i hear you dude.... i have a line6 Spider 3 75watt combo for home, practice and home recording. as you said we all know tube amps sound better but how the hell are we gonna get that nice cranked sound at bedroom levels... modeling amps. thats how!!!!!!
hey dude... its would be pretty easy if you know how to use some graphics programs... and find a place that does custom stickers...

your options would be to paint the guitar yellow first then;

- get vinyl stickers in red hearts
- stick them on then give your guitar lots of coats of clear
- sand so the surface is smooth & level
- buff for a gloss shine.


- get a sheet of the vinyl hearts made big enough to cover the body of your guitar
- peel off the hearts, then use the sheet as a template buy sticking it on the body and head stock, now all you have to do spray red paint over it then peel off the vinyl once dry.
- you could do the same with the writing near the hearts too


-if you have money to burn, take you guitar to a auto detailing shop and get them to air brush the paint for you.

as for the inlay's id suggest to get a luthier to do it.. iv'e tried once to make custom inlays and ruined my neck... its a hard job if your not skilled in fine wood working.

best of luck!!!!
Dude.. id say you don’t have perfect pitch, just a better sense of note definition, but you could develop perfect pitch a lot faster and easier than most people who have to use reference notes & tuners to tune guitar. I had a look at the “Perfect Pitch” lessons once (you know, the advertisement that’s been in Guitar World Magazine for years, by David-Lucas Burge) and the first lesson is to learn to identify what note each open string is & name them without looking at the guitar, then the lessons go into more depth with intervals where you listen to 2 notes at once then pick out each note, then you do chords and stuff like that, so having perfect pitch would be the ability to name the note that you hear and name individual notes of a chord, & if you can already do the open strings of a guitar then it wont take long for you to develop absolute pitch with a good course to follow.

If I was as skilled as you are at the moment, id seriously invest in a perfect pitch course / CD lessons or whatever. It will make your creative ability flourish!

keep rocking
Quote by ssycko
Would putting on the output buffer in the Crybaby itself help more, or should I try out other wahs?

it might.. but the crybaby may be limited... I have a crybaby that has experienced the same problem, found that boss pedals work ok with mine,, but I know what you mean, I've also found that when I use the cry baby with certain amps model's on my line6 spider III it can be crap or good, iv also found that you can get better results with distortion if you turn up the mids on your amp.. I could be wrong but doesn't the MM have a serious scooped mid section to its sound??? that could be the cause, seeming wah's adjusting the mid feq...

the foxrox retro fit has an adjustable gain control on it, so it might just be the oomph you need but it's hard to say without trying one. but I have heard really good things about it..

I made an output buffer for my wah but found I didn't really like it much, got the schematic from

I also made one from

so if you want them shoot me your email & address on the Private message and il send em to you... I live in Australia so it could take a while to get to you, but I don't use them so they just sit here collecting dust...

as for my wah.. sadly iv given up on it.. it has a ton of mods that made it a bit better but I just don't think my crybaby was made for hi-gain. when I can track one down il try to get my hands on a Geoffrey Teese RMC Wizard wah... it's made to work with hi-gain & hi-output pickups so im intrigued...

anyways... hope this helped

keep rocking

What you are experiencing is called oscillation, this occurs because your crybaby (GCB-95) does not have an output buffer.

If your handy with a soldering iron you could make one, there’s only a few parts and it would cost you bout $3.00

You can purchase one from for $45. kinda expensive for a few components but it will fix your problem.

Or you could do it the easy way. You can just utilise the buffers from a boss style pedal, like your TS turbo, you could put you Wah / TS Turbo / MM – but don’t turn on the TS and you should be good to go… try out a few of your other buffered pedals to compare the response of your wah.. I just could be the answer.

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i have the same fear.. i write songs that take a bloody long time, not just a few riffs and lyrics,, i mean multiple guitar sections, vocals i laydown the bass, drums and synth if needed, they may not be any good but the time and passion spent in writting them would suck if someone took them away.. i dont really want to play in a band anymore but if i did id just write new songs with them and keep my own for my side projects. i guess your best bet is to write new songs or at least a few riffs the start the ball rolling, then let the rest of the band finish them off.. this way you wont feel that bad if it dosnt work out...

one think i hate is when your in a band and you are the only person writing songs.. and everyone else has to learn the play and arrangements from you... thats not a band.. bands about working as a team and developing your style with every member as one... i have a friend who dosnt want to write music but want to play rythm guitar in bands, who is in a band at the moment making no contribution to any writing proccess and i really think it sucks for the other members...

so i guess you will need to find a band that will work as one and not force you to write all the material, that way you should be okey if it all falls to ****....

keep rocking
oww... i see you checked out a Michael Kelly Patriot... i played one about a year or so ago.. its was all black.. cant remember what model patriot i was but i was a killer guitar... i think it will make a great addition for your needs...
this is the gutiar you want.... a friend of mine has one of these.... good for low tuning, you can split the coils, emg active pickups, tonepro's bridge, grover tuners... neck through construction. what more to you want.. oww and it comes in black too...

my friends is tuned to B like a seven string, he uses a 60 gauge for string 6, and it playesd excellent...

check one out ... you may just like it..

hey guys check this out its an extract from and article i just found

""A lot of players wire up their own speaker cables. It’s easy to do, if you know the basics of soldering and have the tools, and usually saves you some money versus purchasing cables, while also giving you the option of customizing the length to suit your needs. Any good quality hi-fi speaker hook-up wire will do the job, and you can often still buy this by the foot or the yard at good hardware stores, or buy a full spool and have plenty on hand for your future needs.""

you can read the full article here:

im going to my music store today, they're called Turramurra music centre and they always do me a good deal and seem to try and stop me from spending a ton of cash on stuff i dont need, so il have a chat to them.

okey, i have revently purchased the Blackstar HT-5 mini stack and im wondering what speaker wire to use, and how the hell to connect it up.

i know you cant use a guitar cable for speaker wire so i went to my local electronics store and purchased some speaker wire, i got two different typs of thickness. as for the amp being only 5 watts im curious to know what gauge wire i should use. or should i purchase different wire, i want to make my own so i can have them the shortest length possible. this will be the first amp i have purchased that isnt a combo so im new to it.

can anyone help me please!!!

dude.. if you would like a sound clip let me know what kind of sound you are after and you can hear what my dimarzios sound like. just sent your email address to my private message thing on this site and il record something for you.
hey hey... i have and ibanez RG42DXFX. its a little different from the guitar your considering but it has the essentials that are the same.. the infinity pickups are ok, but they kinda sound like they're a bit muddy when you push the distortion, but they are a very even sounding pickup so you can hit the strings hard and not worry to much about your playing dynamics. but for the price range you are in you really cant expect to much from the guitar.,.....
for metal they're both good choices, EMG HZ pickups get the same kind of review as the ibanez infinity pickups do, so if you want a gr8 sounding guitar with gr8 dynamics and that responds well to your playing style you may have to just get the guitar you really prefer and then upgrade the pickups to better professional ones.
on my ibanez i upgraded to Dimarzio's i have an Air Norton in the neck and a Tone Zone in the bridge and lets just say that the difference is absolutely amazing, they scream distortion and you can really hear such clarity with hi gain, the sound compared to the stock infinity pickups is so defined you can hear each note so clearly and the sound dosnt turn to mud or fuzz at all. so my recommendation would be to get the guitar that appeals to you more for looks and feel then make it sound the way you like, and remember the new amp you buy will produce a sound that is based on the pickups of your guitar so make sure you get an amp that will be matched to your pickups.

anyways hope this helps...


hey hey... glad to hear your going for the upgrade, but i just thought id mention that upgrading the source of your tone is one of the most important parts in your set up.
weather you use an arsenal of effects pedals or just go strait into your amp, the source of your tone is really what makes a gr8 outcome.

you can play a cheap guitar through an expensive amp and it will probs sound nice or you can play a pro guitar though a practice amp and it could sound nice too, but somtimes playing inexpensive pickups through a nice amp will not make a dramatic improvement, im advice would be to get the pickups first and then decide on what amp to get because the amp you chose now may not sound as good or the way you want it to when you have your new pickups in your guitar. so i guess my advise is, if your going to upgrade your equipment, try to do it in the most noticeable for your tone and whats better for your wallet first, its always better to do it once and do it right (well, at least for what you want to achieve at the moment). but anyways hope this helps..

hi there... Mexican fenders are actually really good guitars for the price, your issue lies with what you want to accomplish with your guitar, if you really like your strat and just want to get more grunt out of it then upgrading the pickups will add a world of difference to it, but just remember that it will never sound the same as the stock pickups will so if you like a nice clean genuine single coil sound then maybe you could get a H-s-s config or even a H-S-H on your strat.

i have and ibanez rg model and for the price its a gr8 guitar but the pickups are limited to what they can do, it has a humbucker + humbucker (H-H) config and a 5-way switch to get parallel & split coil modes which sound okey but the pickups just didnt have that extra edge that you would like to hear, the cleans where okey for them but the distortion could easily turn to fuzz or sound muddy. so i decided to get a set of Dimarzio pickups and the difference is amazing, they really make the dam thing sound awesome compared to the stock pickups so im really happy with the results. my guitar plays well and now sound really really gr8.

one of the other things to remember is that guitars that come with really good pickups or Brand name pickups will cost alot more than your strat did. so if you in the market for at pro guitar just be prepared to pay the $$$ for one,

so yeah, basically if you really like your mexican strat then go for the pickup upgrade, but if your got your heart set on something else then save and be happy. im so happy with my choice of upgrading my pickups and for a fractions of the cost of my guitar its well worth it.