Fifa 12 makes me rage
iDump works well
Yeah man Rufio hell yeah
There's a second lineup?
Maria Shriver

Also Robert Pattinson. Yes.

Yes indeed.
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Read that and look at your avatar its so appropriate hahaha

nice one


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Kate Moss is repulsive.

I have no idea why she is a supermodel.

Not just a model...


Mental Health by Zebrahead
Rise Against I would go see. Hoping on Blink and Limp Bizkit for the second announcement
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How does the taste compare to original vegemite?

It's Vegemite mixed with cream cheese. So it's like Vegemite for Americans cause it doesn't taste as strong.
Ooh wow it sounds so techy and edgy, the kids will love it!

They should've called it XTreme Times Ten to the MAX!! - mite
And then put a picture of a skateboarding polar bear on it forming some rad devil horns with his hand. That would appeal to "tha kidz"

Almost a perfect example of
Download Handbrake

Or AnyDVDConverter
Peri-Peri Mayonnaise for me

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Why is Meshuggah on there?

This is crazy random

Cause it's a punk, pop punk, hardcore, and metal festival
Well I think it's a good lineup...
Taking Back Sunday
Anti Flag
Reel Big Fish
Four Year Strong
A Day to Remember

What's not to like about that?
I downloaded We Are the Union's entire album for free on PureVolume.

Good band. Good... not great...
Refused - New Noise
The Prodigy - Breathe
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when i do a **** and i dont have 2 wipe

Mmm magic poo.
Agreed, totally amazing voice. Which was a surprise because when I first heard the guitar playing I was like what the **** is this?
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Hot Shots Part Deux

Hell yeah. Number one is better though I think.
I tend to just think of cute sentences and then make them conform to a melody or guitar riff or whatever.
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Kids in a sandbox.


I don't get it.
Sweet Home Alabama

Not me I don't think I can ride my kangaroo that far.
Maybe next year.
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There are a lot, but I will share a stranger one. The thought of biting a metal spoon as hard as you can unsettles me hugely. Or trying to crunch and chew on a rock or something. Badically stuff that would destroy teeth. *shudder*

I hate when I bite my fork accidentally.
With regards to number 3, that scene in Saving Private Ryan when he gets slowly stabbed made me wince inside.
Maybe there is only one person in the world who knows how to type it, and ever since then everyone has just copy and pasted it.
Holy **** that's awesome. I wonder if they'll keep the more mellow sound of Even If It Kills Me. But Mark Hoppus hell yeah, he did a great job with NFG.
I like his gay marriage video because it reminds me of that south park episode where Butters is bi-curious.
c) Nude TV; the way it was always intended to be watched.
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That's a myth, the truth is that they see twice as much as the normal person. On the account on being drunk.

mmm that's true, their intoxication gives them the ability to see ultraviolet light.
That tattoo looks too real. I say fake.

Oh and yeah I don't see nipples.
Zaraffas is the best coffee place.