Sorry, take this all back as I didn't realise that voters comments are available.


Roj V
Similar sort of problem really, I've just had my tab of With You Everyday by Beth Hart and I can't see what's wrong with it. I have 56 tabs to my name so I'm no newbie but I would like to know how my latest tab could have been improved. Is it not possible to advise rejected tabbers how they could improve as this would raise the overall standard of tabs on the site.
I'm in the same boat Snowwika and, whilst I appreciate that there is a long queue and a limited number of assessors, it does seem odd.

Also, having had a couple of submissions rejected recently, I would appreciate some feedback on why they have been turned down. Even a brief comment from the assessor as to why it didn't make it through would help us all improve the quality of future submissions which, I would have thought, would be in everyone's interests.


Roj Vincent