Sam beam on vocals and guitar.

That's it.

Got 2 new songs up on my profile

'Our song' is supposed to have sung lyrics, and ill get to that later.

'Here's to life' is kind of a symphony, I don't really know what to call it.

Criticism please
I am T-Pain
Anything by Wingnut dishwashers union, all songs are based on C, G, Am and F so it would be pretty easy to figure most of them out
Bad, I guess. For all their 2 fans
Born in Sweden
Spain like 3 times
And right now.. THE US!
The gauge is over 9000!!!


srsly though you should go to the guitar forum or whatnot.
I'm from Sweden, but i'm in the us now!
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the creams 'melt' away the hair. i've never tried it cause im scared it'll come back 10x thicker and that's the last thing i need. but i've heard good things about those creams etc. iunno how long they last for though.

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wouldn't your hair grow quicker and thicker?

That it comes out thicker is just a myth. It feels thicker when it's just growing out because it's shorter and you're not use to it.
shave, clean, after-shave in all seriousness.
I voted, if you win and not send a PM saying thank you i will be dissapoint!
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It will also give you full armor and full health
R1, R2, L1 , X, Left , Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up
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Chicago or Seattle, you can't go wrong with either areas , but it does get pretty cold, but they are superior as far as music goes IMO

How cold are we talking? Anything hotter than -15 degrees Celcius can I consider fine, cuz it's been a long, cold winter here in the north of Sweden
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I don't think people read your post very well. You get to choose the region, but not the state or school within that region right?

you're right. I've been interviewed by the organisation that's sending me there (AFS) and they knowabout my interest, so they will try to match my interest up with some family thats living in that region that I get to choose!
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seattle of COURSE

Please tell why?
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I'm in love with the city of Chicago. Just a really awesome culture and feeling. Pretty good music scene too if you're into jazz and blues. Not sure about all the places you listed. Some of the states listed are pretty far from Chicago, so I'm not sure how much time you'll spend in the actual city.

Also, the States really aren't known for their soccer teams. American Football and Baseball are our major sports.

And I'm inte jazz and blues, so that sounds great.
I know that soccer isn't the major sport. But I've never even tried any of those sports so It would be hard to play it
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Well the Houston area would definitely have the hotter climate. I don't know about music scenes though, they pretty much suck everywhere!

That's what I thought. Hard decision but I'm tired of the cold swedish climate!
I'm going to America this year as an exchange student, probably sometime this august. I'll be there for a year and study at some random high school. Well to get to the point; I'll get to choose which region I'm going to. These are the regions I get to choose from:

Seattle (SEA):

Houston (IAH):

Chicago (ORD):
North Dakota
South Dakota

So you pitmonkeyz, which region do you think that I should go to? Chicago, Houston or Seattle? Preferably somewhere with a nice climate (=hot). And of course somewhere with a good music scene, good soccer teams. Please tell why you voted! Public poll for the lulz.
Thanks in advance
Photoshop CS3, but you have to purchase it to use it, or torrent it.
There's a free editing software, Gimp. I haven't tried it but folk say that it's good.
If you use Firefox, get firebug. Then just google for some tutorial that will show you how to do it.
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Happy birthday to him~

edot; it's my birthday too btw, Jan 5th rules.

and to you too
Let me be the first to help Opeth say happy birthday to you
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07 Ftw?

07 Ftw.
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Shave your head with a lawnmower, then you will become a real man.
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imagine what the controller would look like
It's a harpguitar. Andy uses one when he plays The friend I never met
Happy new year from Sweden, Piteå!
Sundowner - This war
Send it to a shop to get it fixed. It wont hurt your wallet that much!
Check out Erik Mongrain, Andy McKee and Don Ross
Did feel anything up here in Piteå, actually, we never get to feel anything