This book is obviously propaganda. Remember Hitler made just as much sense.
Neither, save up for a Gibson.

Works everytime
Well when I first got braces I used flavor condoms as a substitute for chewing gum. Am glad that chewing breaks the rubber so I never successfully blew a bubble at school
But I didn't do such a thing And I am a 4channer. That is discrimination! HELP! CALL THE UGTOPIA POLICE!
I am reporting this just by the very way you typed it

Is that good for a March 07er?
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Where do you guys find the time to find these things?

4chan. Has the greatest information EVAR! MUST HAVE MOAR!
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I find it pretty hard to believe that Vornik is going to exclude insults from his posts from now on. 80% of his posts are riddled with at least one insult. But I'm pretty excited, because he always called me an idiot or stupid(even though I was getting kind of used to it).

Yeah go look at my statistics on him on the prev page.
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She's probably kinky

Get some handcuffs, lube, a whip, 3 packs of condoms, 1 dildo, 1 strap-on, 1 hampster and make sure you lock your room.

Actually it is getting mind numbingly offenseless around here
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Pics or GTFO!
Did that really happen?

I am going to assume yes, I did hear it from a reliable source.
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I believe its spelled ever...

Nope wrawng

So I am 23 and my little sister is only 11. Anyways she gets in the shower and a little while later gets out and goes into her room to dress.

Like 3 seconds later she starts screaming and I am working out in my room doing my third rep of chest curls, so I have no shirt on. I immediatly drop my 50 lb weights and barge in and ask her what the **** is wrong with her and she points up at the ceiling and its just a little stupid spider on the ceiling. Our ceiling is kind of high so I have to jump to get it. So i grab a magazine and jump up to swat it. and I hit it a little but it falls and lands right on my ****ing sisters head.

she immideatly drops her towel and starts swatting at her head screaming "GET IT OFF, GET IT OFF" I notice it crawling down her back and it is still alive I drop the magazine because it wasnt working so well and i grab her shoulder with one hand to get control of her because she is flailing around like a maniac and then I am swatting at it with my only other free hand. and just then my parents burst in and see her naked and me in just my ****ing shorts spanking her rearend while she is crying her ****ing guts out.

Most ****ing embarassing day of my life. I tried to explain to them i was like "guys oh no wait there was a spider there was spider and stuff". and my little sister was still crying her guts oout and my dad just exploded and told me to "get in your ****ing room immediatly you sick ****ing bastard". It doesnt he;lp that a couple months ago they found a pair of her undies on my floor. I dont know how they got there but probably were stuck in my pants after mom did laundry or something.

Bolded the parts for quick reading
Discuss the situation

Reason it is quoted is because it did not happen to me personally
Well I saw this a few years ago and noticed there is no thread about it but here it is.
I believe it is true now because it is Google.
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I think it was fair.

I've never flamed anyone in my life.

It appears you called people idiot 87 times on the forum
It appears you called people bitch 22 times on the forum
It appears you called people or somthing they said stupid 134 time on the forum
You lose Devon
OMG Seriously how many times do I have to say this. It was not from 4chan. I am a constant 4channer and never seen any such thing as a UG invasion. Sorry but seeing as I am a 4channer I take offense to falsely blaming 4chan.
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g-love69 is right. The pit has become WAY too arrogant for its shoes.

Get the banning stick out?
Nope, it was probably written by the person that told us to wiki 4chan. I just looked it up in the deleted part.
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Sounds like SOMEBODY has sand in their vagina!

Chill out

YOU LIE! You are the worst March 07er EVAR!

Also only Cartman can pull that off, just because well he started it.
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[Ultimate Guitar], a guitar forum, posting various hentai and shock images before being banned from the forum.

Yeah I am that great
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its just all these horny teens getting a bit excited about faulty information. this thread will burn out soon.

NEVAR! I haven't gotten an acceptable answer yet :-/
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does anyone reckon we should spam the 4chan forum, en masse? or does that just make us as bad as them...

No it makes you a failure. Trying to flood 4chan with spam is like peeing in an ocean.

Seriously there is a thread for abortion. Discussion was what do you think about such a cynical attitude towards it. Go to the abortion thread for this.

/March 07 E-Cop

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A foetus is not living independantly.

But anyways take 1,000,000 2 years olds place them sperately around the world in un inhabitted spots and see how dependant they are. Seeing as they are still not living independantly should killing them be the same as abortion?
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it easier for girls to be *****s these days. Society deemed it "succeptable". it's really sad.

In fact if you aren't a slut you would be considered a prude.
Good thing I am a dude
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I read the first post and i thought it said "what are the names of some girls who dont wear any underwear at all?"

I give you the greatest misunderstanding award of 2007
It wasn't a 4chan raid... I myself being a 4channer have not seen anysuch thing about invading UG
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Doesn't adoption solve the problem?

I think what is mean by it solves the problem to the fetus dieing later.
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i saw something on the news about a baby being strong enough to get through an abortion

Yeah it was a salt poisoning baby.
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What I still want to know is, why should we care about 4chan's attitude on abortion? Or, that one poster's opinion? This isn't 4chan, it's UG.

Sorry it was meant as a joke to spread cynical humor. I just have to legitimize it with a question. Sorry
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Did the thread go like this?

Lulz abawchon is wrung!1! Gime moar sawce...

This is amazingly right
Abortion needs A1 steak sauce.
somewhar in asia they have fried ones
perhaps some onions and mushrooms too but that's just me
****. Now I'm hungry.
*10 pics of abortion soup*
soup end
In asia, abortion is delicious

Are you psychic?