Like most of the Tool fan base, I want to new music from the guys, so any click-bait about caught me up so far...

Recently, we've mentioned something about trying to write in 5/7 time signature.
I'm not so strong with math (I get through with basic calculations so YAY ME!):
But it got me wondering about dividing seconds and beats in 7 instead of 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 etc...

Any mathematical geniuses out there?
I'm having a problem with some VSTs in Cubase 5.
I put on one of the tracks an EQ VST (StudioEQ) and the output parameter just can't be controlled - it changes itself automatically (jumps from 0.0 to 4.2 to 8.6 and on and on).
I've tried replacing the VST to another EQ VST and it does the same thing!

Can you help me with that? or at least have an explanation?
I want a .gp5 file of the song but the guitar pro versions of the song in UG are in .gpx ...
Can someone please convert it and post it please?

Thanks in advance.
I liked the Zakk Wylde one.
Not only because I love Zakk Wylde, it sounds really good!
You should check out Jerry Cantrell's Cry Baby if you can...
(I never heard a 7 strings guitar that sounds bad for metal...)

Suprisingly, a friend of mine owns a Silverhead 7 strings guitar that sounds good.
I really wanna record a cover of this song but I can't do it without a MIDI file with no drums in it...
Although there are 3 versions of guitar pro files in UG, all three of them don't have drums...

I'm asking for your help: send me a MIDI file/GP5 fileprivately or even better post it over one of the existing GP files and share it with the universe! (or just whoever comes to UG...)
I think it's C Lydian - if C is the root.
1) Metallica
3) Pantera
4) Alice In Chains
5) Ozzy Osbourne
6) Black Sabbath (original lineup, of course)
7) Red Hot Chili Peppers
8) Jimi Hendrix
9) Soundgarden
10) Ramones
11) Nirvana
12) Pearl Jam (mostly for their early days)
13) Led Zeppelin
14) Iron Maiden
15) Anything that's related to Zakk Wylde, slightly cheating-choice, but what can I say?! the guy's a great musician!
Goodbye To Romance - Ozzy Osbourne
Old Times Good Times - Stephen Stills
The Good The Bad And The Ugly - Ennio Morricone
Good Times Bad Times - Led Zeppelin
Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good - Megadeth
In my opinion and as much as I hate to declare the "best guitarist" adjective....
I can easily say Jimi Hendrix...
But as the best guitarist alive I'll take the best from my top 5 guitarists - Marty Friedman. he got WAY more soul and emotions than many most of those shredders you can find these days...
Check out Pattons other stuff like Fantomas and Mr Bungle. He's a very, very good musician.

I didn't like Mr. Bungle, it was way too wierd for me.
But I'll definetly give Fantomas a try - It's the project with Dave Lombardo, isn't it?
1) Kurt Cobain - 1967-1994, one on the 27 club, guitarist, lead singer and songwriter of the well known grunge band Nirvana.
Killed himself with a shotgun in his own house after escaping rehab.
18 years has passed since his departure.

2) Layne Staley - 1967-2002, died at age 38, lead singer of grunge band Alice In Chains and supergroup Mad Season.
Found in his apartment after an speedball overdose.
A decade has passed since the drugs finally took him.

3) Jim Marshall - 1923-2012, died at age 88, founder and owner of the famous company Marshall Amplifications that made a huge impact on rock 'n' roll history, listed as one of the forefathers of rock 'n' roll.
Passed away in this very own day...

Rest in peace you all, and thank you very much of your lives that been so influental...
I'm really into Faith No More recently...
I love the production and songwriting in this band.

I borrowed an acoustic guitar from a good friend of mine and I recorded a song I've always wanted to record.
I played all the instruments except the drums (thank you EDrummer).
I know that my singing is not at it's best in this one, but I really tried my best here.

So, go ahead and feel free to share with me any opinion in your minds...
I love the simplicity in this version. lovely.

I did a cover of this song myself, I recorded it and uploaded it my UG profile.
I have a huge problem - I was recording a song, but the only XLR-PL cable I have suddenly makes cracklin sound whenever I played the guitar or sing it's not making any problem in silence - how can I cut this sound from my tracks?
I recorded a lovely song writen by one of my all-time favorite bands, Cemetery Gates - Pantera.
I did an acoustic rendition of the song and detuned it a half step down, but I just can't sing this song properly (not just the high pitches in the end of the song).
So I'm looking for a Pantera fan with a voice powerul enough yet also mellow.
PM me your Email address for the recording.
As an Israeli, all I can suggest you to do is to retrain yourself as a prostitute.
You can try and play wedding gigs - although, personly I'd rather do the first option before I'll do the second. But that's just me...
Quote by chev311e
I like girls that look like they're pregnant but aren't.

Oh, do you mean - fat girls?

I don't something special, I just like watchin' girl-on-girl action...
Man, I sound like a perv, I must blame the thread for it!
22 frets is fine, as long as it's not 21 frets - that sucks.
I find it annoying and slightly impossible to play without the 22nd fret.
Happy NGD!
Looks thin and comfortable and beautiful! I hope for you it sound as good as it looks!

BTW, the photography job here is amazing...
Hendrix actually uses a whammy bar, but not a Floyd Rose. Jimi used the whammy bar for little pitch shifting.
No wonder that Joe Bonamassa doesn't use a whammy bar - He's playing with a Gibson Les Paul!

Actually, that is the answer for you - once a guitarist puts the Floyd Rose's bar on his/her guitar it guaranteed that the Floyd Rose will be used anyway...
Just avoid Motley Crue songs (unless your pick scraps sounds good as Mick Mars' dive bombs) and search for people with Gibson's guitars like Tony Iommi, Jimmy Page, Zakk Wylde, etc...
Oh! and there is always Marty Friedman that used to play with Jackson Kellys but he's playing PRS guitars now and he never really did any usage of a whammy bar (as far as I know...)

Edit: A lot of Floyd Rose whammying are so Dimebag Darrell (RIP), he's incredible in that!
Quote by DiminishedFifth
Whichever songs you like.

No dude, there is a list...
A non-written list.

I believe that some of those songs are:
House Of The Rising Sun,
Smells Like Teen Spirit,
Stairway To Heaven,
Tears In Heaven,
Sweet Child O' Mine,
Nothing Else Matters,
Enter Sandman,
Under The Bridge,
Crazy Train,
Sweet Home Alabama,
Iron Man,
Wish You Were Here (OK, I exactly don't know this one - I don't like Pink Floyd!),
Blackbird (and I also don't know this one 'cause there are better Beatles songs),
More Than Words,
Holiday or American Idiot,
Good Riddance,
Symphony Of Destruction (I got a drummer friend that managed to play the main riff!),
Rockin' In The Free World,
Smoke On The Water...
Testament - a really clever thrash band,
Pantera - one band that never fails!
Death - brilliant guys that made history happen...
Megadeth - one of the big four of thrash, 'cause Dave Mustaine always kicks ass!

Need more?
I can easily recall some shitty gigs that I've played...

Like that one time then a friend of mine promised me and my band a half-an-hour of stage time, I brought two amps (and my bass amp is pretty damn big - Fender rumble 65) and two guitars - I brought all of those stuff by myself, eventually we played one song(!!!), after that we we're kind of rushed off of the "stage" and my band blamed it all on my!

Good times... (I love being sarcastic... it helps a lot!)

The only good thing about shitty gigs is that at least you gain experience for your future gigs (assuming that you still wanna do any).
I wrote a song on my guitar, improvised some solos, added a bassline, threw in some lyrics and recorded it all... That's great and all, but I just can't read a good part for the drums!
(Damn it, I used to be good at it...)

I'm asking all the "producers" of UG for help - all I need is a MIDI file to stick to the song with my EZDrummer.
You can see this as a challenge.

I imported the song to an MP3 file. (in a good quality, 320kbps - I hope you guys won't kill me for that...) - Download link

The song's name is "Infected".

I hope it's the right place to my request. If not - feel free to move this thread to "Songwriting".

Thanks in advance!
only a few weeks ago my RP350 pedal stopped working and it's adapter as well.
I send my pedal to repair and I got it back. lovely...
But I don't if I should buy a new adapter from the guitar shop (expensive, but Harman pro), I also considered to buy an adapter from any electronic store.

Any words of wisdom?
I used to record with my sound card without any problems.
But one day I had to unplug it so my dad could send my computer for a checkup, and ever since I plugged my computer back (with every cable in it's place) I have this serious delay between the srtumming and the playback...

I also having a hard time getting help because I don't know what kind of sound card I have...
The only thing I know is that it's a Creavite product and it's a soft the
SoundBlaster X-Fi series, but I can't tell which one...

My Digitech RP350 have a 1/8 (headphones) input on it.
It prevented a lot of argues with my sister.

Headphone amps SUCK!
It a waste of money!
I can give you some advices from my experience of creating a band that kinda failed:

1) Drummers, bassists and singers are hard to find.
Luckily, you want a duo - so you're gonna have a short but difficult time.

2) I had guitarist in my band that preferred getting wasted and kill his liver with booze than showing to a rehearsal.
They can be the greatest/smartest musicians you've ever with, but they have a lack of professionalism, which means to me that they simply don't have enough passion to music or any kind of respect for you!
You'll never know then and how they're gonna f**k up your band or your music.
Last rehearsal I did with my band he made me and drummer wait an hour for him and he didn't brought his guitar! (the most basic thing for a musician!)

3) That same guitarist would've criticize anything I wrote and anything the lead guitarist/singer wrote, but he wtore for a thrash metal band some stupid smartass muzak chords in order to be clever.
There's criticizing and there's disrespecting!
I think you'll know what you're facing...

4) I played with this friend of mine that told me that he's gonna do a comeback on drums.
I did one rehearsal with him to realize that he didn't played the drums for like a year and a half.
You can even ask a friend or something and it should be enough preparation.

I hope I helped at something.
I sorry if english is ain't perfect - I'm Jerusalemite. Israel!
I had hard time with my band (Social Necrosis), but I learned a lot and I had a massive fun!!!
Bigsby can get you down like 1/2 or 1 step down.

Floyd Rose can get you down to 3 or 3.5 steps down.
I don't remember it being hard.
Although you can always make it more complex and upgrade the technique...

The only thing I could suggest is learn the tapping part of Van Halen's Eruption (could be hard for a beginner...), the last solo in Metallica's One (extremely basic and simple), the intro of Megadeth's Devil's Island.
Or you can make some cool tapping part, try to challenge yourself a little...
I'm gonna write this comment while listening to "Cemetery Gates"...

John Lennon is a legend, although he's ain't one of my favorite songwriter/singer/guitarist/pianist (it doesn't make him a bad musician, it just means that James Hetfield and Dave Mustaine are a greater inspiration for me...), it's hard to deny his legacy.
Imagine was the first I've ever learned on a bass guitar.

As for Dimebag Darrell...

I remember that rehearsal at the house of my first band's drummer, I was 14 back than (3 years ago), the lead guitarist who was into metal back then showed me and the band the videoclip of Cowboys From Hell.
Rex's basslines, Vinnie Paul's drumming, with Phil's killer screams Dimebag's riffage and solos made my brain explode!
This song inspired my to dive deeply into that magical thing named "Heavy Metal".
Ever since that moment I knew that my life are going to change.

R.I.P. both of you, John and Darrell.
Two musicians that shaped entire genres, Lennon who obviously shaped the rock 'n' roll and Dimebag who shaped the metal scene.
I've recorded a cover for "Rooster" (by Alice In Chains) and I imported a MIDI file for the drums.
The rest of the tracks are audio tracks I recorded with my Digitech RP350.

The problem is that when I export the project to an MP3 file in exports all the tracks expect the drums' track.

I need help please...
I can play bass, I admire Megadeth. Admire.
I love Metallica, though I'm not cool with BFMV...
Mail me, why not?!

I wonder - how does the online business works?
Maybe I'll create a grunge sideproject once I'll figure it out...
Favorite characters: Morbo and Zoidberg
Favorite episode: The 30% Iron Chef, Bender's Game (yes, the third movie...)
Guitarist #1: I met him at a gig in town, I came to see my friends and he came to see some local band.
We talked about stuff (I usually pop up the metal t-shirt talk...), eventually I asked him if he plays an instrument and he said he plays guitar and we formed a band.

Drummer: After swtiching drummers like crazy, I asked a freind of mine from school...
At first I thought that thrash metal is ain't his style, but he's great ever since he got serious into it...

Guitarist #2 & Singer: Guitarist #1 suggested me an old time friend of him, he said that he's better that him, so... I gave up on the guitar spot and took the bass spot.
This guy became the singer after my attempts to sing in rehearsals (although people told me that I sang great at our first gig...), we let him sing once, he was OK, so he took the job...
Quote by Tokki Wartooth
Hey how does this set-list look?
  • Hallowed Be Thy Name
  • Creeping Death
  • Powerslave
  • Four Horsemen
  • Beyond Evil (our one and only original song )
  • When the night falls
  • She Wolf
  • Path I Choose
  • Symphony Of Destruction
  • (if there's some time left)Battery OR Be Quick or Be Dead

Battery is a great starter and Hallowed be Thy Name is a great end for a gig! SWITCH THEM! Symphony of Destruction can mix greatly with Hallowed Be Thy Name...
I like the fusion of Creeping Death with Powerslave...
My band (Social Necrosis) & I have our first gig at 12/7, we play thrash metal...

Our Setlist (we have 30 minutes):
Holy Wars - Megadeth
Cowboys From Hell - Pantera
Seek and Destroy or For Whom the Bell Tolls (we need to pick one of them...) - Metallica
Holy Diver - Dio

1) I don't know how to arrange the order of the setlist, any ideas?
2) Seek or Bell Tolls? (I need a tip from Metallifans...)
3) Should we try to perform with an original song?
r0ckth3d34n, I owe you one, duky sez THX!