to they give you a 30 day full return policy if your not satisfied with the purchase. if you drive the amp hard for 30 days without any problems then it should be fine for a long time.
Silver-spear94 is right, you have the option of buying what ever you like. most of the time if you buy the head and cab as a package you would pay a bit less than if you would buy them individually.

if your new to the head and cab world just remember to run a speaker cable from the head to the cabinet & not a regular guitar lead.
i practice with a metronome just playing the same scale in the same position over and over and over.... when i eventually build up speed and im warmed up iv noticed that my fingers don't move away from the fretboard as much as when im not warmed up.

who cares if your fingers move far away from the fretboard, if it sounds good to you and you can play at the target speed then its all good right!!!