rukipomoi No probs. It's no big deal for me as I do most of my work on my desktop but, if the bug affects all iPad users, it would be a real pain. But I'm glad it's in the queue and I promise to be patient... :-) Cheers,  RV
Sorry guys...........but it still isn't working....!!!!!  My plea seems to have fallen on deaf ears...............anyone out there.....????
rukipomoi Thanks for that, although I had to sign in on my desktop as I still couldn't get access on my iPad.  Really strange, I wonder if anyone else has the same problem or is it because I've still got an old iPad - the one with the wide plug and not the more recent Lightning Plug. I checked and it uses IOS 9.3.5 and is, apparently up to date.  Hope this helps cure the problem...........or not if I have to spend 550 quid on a new iPad............. :-) :-)

By the way, I went to see the Illegal Eagles in Blackpool on Sunday night......they were absolutely brilliant..... :-)   Thought you might like to know!


Roj Vincent
Hi, I have no problem in signing in on my desktop computer but when I try to access the site on my iPad I get a "password incorrect" notification even though I'm using the password that works fine on my desktop. Can you help please?   

Roj Vincent
NSpen1 Aaaahhhh...............................found it. Thank goodness for that, I would have been very disappointed if the ability to see all my tabs had been removed.
Thanks NSpen1.  :-) :-) 
NSpen1 Thanks, but all I get are 2 tabs and, over the last few years I have had 76 tabs approved and up on the do I get to see the other 74? Cheers,

Roj Vincent
It's probably me being dim but, on accessing the new style profile I can't see any way to see the list of all my tabs, the hit-rate for them or, indeed, any way of getting back to my old tabs. The old style was a great way to see how many people were using your tabs, which were most accessed and which were seen to be the most accurate. If there is a way to see all this stuff please say so as I sure as hell can't find it.

It's loss is a real mistake in my humble opinion. Anyone else have the same problem?
Sorry, take this all back as I didn't realise that voters comments are available.


Roj V
Similar sort of problem really, I've just had my tab of With You Everyday by Beth Hart and I can't see what's wrong with it. I have 56 tabs to my name so I'm no newbie but I would like to know how my latest tab could have been improved. Is it not possible to advise rejected tabbers how they could improve as this would raise the overall standard of tabs on the site.
I'm in the same boat Snowwika and, whilst I appreciate that there is a long queue and a limited number of assessors, it does seem odd.

Also, having had a couple of submissions rejected recently, I would appreciate some feedback on why they have been turned down. Even a brief comment from the assessor as to why it didn't make it through would help us all improve the quality of future submissions which, I would have thought, would be in everyone's interests.


Roj Vincent