I love tattoos if they have a meaning or reason behind them (Such as i've got 'Seize the Day' covering my left inner-forearm in memory of my grandma ),i hate people that just get them because they look cool.
i love both them songs you posted TS
for general day to day i wear my custom made orange and purple nike hi-tops
but if i'm going out round clubs e.t.c i wear either black or white topman pumps
bout 8 i'd say
depends what i'm doing
explore the disc and the files are there
i used to have the same problem
walk by pantera
Would it be possible for someone to tab out 'Hold On' by Azriel

and also 'Hollow Man' also by Azriel

it'd be greatly appreciated
thanks for the link EchoxOath
does anyone know any good sites where i could download the roms ?
recently i downloaded visual boy advance for my mac so i could play the original pokemon games,but whenever i try to play a rom all i get is a black screen from the emulator then it quits

does anyone know how to solve this problem? or like where i could download something that would work?

just gtfo
they're not gay at all,as i wear em
*flameshield* wear SUPER TIGHT ones,they just look wrong on men
thats definitely the best cover i've seen of afterlife on youtube,well done
i must say though...i hate you :P...i've been playing about three and a half years now and i still can't do sweep picking
but yeah..well done
i'd say emg's or blackouts
and yes you can put emg's in a tele,they're in the jim root signature
Ham,cheese and tomato sauce
what are they like for modern metal?
i'm currently thinking of getting some new pickups for my epiphone special 2,i'm not really sure which to get though,i thought about some type of emg's maybe?.
My band plays stuff influenced by whitechapel,exit ten,killswitch engage,despised icon and parkway drive if that helps?.
and btw before you say buy a new amp first i'm currently thinking of getting a peavey 6505

would it really be worth getting some new pickups? and if so what would you recommend?
or would it just be better to buy a whole new guitar?
the g400
get the custom if yer can afford it
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That's what I like to hear

So Australians barbecue too? Great news

I figured Europe doesn't "barbeque"

you sir have failed,we always have barbeques here in in England,in fact i went to one yesterday
yeah i have
ordered my Epiphone G400 Custom online so didn't get a chance to try it first
however i read LOTS of reviews
Quote by AcousticArc
I'm just trying to get my footing here on the world electric guitars.

how much are you wanting to spend?
and have you already got an amp? if not how much are you wanting to spend on that?

might be able to recommend some things in your price range
they're good guitars for beginners but i'd recommend saving a little more and getting an Epiphone G400 Custom

Costs a bit more,but its ALOT better
Quote by cliff_em_all
Yeah Leeds And Manchester are your best bet, see, all the yanks seem to get crazy deals on here, I'll edit some alternative's in for you cause im actually looking at the moment for myself!


Seen this straight away, apparently these amps are awesome, like a modified JCM 800, Owner will Ship, and you will need a cab..

Heard that these Duoverbs have the same modelling as Vetta's however its in Kings Lynn, Which would seem to be a pretty far journey, but i don't know how far you want to travel, But that would handle all sorts of styles.

thanks for the advice
any idea on cabs and things?

Quote by JaGi
He wont find a 5150 for 500 these days. The bugera 1990 wont quite be enough for you really. Try a bugera 6260 if you can, its cheap and it sounds reasonable but will also have enough gain for what you want to do.

so like..are bugera's reliable nowadays?
i've heard bad things
Quote by cliff_em_all
^ True that, Isn't it a JCM 900 Copy?

And TS, We know your influences now, But if you give the Guys here a Budget (A couple of hundred? so like, 2-300 or more?) and the City you live in/ Nearest Major City, they'll find you an awesome deal.

erm,I was thinking of maybe £250-400 but could maybe stretch to the just over the 500 mark if it was really needed. I live in Chesterfield which is the UK,the closest major cities nearby are Sheffield and Nottingham,but if i had to travel further that'd probably be alright I could go to cities such as Leeds and Manchester if it was really needed.
hey everyone

recently i've managed to start up a metal band with some friends,but heres where my problem begins,currently i've only got a Orange Crush 15w,i've been a bedroom player ever since i started learning guitar so i never saw the need for a huge amp,but now i'm gonna need one to gig with.

i haven't really got a huge budget (probs a couple of hundred),i was thinking of getting a Bugera 1990 Classic head and then a cab of some sort but i've been told by people not to go with bugera amps as they have reliability issues,so what would you recommend as an alternative that i could afford?

btw we play songs influenced by whitechapel,exit ten,killswitch engage,despised icon and parkway drive

bout 17
but not fully ****** till i were 18
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My friend's mom is 53 and the hottest MILF around.

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Pics?? or she fugly
i saw gallows being supported by every time i die and blackhole at the leadmill in sheffield
was awesome
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I get confused with all these social networking sites. There's so many of them. So much so that the other day I invited someone to come on MyFace.

i don't fit into a stereotype coz one minute i'll be listening to the most brutal metal ever and the next i'm listening to drum and bass
facebook and i can keep in touch with my friends,its easier to sort things out like going to bars and clubs
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This thread has been done to death.

On topic, I still haven't gotten mine. And I'm 18.

oh no's
i didn't get mine till i were 17 nd my mate is still waiting for his and he's 20!
don't worry pal

(ina none gay way)

anywayyyyy back on topic

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You know...
just recently i got my first kiss, and it didn't go over too well.
me and my girlfriend were over her house and we were kissing, backed up into her mom's favorite lamp, knocked it off the table, and broke it into a million pieces...

Woops xD

How did some of your first kisses go?

congrats man,what did yer use as an excuse for the lamp?

oh and almost forgot...mine...was in the local park,it like huge
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I've been told this guitar (the Epi Les Paul Special II) is absolute garbage.

its alright as a beginners guitar but it'll have to be upgraded at some point,atm i just keep mine tuned to drop b/a to mess about on
its an amazing film
my friends didn't like it but i thought it was awesome
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You running with batteries or power supply?

Quote by manhangi
If running on batteries, the battery is dead. Be thankful it isn't ear splitting feedback screams sounding like the gates of hell breaking open in your amp when the battery dies. (/knows from experience)

its running through a power supply

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i wouldnt recommend the 1990 classic, its pretty bad. Get a 333 or something instead, much better.

and i have the MD-2, just bought it today, the best way to geta good sound is to keep the boost at maximum, then dial in amount of distortion, keep the bass (lower knob) above the treble (thinner knob) which are labelled 'tone'

ahhh,i heard they were like really really good
sounds like i was told wrong :O

thanks for the info i'll give that try and see what happens
hey guys

i've just recently bought a Boss MD-2 pedal (managed to get it for £25),as i wanted to try and get a bit more of that high gain sound till i could afford to buy my new amp (which will be a bugera classic 1990 head and a cab,if you wondering why i'm saving for this,i've managed to get a place in a local metal band )

but here where the problem begins,whenever i plug the pedal in,it makes everything go real fuzzy and it sounds total rubbish,would buying a noise suppressor get rid of the fuzziness and make it sound good or would it not really do much?

i always get cravings for it after i've been drinking
hey everyone
my profile is currently saying i have 2 private messages
however when i click on my inbox theres nothing there :S
any way to fix this? they may be inportant